choose the best business domain name for your website

There is a reason why the ideas for business domain names today are considered more important than ever. Previously, only web developers considered registering new business domain names, and companies assigned them relevant tasks. However, the responsibility of thinking about a new business domain name is also shared with the business owner. Furthermore, with the emergence of professional website builders, it is easier to register new domains and build websites for your business.

Choosing a business domain name is a complex process, especially when maintaining it in the long run. Your domain name is the same as your brand name, but you only get the exact match sometimes. Therefore, you need to consider business domain names for better alternatives.

What is a Business Domain Name?

A business domain name is a name given to your website to represent your business, services, and products. The domain name is part of your website's URL.

Anyone with a good WiFi connection can type the business name in their browser alongside the corresponding symbols and open up the website on that domain. The business names make it easy for people to browse the Internet and identify their required web pages.

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A domain extension is an important part of a domain name. It is a suffix placed at the end of a website address. For example, in the case of Google, the domain name is 'google', and the domain extension is '.com'. Other examples of domain extensions include .net, .org, .pk.

Importance of a Business Domain Name

A business domain name creates an online presence for your business and puts you in the online marketplace where your competitors are playing. It sends a message to your target audience that you are serious about your business plans. It helps them and other online shoppers to discover your products and services.

Organizations with a business domain name are considered companies with a forward-thinking wanting to make their services and products available to everyone. Your domain name is the pathway to bring your visitors to the website and learn more about your offerings. It is also an option for your customers to search for and buy products whenever they want.

Choosing a business domain name is important for building a strong brand image and creating a vibrant presence on the Internet. Without any online presence, your business will not have cyberspace. In addition, people need to register business domain names or publish their websites through internet service providers (ISPs) to ensure their web addresses are considered professional.

How to Choose the Best Domain Name for Your Business?

1) Choose Your Extension

You must add an extension to your domain name. When you think of domain extensions, the most common extension is '.com'. Even when users remember the domain name, they put '.com' as its extension because of its commonness. According to a stat from Domain Name Stat, 37% of the domains have a 'com' extension.

Although there are other examples like '.org' and '.edu,' the safest bet is to go with '.com.' Most importantly, avoiding weird domain extensions, such as '.club,' '.pizza,' etc would be best.

The best thing to do is go after the top-level domain extensions, which help in boosting your website's search engine optimization (SEO) ranking. If the top-level domains are not available at your disposal, you can choose the second-level domains.

2) Keep it Brandable

A brandable business domain name is always better than a generic domain name. It is unique and stands out from the rest of your competitors. On the other hand, a generic domain name is stuffed with keywords and words that people can easily forget.

For example, have you seen anyone talk about '' or ''? People don't talk about these brand names because they don't have any meaning. However, websites like '' have a trust factor and seem more attractive to the audience.

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If you want a quality business domain name, it has to be attractive and memorable. When a customer reads it in the marketing email, they can internalize it and recall it when they hear from your business in the future. As word of mouth plays a huge role in the brand's success, your domain name should be attractive enough so people can share it with others.

Choosing a business domain name is like a branding exercise. You can showcase your maximum creativity and come up with an attractive business name.

3) Keep it Short

When it comes to the length of your business domain name, shorter is better. According to research by Domain Registration, the most common domain name length is 12 characters. In other words, you must keep your domain name length concise.

Remembering the shorter domain names is easier, so you should aim for between 6 to 14 characters. The more temporary domain names have likely been taken a long way back and sold for thousands of dollars. If you are still looking for shorter domain names, make them brandable.

For example, you are thinking of the brand name '' as it is original and showcases a personal name. But because it is too long, you should consider its initials and change it to '’ With just a few changes, your domain name is short and sweet.

4) Match it With Your Business Goals

Your chosen business domain name should be relevant to your website and business objectives. Apart from just looking into linguistics, you should remember your business name should match your business operations. It is easy to lose concentration when you have so many attractive terms on the table, but it is crucial to remain on track so you can convey your business goals.

5) Easy to Spell and Pronounce

If you look at some of the popular social media platforms in the world, i.e., Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram, they all have one thing in common. All of these words are easy to spell for the audience.

Your visitors should be able to type your business domain name without hesitation. However, if you have to start explaining your spelling, this is when you have a problem. The last thing you want is to see your visitors type another domain name and end up on a different website.

As much as the ease of your fingers is essential, your domain name should also roll off through your tongue similarly. The simplicity makes it easy for your visitors to do word-of-mouth marketing and share your domain name on their social media timelines. Once their friends and relatives know about your domain, you will see a surge in your followers.

The best practice is to write your domain name on paper. Make sure you have around ten people around you, and you can ask them to pronounce it. If most of them struggle to pronounce it, you must simplify your domain name immediately. The objective should be to ensure that your domain name is passed along quickly from you to others.

6) Use Relevant Keywords

Keywords can boost your SEO ranking significantly, so you must be careful in this step. If you try to include keywords without any structure, it will be considered generic (like we discussed before).

If you are using keywords, use them at the beginning of your business domain name. This placement is where they will be powerful for your SEO ranking.

Register a Business Domain Name On Strikingly

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If you are building a website on Strikingly for the first time, you can register your business domain name with us. If you have already registered your domain name with another service provider, you can bring it to Strikingly. Go through the following steps to register a domain name for your business.

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  1. From the Strikingly dashboard, click on 'Domains' followed by 'Register New Domain.'
  2. Type your chosen business name and click 'Search Domain.'

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  1. You will see the available suggested domain names. Choose the most suitable one for your business and register.
  2. Fill in all the required information regarding your domain and click 'Submit.'
  3. Review all the provided details and click on 'Confirm Purchase,' which means that your domain is purchased, and your card on file will be charged.
  4. You will ultimately receive an email confirming your domain's ownership.
  5. Once your ownership is approved, you can connect your new business domain name to your Strikingly website.

The process to register a domain on Strikingly is very simple. Our goal is to provide our users with all the technical support. You can contact our support team through live chat if you have any queries.


Your business domain name may seem like a minor factor in your website development process, but it immediately reflects your business to the target audience. If the business name is long and clear, people may never be able to find your website on the Internet. In addition, it can be considered unprofessional if your domain name doesn't match or complement your brand name.

On the other hand, a well-researched domain name can boost your search engine rankings. In addition, research gives your audience a clear idea of what to expect from your website. Hence, it is vital to consider ideas for business domain names that are right for you.

Registering business domain names is just the first step of your journey. The hard work starts when you have to build and promote your website. Fortunately, Strikingly has made life easy for users worldwide, as you can create your site in a couple of hours. Through innovative tools and features, they build their websites all by themselves.