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When you have a new business idea at your disposal, you are likely to go through multiple terms, such as “non-profit” or “not-for-profit,” when selecting your business type. Considering both of these terms are so similar, some people forget how to build a nonprofit website. Many web developers have the feeling that non-profit websites and not-for-profit websites have the same meaning. A nonprofit organization must be able to convey its message and create an urgency within the audience.

A professional website, for this matter, may do both of these roles simultaneously. A non-profit website is a fantastic outlet for spreading the news about your organization. Apart from sharing updates and information, you can also convince others to join you in your journey. It is more cost-effective than you might think if you take the right steps. If you have never created a website before, you don’t need to worry, as Strikingly is here to tick all of your boxes.

What is a Non-Profit Company?

If we go by definition, a non-profit company is defined as a business that is completely prohibited from paying taxes by the IRS. Its sole objective is to conduct the implementation of a social cause and prioritize public benefit. The best examples in this regard are a charity, hospitals, universities, and other institutes. There are many such examples around the world, especially since the pandemic. In 2005, Islamabad was hit by one of the most devastating earthquakes in the history of Pakistan. For support, many entrepreneurs joined forces and helped the ones in need.

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If you want to make a name for yourself, you must create website for nonprofit organization. You can rely on Strikingly to make your nonprofit website today. These organizations must make their financial and operational information public so there is transparency and trust between the customers and the website owner. People who contribute to the non-profit organization financially can subtract that amount from their tax returns.

What is a Not-For-Profit Company?

There are numerous nonprofit website designs in the market similar to non-for-profit templates. As you can suggest, they don’t make any profit for the business owners. All the revenue is generated through their business operations, which the operators reinvest and consume to run the company. However, non-profit companies are not just of a single type. Non-profit companies do not just have the responsibility of functioning for the sole purpose of the public benefit.

A non-profit company also works for the benefit of its members. It has the objective of prioritizing the benefits or the interests of its members. For example, if we look at a sports club, they give programs for the visitors to access different aspects, such as tennis court, table tennis facility, swimming pool, gymnasium, etc. They should have tax-exempt status to ensure that they don’t pay the property or the sales tax.

Best Strategies to Create a Non-Profit Website

1. Choose a Website Builder

When you create a nonprofit website, it is important to rely on a website builder that puts things on the right track for your website development strategy. If we were to recommend it, we wouldn’t talk about any other website builder apart from Strikingly. Strikingly is a free website builder that enables you to create professional websites within a couple of clicks and without investing a single penny. If you look at the established websites on Strikingly, you will agree with us that many website developers are showing complete faith in our credentials.

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There are multiple subscription plans to select from. Once you register yourself on Strikingly, you will be placed under the free plan, which will allow you to create a website with all the basic necessities. If you upgrade on your subscription plans, you will see better features related to website development. We provide our web developers with responsive website templates that can be accessible across all website versions. All you need to do is customize as per your niche idea.

2. Select a Website Domain

The next step in building a nonprofit website is purchasing and registering your domain name. A suitable hosting plan is ideal for the growth of your non-profit website. If you intend to create your website on Strikingly, we allow you to create a new domain name with us or transfer your domain name from another provider. In this case, you should have already purchased a domain in the past.

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Your domain name will be your website’s URL. We would suggest you name your website after your organization. If your organization name is too long, you can cut your website name short. For example, you can create a website name based on your organization’s initials. Moreover, you should include a catchy phrase that highlights the ambitions of your non-profit organization. Even though .com is the best and the most common domain extension, .org is the most recommended domain extension in this case.

3. Choose a Template

As discussed before, a website template is the bread and butter while building a nonprofit website. You must select a website template that corresponds with your niche idea. For example, you cannot have a dark website template and give breaking news about your upcoming product launch on it. After selecting the website template, you can customize it to your knowledge.

Strikingly provides you with responsive website templates that are easy to be customized. Most importantly, we ensure that you create a web design without writing a single line of code. Once you have completed the customization process, you can publish your website, and Strikingly will not take more than 48 hours to make your website active. Our website templates are applicable for both desktop and mobile versions, and we allow our users to change the website versions whenever they want.

4. SEO

Just like is the case with most websites, a nonprofit website design is incomplete without search engine optimization (SEO) strategies. SEO strategies are implemented to ensure that multiple search engines, such as Google recognize your website on the internet. As an SEO expert, you must work every day to make sure you build on your SEO rankings. In SEO, you cannot afford to take your foot off the pedal.

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Even if you believe that you have got to your destination, it will only be a matter of negligence before all your dreams are broken into pieces. When you attain your goals, you must maintain your SEO status. Strikingly believes heavily in the implementation of SEO strategies. Google ranking is as important as anything for a professional website.

5. Create a Wonderful Logo

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When you create a nonprofit website, it is important to note that an ideal website logo is important for your branding tactics. It is totally dependent on you regarding where you want to place the logo. However, it is best to place the logo at the top of the website. A website logo can also be considered as the identity of your website. Strikingly enables you to create a wonderful website logo within a couple of clicks. You must ensure that your logo indicates your organization’s goals.

6. Prepare Your Website Content

Once you are done with the domain, identification of a website builder, and logo, it is important to give your audience exactly what they want. Your website content must be prepared in a way that it gives all the information related to your nonprofit website. You can add videos from YouTube to make your content more interesting.

When you create website for nonprofit organization, the website content is the bread and butter. You must ensure that all the content displayed on your website is authentic and visible to all the visitors coming on your website. Strikingly provides you with multiple fonts, allowing you to display your text according to the visitors’ liking. For further information, you can look into the formal fonts used by website developers on the internet.


The success of your plan totally depends upon the elements of a nonprofit website. If the elements are attractive, you will be able to attract people’s attention towards it and build a strong online community. The message of your niche must be conveyed to the public through multiple means. If your website is attractive and gets traction within a minimal time, it will become the center of conveying messages to the audience.

When customers land on your website, they always try to make sure that they interact with different elements found in the website navigation. Strikingly enables you to organize your website elements simply. If your elements are simple, they will be considered best for all parties. In simple words, Strikingly supports its website developers related to all the technical stuff related to the development of a website. So without wasting any time, register yourself on Strikingly and create an appealing non-profit website without any cost.