Professional fonts are one of the most understated elements in web design but they have the potential to greatly influence how your website renders and performs. If you want to make your site stand out and your message is clearly communicated, you want to experiment with different fonts free of charge that are available on your Strikingly website editor.

It’s in the details

Oftentimes, what makes a professional website different from an amateur one is in the details. Elements like choice of fonts can make a huge impact on how visitors see your website. It may seem insignificant at first but the right choice of typography can bring about massive changes to your site’s performance. This is why most major brands opt for custom fonts. They are considered the icing on the web design cake - it makes an already well-designed website into an awesome one.

Strikingly’s web design templates all come with suggested fonts that will work great with each template. However we still strongly recommend that you experiment with different fonts for free based on your branding and the kind of image you want to convey to your target audience.


One of the common mistakes that many beginners tend to make when it comes to using website builders is they tend to rely heavily on default typography and other design elements. You run the risk of ending up with a generic-looking website when you do this. Strikingly gives you a significant amount of freedom to customize your site and implement your own custom fonts to ensure that your site design can compete with bigger brands in your industry.

Best fonts for websites

Technically, you can use virtually any font on your website. You can even use your own custom font if you want. The only thing to keep in mind is the price for licensing which can be an extra cost you will incur when designing your website.

Alternatively, you can also browse through various font libraries which feature thousands of options for website typography. At Strikingly, we have expanded our font library to include the entire Google Fonts collection to help you get access to a diverse range of options. Create unique looking websites with more fonts free of charge.


Choosing fonts is like planning what to wear to make the impression you want. For instance, if you’re going to a job interview, you want to dress smartly to come across as capable and professional. You might dress a little bit more comfortably if you’re going for a picnic. The same holds true for typography choices. Fonts say a lot about your website and branding so your choice of typography depends on the image you want to convey.

Best practices for choosing typography

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1. Look towards your brand identity and message

When choosing a custom font, it’s important to think of the characteristics you want your website to represent. For a traditional business that has to look reliable and trustworthy, older fonts such as Georgia, Times New Roman and other Serif fonts are typically more popularly used. Meanwhile, if you want a more minimalistic and modern look to your site, you might want to go for cleaner types and sans serif fonts.

2. Pick a font that matches the personality of your target audience

There are different types of font suited for different age groups and market demographics. For older audiences, for instance, you want to go for a font that makes text more legible especially when your market is composed of visually impaired readers. For a younger group, you might consider retro types or trendier fonts.

3. Make sure the font is easy to read

Most importantly, you need to choose a typeface that is easy to read. You shouldn’t sacrifice readability for aesthetics. Even if a script looks good, it may not be appropriate for your site’s body text or for content heavy pages.

Explore different font styles and build your own website with Strikingly today.