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In recent times, online gaming has become a part of every teenager’s life. If we talk about the previous generations, they were all about being resolute and hardworking, with very little consideration given to the world of gaming. Fast forward a few decades, we have gaming platforms that are earning ridiculous amounts of money just for this purpose.

Most of the clan website makers have a passion for the game. Therefore, they make a platform upon which they can showcase their passion to the public worldwide. Consequently, they create a gaming website with exciting clan web designs that brings positive customer feedback from the visitors.

Reasons to Build a Clan Website

A gaming website is a category that relates to all the niches of gaming clans, guilds, members forums, multiplayer, gaming servers, and game reviews. To make it easy for you, we have shared some reasons below why you built a clan website.

1. News and Information

On several occasions, you make a clan website to provide information and guidelines about the game, gameplay, walkthrough, or specifications. Most of the clan web designs focus on walkthroughs or gameplays regarding the latest updates of the game. Some game developers establish their own websites to show the reasons behind their game, their objectives for the game, and the updates they can make in the future.

Gaming websites are considered to be one of the biggest website ideas that you must launch in 2021. The reason behind it is that all the game developers, starting from the small website owners to the huge website owners, deliver news and information. These websites are fundamental to all other kinds of gaming websites, whether small or massive games.

2. Independent or a Group

Clans websites can represent a single gamer alongside his/her community or a group of gamers along with their gaming community. On several occasions, guilds are associated with their own unique website with their own clan web design representing their values.

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If you have a website as a gamer, whether for personal or professional reasons, it can be highly beneficial in attracting a large audience or even sponsors. Having a professional website will bolster your chances for viewership even further. Apart from the gameplays, you may have also built your websites as portfolios of playthroughs of professional gamers. If you want to build your gaming website for portfolio purposes, make sure to consider some of the essential pointers in building a portfolio website.

3. Community Forum

There are numerous in which guilds, clans, and other community members communicate online. Some of the communications take place in Discord. However, most guilds and clans have their own gaming clan websites with outstanding clan web designs to display their guild events or respective leaderboards.

Most of the online multiplayer games consist of clan wars, guild battles, or clan fights. If they reach a massive milestone in their walkthrough, they can publish news and information about that feat on their website. You can post the leaderboard on the landing page, which showcases the most extensive damages or the highest scores of recent events in the game.

You enjoy the gaming communities even more if an appropriate clan website displays all of the gamer’s achievements or milestones. You can build an online community to improve communication and your web engagement. With Strikingly, you have a massive opportunity to do well with your gaming platform. You do not need to be a coding expert or attain a coding degree to make gaming websites on our platform. We provide you with unique and straightforward tools to help you with your web design. For further understanding, you can go through the beginner’s guide on the development of web design.

Strategies for Building a Clan Website

Building a gaming website is just like preparing yourself for a fighting game. Just like you cannot go into a war without an appropriate set of tools and equipment, you cannot build a gaming website without the right set of tools and knowledge either. For further elaboration, we have shared below some of the key strategies for building a clan website.

1. Consider a Website Builder

If you have a top-quality website builder like Strikingly at your disposal, it makes it very easy for you to develop your own gaming website. You don’t need to worry about the external code to make your site functional. Instead, you can focus on the clan website templates we offer, which you can customize as per your gaming requirements. After the customization, you can add the features and content as per the type of game you want to build or the clan web design that you want to create.

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If you have built a gaming website just for personal reasons, it is likely that you have spent more time on the game and made very little investment regarding it. With Strikingly, you can build a strong and fully functional clan website by knowing further about the website management without needing to invest highly in the development phase.

2. Determine the Type of Clan Website

Once you decide on the website builder, the next thing that you must consider is the type of clan website you want to build. As mentioned above, there are numerous clan websites in the gaming category with top-quality clan web designs.

type of game

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There are numerous options for you to consider in the world of gaming. You can build a game streaming website, a personal website, a website for spreading news and information, or simply a members forum for multiplayer games. The niche is fundamental to the success of your website as it paves the way for the rest of your website plans. The selection of template is also based on the type of niche you decide on.

3. Register a Domain

As a clan website maker, you will have a lot of fun regarding the registration of domains. Regardless of your domain being .net or .com, your extensions must be based on the type of website you want to establish. If you look into the most prominent gaming websites in the world, they don’t just have a great clan web design, but they are extremely pragmatic in their choice of domain names. Therefore, you must follow the same wavelength and select a domain name that coincides with your gaming idea as well as your domain extension.

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You can purchase your custom domain and register it with Strikingly for a very reasonable fee (starting from 24.95 USD). The fee depends upon the type of domain that you want to purchase. However, it doesn’t mean that you only have a handful of choices regarding domain names. Unless it is not being taken by another person, you can successfully get your website name.

4. Build your Content

Once you have gone through the domain registration process, you finally have reached the point of building your clan web design. Make sure that you integrate good website images to attract new audiences. After selecting one of the clan website templates, you must build your own logo and branding to make your website look pleasant. Furthermore, you can add a favicon icon for your brand’s reinforcement. When you build a clan website, you must keep in your mind that your website represents you solely.

One of the biggest talking points regarding a clan design is the landing page. When a visitor opens a website, it is the first thing that appears in front of him/her. After working out your landing page, you can decide about the sections where you will place the rest of your content. The content is crucial for every eCommerce website.

5. Link Social Media Profiles

When you make a clan website, a good clan web design isn’t the only thing you should worry about. Furthermore, you must make sure that you add your social media profiles to your website. Whether your platform is Twitter, Facebook, or Tiktok, they are all fundamental to your gaming website. Nowadays, it is pretty common to have numerous online spaces to reach out to further audiences and viewers.

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No matter the type of game you are playing, it is essential to integrate online communities into your gaming platform. If people within those online communities are fond of those games, they may share those online spaces onto their own profiles, which will help attract audiences. Therefore, it is important to add social media accounts to your gaming website.


Nowadays, everyone with creative insight can customize website templates with attractive clan web designs. You don’t even need a strong portfolio of development skills to build a gaming clan website. Strikingly has a definitive collection of templates, which are pre-designed to accommodate the content requirements of a gaming website. We will provide you with the right set of tools to make sure that your clan website gets going. Therefore, rely on Strikingly and take the gaming world by storm.