Common Blogging Mistakes and How to Fix Them

Blogging is the term for website content in written content, photographs, or other forms of media published on websites. The original intent of blogging was to inform people about ongoing incidents, but nowadays, businesses have embraced it for marketing and commercialization. It has become a priority for all companies because it is an essential component of an all-encompassing content marketing plan. However, some blog mistakes can prove to be a culprit in the failure of your business blog.

Although blogging seems simple, it's like learning to drive a motorbike. It means you must gain enough knowledge before stepping into this field and practicing to become an expert. Once you learn all the tricks, it will be a piece of cake for you to avoid blogging mistakes. It's a common misconception among organizations that all it takes to post some content and generate traffic. In this misconception, beginners make several blogging mistakes and fail to flourish their blogs. Over time they get frustrated on not finding any increase in their traffic and give up on their blog. It is due to a need for more knowledge and pre-planning.

Blogging has become a tool for marketing your products or services and demands strategic planning before starting. If you are also one of those bloggers thinking of quitting their blog, consider the following blogging mistakes. Go through these and take quick action to correct them.

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Common Blogging Mistakes and How to Fix Them

Below are some typical blogging mistakes and the fixes that will assist your site climb the search engine results pages.

1. Making Poor Topic Choices

One of the most common blogging mistakes is that bloggers choose a topic unrelated to their target audience. Whenever you think of blogging, select a topic that is more relevant to your target audience. Making a wise blogging topic choice will help you engage your target audience. Your blog topic should be relevant to your niche and satisfy readers' requirements. It should distinguish you from competitors, provide something unique for your sector, and leave readers with a lasting impression.

2. Not Publishing a Blogpost Regularly or Consistently

Inconsistency in publishing blogs is one of the top blogging mistakes. Sometimes, you are experienced in writing engaging content but need to be punctual in uploading the content. Sometimes, quantity matters a lot as compared to quality. You will see little value in posting your blog once a month or infrequently. If you want a sustainable blog, you must commit to publishing frequently.

Establishing a publishing schedule and allocating the resources (people and time) required for content creation and publication is the best practice to fix these mistakes. If you are struggling with the problem, Strikingly has also got you covered with these blogging mistakes. It enables you to schedule your posts for a specific date and time. When you are done with your new blog, you can schedule it for the upcoming days by following these steps:

1. A "Publish" button is available on the left bar of the Strikingly blog interface.

2. When you click the publish button, two more options will be visible, i.e., "Publish Now" and "Schedule for Later."

3. Click "Schedule for Later" to schedule your post for any date and time.

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You don't have to worry if you must remember to upload the blog posts at a specific time. You can list your new blog posts beforehand and avoid these blog mistakes with Strikingly.

3. Lacking the Greatest Search Engine Optimization Practices

Finding a topic and writing about it are only two parts of creating engaging content. The other less appealing aspect of content marketing is investing in effective search engine optimization (SEO) strategies. It is also one of the blogging mistakes that beginners often look over this aspect of blogging and end up with no traffic. If you want to rank well on search engine results pages, you should write primarily for your audience and register for search engines. Some fundamental SEO best practices include:

A. Producing SEO-friendly blog titles

B. Adding appropriate keyword phrases

C. Identifying the user's search query intent

D. Enhancing each blog post's URL

E. Adding enough images

F. Maintaining the keyword density

G. Using eye-catching headings

H. Writing unique and plagiarism-free content

By avoiding such common blogging mistakes, you'll find it easier to attract people so you can impress them with your content. Moreover, you can rank your blog on the first page of search engines.

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4. Not Connected to Other Content

Common blogging mistakes also include the lack of internal linking in blog posts. Each blog entry should cover all aspects of the topic, but reading the content frequently leads to more questions. It is difficult to anticipate and answer every question in a single blog post.

The best strategy for providing more information is linking to your blog content from internal and external pages. Internal links are a great technique to increase traffic to your website and show readers the importance of your blog and website. External links increase your authority, boost your website's search engine optimization, provide reader referrals, and generally give the audience more bang for their buck.

Several bloggers fall prey to these blogging mistakes and overthink that external links will undermine their efforts. Remember that doing so shows readers that you put their needs above yours. Additionally, you can always create a link to external content that will open in a new tab, keeping people on your website and providing them with more details.

5. Poorly Formatted Content

One of the most severe blogging mistakes is poorly formatted content. If you try to answer a question fully and completely, yet the result is a lengthy blog article, no one will read it if it is poorly formatted. To avoid this blogging mistake, use section headers that are uncluttered. Don't use large blocks of text; use lots of whitespaces. Large text blocks make the copy appear dense and more difficult to read to readers. Next, emphasize crucial points with bullet points and bold type.

6. Choice of Background

Common blogging mistakes include improper background choice. If you visit a highly-ranked business blog, you will find that all of them use dark-colored text on a white background. It is because the readability of the text improves on a white background. Beginners start to use flamboyant experiences along with white-colored text in blogs that hampers the readability of the content. Therefore, another blogging mistake to avoid is correspondence between the background and the reader.

Choosing a white colored background doesn't mean making your blog dull and drab. If you have a specific color theme for your business blog, you can follow it in other blog sections. For example, you can represent your personality color scheme in the navigation bar, brand logo, section headers, hyperlinks, etc.

Strikingly is the best contender of free website builders, enabling you to customize your blog colors. The color palette of the Strikingly blog editor contains all the colors. You can customize the colors of fonts, backgrounds, CTA buttons, and different blog sections with a few clicks. Get rid of such blogging mistakes with Strikingly and add more value to your blog.

7. Failure in Generating Enough Leads and Traffic

One of the most common blogging mistakes is to write the content and leave it without making any effort to generate traffic. It happens because people have a passive approach to blogging. But it doesn't happen because a blog cannot generate traffic and lead itself. A small share of homework is necessary for it. It would be best if you avoided such blogging mistakes and shared the link to your new blog posts on your social media platforms. In this way, you will be able to get enough traffic. Another best practice is to collect emails from your audience to increase leads. Strikingly helps you to collect email addresses by adding popups to your blog.


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8. Difficult Fonts

Hard-to-read fonts are also one of the blog mistakes. The primary intent of designing a blog is to inform the readers. Sometimes the readers want to read but must do so due to the intricate font style. It not only disappoints the readers about the quality of your brand but also diminishes the market value of the content.

A font style plays a vital role in the success of your blog. Therefore, you should avoid these common blogging mistakes and use a simple font style that matches your brand quality and is understandable by the readers. Strikingly text editor helps you to choose the font of your choice from a wide range. With the pro plan of strikingly, you can add your customized font to the list and use it in your blog. A sincere piece of advice is to use a simple but unique font style for building a brand identity.


Make sure to avoid these blogging mistakes moving forward. If you correct the blog mentioned above errors, you will become a pro at blogging. If you want to turn your blog into a money-spinning business, consider the weak links of blogging above. Remember to choose a specific niche and design an engaging blog.

Strikingly is an effective website builder that can help your blogging career. With a few taps, you can create a user-friendly blog. You can customize the already available templates according to your creativity level. The best thing is that you can do it free of cost. However, in the future, if you want to personalize your blog, you can add a custom domain. What are you waiting for? Sign up with Strikingly to avoid any blogging mistakes.