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Text color, size, and font style are essential factors in creating your own brand on your website. Choosing a specific font style and color gives your brand a strong and unique identity. It is ideal for sticking to a specific font style, size, and color to give your brand its own signature characteristics.

Strikingly website editor makes it a seamless process to help you build your brand on your website. The text changer tools help our users create a personalized site on their own. You don’t really need a background in web design to build your own website. Our website editor is user-friendly. If you’re wondering how to change text color, size, and font style on your website, we are here to guide you build your own brand identity.

First, let us peek at a few users’ websites to inspire you to create your own website. Simplicity is one good quality of a website. But a unique brand identity has more chances to stand out among the heavy competition of beauty and popularity online.

Startup Youth

Two men walking
Image taken from Startup Youth website

Startup Youth is a website built for young entrepreneurs who need to experience a real-life action in running a business. Their mission is “to inspire and empower a generation of young entrepreneurs”. It has a unique and modern approach in terms of training programs that equip the youth with knowledge in the corporate environment.

About the website design: A simple yet powerful statement of their mission will greet the website viewers in awe. A white font color looks well-emphasized with a light, blurry image background. If you are to change text color, make sure that it will be easy to read with your chosen background. Using a text color changer, you can find the text color that you want for your website.

Momentary I Storytelling For Social Impact

Man with a backpack
Image taken from Momentary website

Momentary website is another inspiring team of film-makers who helps organizations present their advocacy through storytelling. This is an effective and creative way of connecting to a network that supports each other. They use storytelling to create compelling content to inspire and touch people.

The website landing page has used a classic style image background. The sentence “We use storytelling for social impact” is positioned against a black and white background. They used white color font and gave more emphasis on the statement “Let us tell your story” that is written in bold.

Logotype Design

A series of logos
Image taken from Logotype Design website

Logotype Design website is one of Strikingly built sites. The website uses a combination of white and gray font color. It has a clean background showcasing a series of logo designs they’ve created for clients. For a logo designer website like Logotype, it is crucial to pick a specific font style and color. They know that it is very important to create a logo for the business in general. Strikingly text changer makes it easy to change text color with the font color changer. You’ll find out more if you sign up and create your own website now.

ElGranero Typewriter.Company

ElGranero Typewriter website
Image taken from ElGranero Typewriter Company website

ElGranero is a typewriter company website that is built with Strikingly. You’ll be amazed at how fast and easy they created this stylish design. The brand name “ElGranero” is in bold red. Expressing creativity and power, they’ve put the words “TYPEWRITER.COMPANY” in all caps. These are the things you can do with Strikingly without dropping a single sweat. If you’re wondering how to change color of text, visit our text changer editor.


Meet Hollabox web page
Image taken from Hollabox website

Hollabox has come a long way with this colorful design. This website is another design from one of Strikingly templates. The orange colored “MEET HOLLABOX” is positioned across the left side of the page. They also used the same color as the font on the button that says “Sign up for early access” but this time the font color is white. This is the reason why text changer plays a big role in building your brand. You have to mix and match font colors to stick to your brand identity. You can try it for yourself and see how easily you can use our color text editor.

How to Change Text Color, Size, and Font Style?

Now, we will show you how it is done with Strikingly website editor. Text changer will help you get the desired outlook of your brand and website.

  1. How to change text color?

Generally, you can change text color with these few easy steps:

  • Click on any text box on any section.
  • Select from the colors available by clicking on the round “color” button on the text changer menu.

Textbox change color option
Image screenshot from website editor

Note that if you want to change text color to a specific HEX code color, you can do so with the Pro custom settings. You can do this by signing up for an account and opting to a Pro plan access.

To make the text visible over your background images, you can change the text color. On the top right of the website editor, you can click the background editor beside the layout design section. It will show you the background images you can choose along with your text. Also, the text changer makes the editing process more easier, showing a preview on every option you click.

Background editor view

Screenshot image of Strikingly background editor

As you can see on this screenshot image, there are three types of view that lets you pick the perfect font color and image background appearance. Aside from using an image, you can also use video and color to set as a background to your website.

You can choose among these three options of how your background and text appear on your site:

  • Light
  • Dark
  • Light text with overlay

With Strikingly, we do our best to keep the interface simple while helping you to make your website look unique and beautiful.

  1. How to change font size?

The text changer on our website editor can also help you resize your text. This portion is significant when you want to highlight a specific statement on your website. Larger font size puts higher emphasis on the word or statement.

  • Select the text box section where you want to resize the text. Aside from the text color changer, it will show you the option to choose from the different text sizes such as Heading 2, 3, 4, 5, paragraph, and small.
  • You can click on each size to adjust the text until you get the desired size proportion.

Also, on the text changer, you can format your text to appear in bold ‘B’, italic ‘I’, or underlined ‘U’.

text color and size changer
Image screenshot from Strikingly website editor

  1. How to change the font style?

You think we’re done with the text changer topic? A properly chosen font style that fits perfectly on the featured images captures the heart of your visitors. You don’t need to be expert, just click ‘T’ on the text editor and it will show you a window where font styles are readily available. Just pick the specific font style you use for your brand. Again, stick to these font styles throughout your website. You can select a combination of two or more font styles, but your brand name must stick to one specific style. Consistency is very important in building your brand identity.

Here’s an exciting feature from the Strikingly website editor. With your Pro plan access, you can upload your custom font. Since we are talking about building your brand, you may need to use a specific font style. Strikingly lets you upload a custom font that may not be available on our site editor. Simply amazing, right?

Change font family screenshot

Image screenshot from Strikingly website editor

While you think about your business and how your brand will look uniquely beautiful, we will take care of the simple and easy to use editor section. You need not know more about designs because we’ve got multiple templates to choose from. Just simply pick and edit text color and style, and your website will go a long way once you publish. Strikingly loves the idea of building a unique brand for your business. That is why our text changer comes in handy in just a few clicks. You can create a website of your own in minutes.