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SEO plays a striking role in the field of ecommerce. Online businesses continue to live because of their existence. Customers find their right business provider with SEO guiding them towards the right place. Without SEO, surviving the world of ecommerce would be 100% tougher.

To do well in the field of SEO, you must be accompanied by the best tools. And one of them is anchor texts.

What is anchor text?

Anchor texts, also known as link texts, can be defined as the clickable text/group of words you often see on many websites you visit. These anchor texts are usually different in color, making them stand out among all the other groups of words on the whole page. They can either be written in italic or are underlined to make them even more of an eye-candy. Once you click on these anchor texts, you will be directed to another website page or blog post.

An effective HTML anchor text gives an audience/website visitor an idea of what they would expect to see right when they click them. Website search engines understand anchor texts well. Why? Because these two have a special relationship (well, not romantically, though). Both anchor texts and the URL attached to them correlates. Most of the time, anchor texts are a short description or “label” of what the link attached to them is all about.

Interesting right? But why are anchor texts important?

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Why are link texts important for SEO?

Links are essential in the field of ecommerce, specifically SEO. For your website to make it to the search engine’s list, providing anchor links is necessary. Having inbound and outbound anchor links attached to each post you put on your website makes it easier for search engines to recognize your website structure. It’s like you are giving them more context. When you put a link on your website content, platforms like Google use these anchor text links as their indicator of what the linked page is all about. Basically, they use it as a ranking factor for online websites.

Another factor why are link texts important for SEO is that it helps customers/website visitors a lot. Anchor texts provide them with instant basic information on where or what they are headed to once clicking the anchor link. With that, finding what they seek is way easier than before.

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How to make the best anchor text?

For your website to make top in the field of SEO, having an effective set of anchor text links must be your top priority. And to do that, you must take an in-depth knowledge of these steps and factors which Strikingly did for you.

  • Be natural

Being natural in SEO avoids complicating things. When doing your anchor texts, keep things simple, yet effective. Before attaching your chosen website links to your anchor texts, ensure first that they go naturally together. Don’t try to insert a link if it does not fit your anchor text. Doing this step will help you a lot specially, search engines.

  • Match it

Matching is important in making anchor texts. Once you start creating yours, always keep in mind that your anchor text matches the link you attached to it. It is one good practice in the field of SEO. When a customer/website visitor sees your anchor text, they should immediately understand and have an idea of what relies on the website behind that anchor link. The two should blend in accordingly.

  • No bluffing

Reliability comes with honesty. Do not trick your website visitors by adding different and unmatched anchor text links. This factor is very important for it shows how responsible you are as a website manager in ecommerce. You will appear unreliable and a “scam” to your audience and may lead to website visitors not following you and your website page. It can also lead to a couple of confusions and conflicts once mishandled. Be honest and keep things in order. Wouldn’t you want to be labeled as “the page full of lies,” right?

  • Don’t overdo

Simplicity is always supremacy. When doing your anchor texts, use fewer words as you can. The fewer, the better. Avoid using flowery words which your readers would not understand. As much as possible, make it clear and evident. Having an anchor text that is precisely made is way better and more pleasing in the eye than a whole sentence being used as the anchor text.

  • SEO-Friendly

Anchor texts play a major role in helping both search engines and the business website itself. If you really want to boost your website’s ranking in SEO, keep it SEO-friendly. Keep your anchor texts relevant and more comfortable to deal with for search engines.

There are tons of helpful ideas on how you can make your anchor texts SEO-friendly. How? Strikingly will help you deal with it smoothly.

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Kinds and anchor text example that rocks

If anchor texts still confuse you, take a tour of these lists made especially by Strikingly for you. The following are the most common types of anchor texts used online, provided by an example for you to understand them even more.

  1. The “Branded” Links. This anchor text type can be defined as the exact link wherein your business/brand’s name is the anchor itself. For example, Strikingly.
  2. URL form. This kind of anchor text is not highly suggested to website owners. This is because it is too plain and is not that pleasing in the eye of a website audience. On this type, your website’s URL itself is the anchor. Like
  3. Your Website Name. This type of anchor text is simply written as your website’s name. Like,
  4. The Article Title. These anchors can be defined as the whole text itself, which your article title has. For example, What is the Website Title, and How Do You Craft a Good Site Title for SEO?
  5. Exact Keywords. For this anchor text type, you are providing an anchor link attached to your chosen keywords that matches the landing page of your anchored text.
  6. Half-matching. Anchor texts that are considered half-matching are those that are “somehow” similar to the exact keyword. It can either be a synonym or any variant of your chosen keyword, yet still stay connected to what the next website page will be about.
  7. The “Usual.” These anchor text types fall on the generic type of anchor links. You often see these written as “click here,” “visit here,” “read more,” etc. As much as you can, avoid using these in your website, for it will look like you are making your website visitors guess what is beneath the anchor texts you provided them.

How to anchor text links with Strikingly

Anchor texts are more fun to do if you have the appropriate partner. And when it comes to website building and development, Strikingly has the best offers waiting for you.

In your Strikingly website’s editor, you can now add links to any text within your own choice! Aside from this, the buttons in your editor can also be used to redirect to other sections. How to do that? No worries because Strikingly made it easier for you. Just follow these steps, and you are good to go.

There are three major options in your Strikingly editor where you can add links.

  1. If you are in your text box and are currently editing some text for your post, you can highlight the text you wish to add to the link. After highlighting, click on the “Link” icon in the upper part of your text box. This option will open up a dialogue box where you can insert the link you wish to put.

Add link Strikingly

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  1. Images you post can also be added with links. To do this, simply click your chosen image and choose “Add Link.” A text box will immediately appear and you can now add your link.

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  1. Your main navigation also allows you to add links. Right below your section listing, you can "Add External Link" and these links will show up in your navigation menu.

External Link Navigation
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With Strikingly, you have the option to forward your subscribers to a different landing page. You can also send them to a downloadable right after they sign up in your website by using one of these two options:

  1. "Add redirect" option.
  2. Adding a line of code

Redirect Sign Ups through "Add redirect" option

This option generally, lets you redirect your website visitors to another page or website such as a "Thank You" or greeting page after they fill out your sign-up/contact form.

  1. On the Form Options, select "Add redirect".

Strikingly Form Options
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  1. Fill in your success/thank you page link in the "Redirect URL". Click "Save" after making changes and you are good to go!

Strikingly Redirect URL
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For more, Here’s how.

Want to know more? Here’s a detailed guide we made for you.

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