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Since its establishment around 20 years ago, the Wi-Fi facility has spread to every corner of the world. There is hardly a corner in this world where you will see people asking what is wireless network. People consider a Wi-Fi facility as an important part of the Internet of Things (IoT). They use the network to connect with their friends, colleagues during work, and everything else that you can imagine.

In our society that considers the internet as oxygen, a Wi-Fi facility plays a huge role. However, with an opportunity, there are drawbacks for everyone to consider. The hackers and related criminals find it as an opportunity to do cybercrime activities. To mitigate these activities, you must consider the preventive measures for your Wi-Fi facility.

Reasons to Secure your Network

There are many reasons for everyone to improve their Wi-Fi security. A published study by McAfee in February 2018 claimed that cybercrime has resulted in a damage of $445 billion to $608 billion to the global economy in 2017. There are signs that this statistic may continue to rise as the business continues to pull gigantic strides towards digital commerce. If you know about the security of a network, there is nothing better than that. However, if you want to know about the reasons, we have shared four of them below to give you a clear picture.

1. Wi-Fi Requires More Security than Wired Networks

Most of the data on the internet is unprotected. Moreover, all types of wireless networks are more fragile than wired networks. This is just down to how the Wi-Fi works. If you want to grow a global business, the first thing you want assurance of is the protection of your Wi-Fi. The reason is that the Wi-Fi broadcasts radio signals that can be detected by anyone nearby. A wired connection can only be used by the person whose system is physically connected to that network. Therefore, the data and privacy of your Wi-Fi are more at risk.

2. Data Analysis

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Even though the internet can be convenient, there is a risk factor involved in it. Regarding a wireless network, a lot of that risk is associated with the submission of private data on websites. For example, if you buy an international ticket from an airport, your passport number and credit card information will be required as an insurance policy. Even if you set up an online bank account, the account administrators require your social security number.

If you do not protect your platform, the hackers will find it an opportunity to look into your files and visualize every single moment of yours. If you type any critical information on your website, they will come to know about it. Therefore, you must also make sure that you take the best steps regarding your Wi-Fi network and reduce the chance of your computer’s exploitation.

3. Safeguard Yourself

If your Wi-Fi falls to a person that you are unaware of, there is a chance that he may conduct illicit activities with it. This could bring legal trouble to you and your business. Before starting your business, one of the essential things to consider is protecting your wireless network. If you are unable to maintain wireless security, you may face the risk of undergoing serious litigation.

4. Save Money

When you consider your business startup costs, some of them are allocated to preserving your wireless network. The majority of the internet data plans revolve around the pay-as-per-you-go system and impose certain barometers that can be financially difficult to exceed. By not paying attention to wireless security, you will allow the attackers to generate a huge bill on your end by downloading games or movies of huge sizes. By the way, this is only if they do not have the mindset of messing around with your critical data, such as credit card information.

Tips to Secure your Network

As an individual, having a superb internet facility could be the difference between living a hassle-free life and putting yourself or your business at risk of online theft. As a business owner, you must be proactive with your approach when it comes to your internet. It could be the difference between running your business smoothly or shutting it down for life. To make it easy for you, we have shared four effective strategies below to secure your network.

1. Use HTTPS

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Whenever we talk about online theft, we talk about HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS). Nowadays, every platform needs to have the credentials of HTTPS to maintain security. HTTPS does the encryption of the data that is sent and received by a particular website.

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HTTPS is not just good for many types of wireless networks worldwide, but it holds benefits for business owners. It acts as insurance for any person who has visited the website that you’ve taken significant steps to secure them from any malicious activity. If you do not understand how to get HTTPS details, purchase an SSL certificate from the web host. Once you install the certificate on your platform, you will receive HTTPS designation on your website.

Strikingly knows all about the importance of ensuring website security on a platform. This is one of the reasons why we have offered automatic HTTPS to custom domains for a very long time. We also extended this benefit to our free MyStrikingly.com URLs to support all websites. We believe that all websites need insurance to protect data from online theft.

2. Change Default Settings

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With the internet facility, the laziness within the people has also increased. Nowadays, an internet user takes a route with less difficulty to get to their destination. They leave their defaults as it is when they establish a wireless network.

However, you must continuously update your usernames, passwords, and the name of your website host once you start your setup procedure. Make sure to use a strong password of at least ten characters, with both upper-case and lower-case letters and characters. This will be beneficial in maintaining wireless security.

3. Duplicate your Website

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You can build websites on Strikingly to preserve critical information regarding your wireless networks. One of the most important for a developer is to ensure wireless security by backing up the files and the database of the network connection. One of the ways to do it is by creating a duplicate form of your original platform. It is called copying a website. This will enable you to become worry-free when either the service crashes, or you accidentally remove the code.

Just like you have your hard documents backed up on a drive, it ensures that you can access the web files at crucial locations. Regardless of your website status, you won’t lose your data because you have a copy of your website along with its data.

4. Change your Password

The best way to maintain the security of your wireless network is to update your password. We do not mean to say that you must update every day by updating the password. After all, changing passwords all the time may even make you forget about the password one day. We mean that you must update your password every thirty days if you are serious about securing your Wi-Fi network.

Being static with just one password will prove one of the biggest financial mistakes you will make today. With this negligence, you have just given the hackers a playing field to exploit your critical data. To ensure that it doesn’t happen, you can look into the password manager to simplify the process. You must keep reminding yourself that you have to change passwords for the betterment of your network. If you cannot remind yourself, make sure to put reminders on your mobile or desktop so that they appear as soon as you start using them.


The important thing about network security is to protect your data from criminals and hackers. Numerous hackers around the world are trying to exploit every single negligence shown by internet users. Therefore, you have to be careful when it comes to your wireless internet facility. You must do everything to safeguard all your data, including access to your website, especially if you are running an online business.

Strikingly provides you with an opportunity to create websites to preserve your critical data. In addition to securing your Wi-Fi network, you must create a duplicate of your website as an added layer of security. We encourage our website owners to clone their websites. The clone serves as your website backup. For cloning your website, you must go through the following steps

  1. Go to the dashboard
  2. Select the website that you want to copy
  3. Click on “Clone”

The replicated site will appear right above the website that you had initially cloned. It will have the label ‘Copy’ with it and its default URL. Whether you want to clone your website or obtain an SSL certificate, you must protect your Wi-Fi facility from malicious attackers and make your network hassle-free. There are countless ways you need to protect your data, and one of those is to protect your wireless network.