This is the moment of everyone's life that they want to celebrate the arrival of a new baby into their family! The parents aren't the only ones who get excited when a baby is on the way. Future grandparents, aunts and uncles, cousins, acquaintances, and other family members are likely to be excited to meet the newest member of the family.

Among the most common ways for your loved ones to share their excitement at your pregnancy is to throw a baby shower. It's a chance for friends and family to spend time with the expecting parents and "shower" them with presents, caring, and well wishes before the baby is born. Using a website, invite each of them to participate in the celebration of your baby's birth.

Whether you’re here to personally create your baby shower website, or you feel like creating a company that caters to a free baby shower website. You better keep reading; we’ll discuss how to design your baby shower website, what functions you need to establish, and of course, how to create a baby website!

What is a baby shower?

A baby shower is essentially a party held to commemorate the imminent birth of a new baby. It's also an opportunity for friends and family to assist the new parents in obtaining anything they need. After all, babies need many things, and the list can quickly become pricey!

You can be surprised to learn that baby showers are a relatively recent invention. But that doesn't rule out the possibility of giving gifts to expectant parents before baby showers became commonplace. Newborn babies have always been a source of joy and celebration, but these celebrations were somewhat different in the past than they are now.


When is the best time to throw a baby shower?

There is no strict rule on when a baby shower should be held. Most baby showers take place four to six weeks before the baby is due. Guests can choose gifts and decorations on the gender of the infant.

Since the risk of miscarriage decreases with each passing week, many mothers opt to hold their baby shower later in their pregnancy. It also means you'll have a better idea of what you're missing and where your loved ones can assist you.

What is a baby shower website?

Websites dedicated to baby showers have become more common than ever before. They have a simple and enjoyable service that allows you to host a virtual baby shower. Several baby shower websites are more like an electronic invite program, which may or may not contain all the information you need. You'll connect with friends and family from all over the world, play fun baby shower games, build a gift registry, and so much more with a baby shower website.

Including a gift registry makes it simple for those who have been invited to purchase something for the baby. Include a list on the website and keep track of the names, so you can send out thank you notes after the party. Everyone who has been invited will want to share their happiness—even if they are unable to participate, they will want to give a gift. On your baby shower website, you can easily collect RSVPs. Using a baby shower website that you create yourself will ensure this special day is a success.

Are there other types of sites I can utilize for my baby shower?

There are baby shower invitation sites, an RSVP website, and a full website. Since the sole aim of baby shower invitation websites is to sell invitations (it can actually be similar to the RSVP website—a site that collates guest lists), it lacks the functionality of a complete baby shower website. You can, for example, arrange games, a video call, images, and video galleries, and submit thank you cards with a complete website. An RSVP website for baby shower can be integrated into the invitation website. Baby shower invitation websites hardly have the information you should place on an invitation and not much else.

What elements to include in your baby shower website design?

A well-designed website will help you create a positive first impression on your guests. But, most importantly, it improves the user experience and makes it easier for your website users to access and navigate your site.

- Content

As they say, “Content is King”, it's important that all relevant information about baby shower is included on your website. From the date, time, and location of the baby shower, these details should be the first thing a visitor spots on your baby shower website.

- Navigation

A solid navigation in your baby shower website means your visitors should find the details of the shower easily. They could easily find baby shower RSVP online with a breeze. Getting lost in the baby shower website is a big no-no.

- Linking Social Media

A simple Facebook integration can work miracles for your baby shower website. Your visitors can simply join a Facebook group community you create for the baby shower and get real-time updates. Plus, it's an excellent way to enlarge one’s social network.

- Call to action buttons

Call to action buttons are an important function for a gift registry or RSVP. While you can create an RSVP website for baby shower, understand that some features like photo galleries and videos are not available for this option.

- Aethetics

We’re not here merely for the sake of a baby announcement website. We want your baby shower to make a mark in the memories of your visitors. And what better way to do with stunning web design elements. Some website builders have pre-designed templates that fit your preferred style.

With the help of an excellent website builder, you can create a free baby shower website in minutes with little or no technical knowledge. Here are a few pointers to consider to make this process smoother.

How to Create a Baby Shower Website

1. Choose a dependable website builder

To create a baby website, you don't need to hire a web designer or learn how to code. All you'll need is some time and a fine baby shower website builder. There are hundreds of choices to choose from, but ideally, you want a platform that allows you to set up your website for free, gives you much versatility in customizing your site to match the theme of your baby shower and gives you reliable customer service if you get stuck building and managing your baby shower website.


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2. Create a one-of-a-kind domain name

The next move is to come up with a distinct website name, which will appear on the website address. Strikingly allows you to select your own subdomain for free accounts to ensure that it accurately reflects what your site is about. Typically, parents will name their baby's shower website or select a hashtag for the event with their baby's name. Just make sure the name you choose is one-of-a-kind, simple to remember, and spell.


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3. Choose a website template that sparks joy

One of the great things about using a site builder is you don't have to start from scratch when creating a baby shower website. Depending on your content, you can choose from many templates and begin designing your baby shower website from there. Take your time previewing different choices and experimenting with different formats before deciding on a concept. Don't be afraid to change your mind either. If the design isn't working for you, Strikingly allows you to alter your prototype at any time during the design process, even after your website has been released.


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4. Have all the information about the baby shower

Now that your website is beginning to take shape, you can focus on producing the content that will make it even better. It should provide photos and videos, details about the event's date, venue, and activities. This tells guests they are not missing any detail and that there will be more as the baby shower approaches.


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5. Hit publish and share

It's time to press 'Publish' until you're happy with the look and feel of your baby shower website. Remember, you can edit your site even after it has been published with Strikingly. This frees up space on the baby shower website for any new elements or enhancements.


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Following the baby shower

After the baby shower, you should keep the baby shower website up. Simply change the material to include "what happened" at the baby shower or "monthly updates" on your baby, which your guests will undoubtedly adore and appreciate. Images and videos from the event can be viewed and shared here. It's also a nice way to express gratitude to your guests for being a part of your special day.

The aim of a baby shower is for family and friends to shower the expecting parents with gifts and baby necessities. Baby showers allow expecting parents to get a head start on things like diapers, baby clothes, and other necessities. Before the gift-giving portion of a baby shower, though, there is plenty to do. And this is where a baby shower website can help expectant parents. Need help in building your memorable baby shower website? Visit Strikingly right now!