Having your own car is a luxury. When you own one, travelling is easier and more convenient than before. You can avoid the hustle of the busy roads, and avoid getting late for your appointment. You get to spend time having long road trips with your friends and escape the stress brought by reality. If you are someone who engages in business, owning a car is also one big advantage in making you more productive. However, owning a car also comes with great responsibility. If you want it to stay with you forever, you must know how to do it right.

There’s a saying that if you take care of something, it lasts. This is one fact when you own a car. Car maintenance is one important aspect of securing your car’s functionality and durability. Achieving proper car maintenance would not only keep your car from getting physical damage but also keep you safe while you use it. And what is one way to have your car properly maintained? Car washing.

Car Wash shops have been one of the types of businesses that are currently rising in the field of business. With many individuals getting a car and having no time in having it properly cleaned, they immediately seek help from carwash shops. This being the reason, car wash shops must know how to power up their game in providing the best service for their customers. One way to that? —having their own car wash website.

If you are interested to know how to build a car wash business, or if you already own one and wondering how you could start creating auto detailing website templates, then you just came to the right place.

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What features your carwash website must have

For a carwash website to be fully functional, it must contain the best set of amazing features. These features will be the ones responsible for giving life to your car wash website, and definitely help you in achieving the best car wash website performance.

  • Choose car wash website name

Website names and branding are your keys to make your target customer remember you. With all the similar types of business in your chosen field, being unique is one advantage. Before you create your car wash website template, you have to think of the best website name. A name that will not just put a label on your business, but will instantly leave a mark on potential customers the moment they lay their eyes on it. Be creative and stand out. You could even create and design your own car wash website logo, and then put it in your auto detailing website design. By doing this, your car wash website will not only look more aesthetic but also strengthen your business’ branding.

  • Include detailed car wash price list template

A price list is like a menu of all the services you could offer your target customer. It is also one important element in designing the best car wash websites. Having a carefully designed car wash price list template makes your car wash website more powerful and functional. Website viewers often visit this section to check whether or not the car wash website can provide them the type of service that they seek. When designing your car wash price list template, include your car wash website services name, the price for each service type, how they can pay, inclusions for each service, and other details which your target customer must know about your service.

Strikingly allows their website user to design a custom car wash price list template for car wash website businesses. Through its add Custom Form, you can start designing a detailed car wash price list template using any form you prefer and include it in your car wash theme.


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  • Pick the best car wash theme

Website themes and backgrounds are also among the most important elements in designing the best car wash website template. It is responsible for giving a pleasant and eye-capturing look on your car wash website. Choosing the best car wash theme can help you attract more audiences. It is essential in car wash website designing that you know how to pick the best color combinations for your car wash website. This is because the right choice of color schemes can be one way of driving curiosity and instant good impression from your website viewers. Whereas having the bad ones can be the main reason for them to leave immediately for finding your website too boring, dull or too much for their eyes.

Strikingly is among the few website builders who offer a collection of auto detailing website templates. These website templates are amazingly designed to give the best car wash websites look.

  • Embed car wash website map

Site location is important for businesses like car washing. To make your car wash website more functional, equipping it with your business’s location is a must. As a service provider, it is one of your primary duties to give your customers better access to your business. You have to provide them a map of routes on how they could get to your exact place. One way to do this is by embedding a Google map on your car wash website.

Strikingly offers an Embed Google Maps feature for their users. With this option, website owners can now include Google Map on car wash website template and provide customers with their business exact address and location.

embed google maps

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  • Post service pictures

Galleries make any type of car wash website look more attractive and trustworthy. By adding photos and videos on your car wash website, you are proving to potential customers that you are real, and the service you provide is reliable. You can include personally taken images of your past projects, and videos showing testimonials from your past customers. Conducting this step will not only help you market your car wash website service, but also give them a clearer view of how you do what you do.

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  • Consider car wash website membership

Another tip you should consider in making the best car wash websites is to include a membership program. Customers often look for stability. They spend time taking deep analyses on each of their candidates and find the best service provider for them. As a business seeking a good customer-business connection, it is one of your agenda to make your customers stay with you. One way you could do this is by giving them premium offers through membership programs. You can give them VIP services and consultations which normal customers can’t have.

Strikingly gives users the power to add membership site for carwash websites. This feature will not only make any auto detailing website design pleasing but also more reliable in giving the best car wash website performance.

add membership to website

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  • Share it on a blog

Creating blogs is also one way of achieving a unique car wash theme. Blogs have the power to make you stand out from your competitors. You can share your own thoughts and insights by posting blogs on your car wash website. You can even use this section in giving your customers the latest updates about you and your business. You can even design it where your website users can access a comment and suggestion section to share their own thoughts about your car wash website performance.

Strikingly offers an Add Simple Blog feature for their website users. With just one click, you can now start creating a simple blog section for auto detailing website design and spread the good word!

Get inspired with these best car wash websites themes and designs

A perfect car wash website guide would not be complete without the best examples. To make things more interesting, Strikingly collected these best car wash websites themes who nailed the field of auto detailing website design.

  1. Crystal Car Wash

Crystal Car Wash is among car wash website template which helps in giving a great look and feel on your car wash website. By using this auto detailing website template, you can achieve a website design filled with amazing images and unique designs.

  1. Dropless

Dropless is another car wash theme that provides users with great color scheme combinations for car wash website design. You can also learn how to include amazing background videos and a clear call to action feature for a better car wash website performance.

  1. Go Wash My Car

This car wash theme is another best example for a design that is equipped with an attractive look and a great car wash website feel. Upon using this car wash menu template, you can achieve a car wash website design with great background images and a perfect set of call-to-actions.

  1. Schmicko

Schmicko is a car wash theme perfect for website designers who seek a design filled with perfectly arranged images and a great set of color schemes. You can also learn how to design an effective call-to-action for your car wash website with Schmicko.

  1. Polished Clean

Polished clean is an auto detailing website design that gives you lots of whitespaces and a beautiful set of images. Once used, it will also help you learn more about great copywriting skills for your car wash website content.

Building your own car wash website design is quite challenging. You may face difficulties in finding the right set of elements and design to use for your car wash website template. But, if you know how to pick the best website host for you, everything will fall into the right place.

Want to know more about the world of a car wash website? Chat with us, and we’ll work things out together.