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You’ve come to the right place if you are looking for the best car dealership website. We know that there is such a huge competition among the car dealer website designs. When it comes to competition, the only way to reveal the secret behind successful car dealerships is to look at the best automotive dealership website design and car dealer website solutions.

Today, we will look at the car website designs to get you inspired in your project. Building a car dealership website is not an easy task to do. But, this kind of mindset is true without the help of the car dealer website builders. Nowadays, building a dealership website is made fast and easy because you can only choose the right car dealership website builder that is right for you.

  1. Dodge

Who would not be impressed with the car dealership website like Dodge? Customer service and satisfaction are on top priority when it comes to their website layout design. On the set of the landing page, it will have a pop-up question to ask what country you are from. This is to properly show to their customers the specific make and model available per country. You would be amazed ar their asymmetrical design that makes it look compelling and professional. Aside from the hero header, they have made a slider of the best car images to showcase what they got. In terms of product details, pricing, and finance calculator they’ve got useful tools to have these pieces of information readily available on their website. A clean and professional automotive dealership design like Dodge website is such a way to go in the car dealership industry.

Dodge Cars Website

Image taken from Dodge website

  1. Chevrolet

When it comes to the competition among the best car dealer websites, Chevrolet car dealership website has a remarkable and impressive design that we can’t simply set aside. It’s a good idea to place the site search beside the language filter because they are very important for the customers who are searching from different locations. What is more interesting aside from their exclusive promos is the fact that they have shopping tools that makes customers find the best Chevy car. They also have the option to Find A Dealer and these buttons are easily located on a clean header design. With the Chevy logo on top, you won’t go anywhere else but to talk to their friendly customer service via chat box. Don’t miss to check and see all offers with their cool slider presentation. What makes Chevy's website so cool and amazing is the way they present their brand to their customers.

Chevrolet cars website

Image taken from Chevrolet website

  1. Creamfields

Creamfields is Seattle’s number one Ford Dealer. If you are a Ford lover, then you surely don’t want to miss their amazing deals. The cool thing about this car dealership website is the simplicity of their filter and category system. You can’t go wrong with the model that you are looking for with this very specific site search. They only show quality images from specialty vehicles to work trucks, to new and used cars. Plus, there’s no way to miss their contact section because they put it on top right of their website. This car dealership website is simply ideal and remarkable in terms of catering the customers specific needs in terms of vehicles.

Creamfields cars website

Image taken from Creamfields website

  1. The Elite cars

The Elite Cars website has used exclusively grand and stylish car dealer website designs. With an excellent Google rating and the luxury vehicles images, we can say that they have proven their name as The Elite Cars as one of the best car dealer websites. They have a visible Site Search and a live chat to answer their customers inquiries upon visiting the website. What’s the interesting part about The Elite Cars is that they have great offers and options for their customer to buy and sell a luxury car. The black and red color scheme makes this car dealership website stand out.

The Elite cars website

Image taken from The Elite cars website

  1. Chrysler

We know that adding a video content on a website is an essential strategy to perfectly present your product. Chrysler car dealership website knows this very well.. They have used a video content on their homepage to capture interest and deliver a strong brand presence to their audience. Many car website designs are focused on the functionality and at the same time the simplicity of site navigation. With Chrysler website, they’ve got a hero header that gets your attention and takes you to the Special offers and the Site call-to-action. They also present their vehicles using featured images that are directly linked to the page details. They ensure that customers can easily search inventories, access the product and pricing section, and check exclusive offers and packages. If you’re searching for an ideal car dealership website design that is most likely to shine, check out how Chrysler have nailed it.

Chrysler cars website

Image taken from Chrysler website

  1. Infiniti

The great feature of Infiniti car dealership website is its white space that provides breathing space for visitors. You don’t want to overwhelm your visitors with the stunning images of cars on your website. Most car dealership websites understand that simplicity is beauty. The best way to present their cars is with a clean background to emphasize the image quality. Infiniti have used an image slider with an easy to swipe navigation. In most cases, this strategy works well if you want to showcase what you got on your website. For a car dealership website, it works perfectly to have a series of quality images of their vehicles. A sticky header makes it easier for visitors to shop and access the list of vehicles that leads to the pricing, details, etc.

Infiniti Cars website

Image taken from Infiniti website

  1. Rolls Royce Motorcars

Rolls Royce Motorcars have used a box-style layout that gives emphasis to the grandeur and professional look of the website. Amazing how they’ve put simplicity and grandeur in one place. What’s more interesting about this car dealership website is the out-of-the-box-cursor effect. Rolls Royce have also used a sticky header on their website. Some pages look stunning with a split-screen layout that helps viewers weigh or compare what type of vehicle will fit their lifestyle. Giving your audience such an opportunity to get a series of the best options can help them get the right decision. After all, buying a car is such an important decision to make. With the Rolls Royce Motor Cars website, you can’t go wrong with the car you want.

Rolls Royce website

Image taken from Rolls Royce Motorcars website

Characteristics of the Best Car Dealership Websites

  • Easy and Fast Site Navigation

In building a car dealership website, it is important to keep in mind that an easy and fast site navigation can help your visitors in finding what they are looking for. By helping them get to the right place, you’re giving your visitors reason to stay longer and discover your website further. A very complicated site navigation is most likely to be abandoned by a customer who is specifically looking for information. By adding a site search you can help your visitors to search for items and information on your website without taking so much time. With Strikingly, we ensure that our website templates are easy-to-use for our users and for their site viewers. You can customize our templates to add sections and site search on top of your homepage. This can help enhance your site navigation. One perfect example is our Scribble template shown below.

Scribble template

Image taken from Strikingly template - Scribble

  • Mobile Friendly Design

A car dealership website should have a mobile friendly design. If you’re thinking about building a car dealer website, you should consider a mobile ready design. A responsive mobile design can help your site get more traffic. Nowadays, most people are using their smartphones. They want information readily available on the go. That’s why having a mobile friendly design can help your car dealership website rank well. Strikingly makes it easy for our users to get a preview of their website via desktop and mobile while they make changes. It’s simply amazing because you know exactly how your website looks.

Mobile view editor

Image taken from Strikingly website

  • Powerful Functionality

A powerful functionality on your website can help you get more interaction with your viewers. What is this functionality and how does it play a very important role in building a car dealership website? Strikingly understands the features and functionality that you need to build a website. For example, having a product page with detailed product information can help your customers in inspecting the item that they want to purchase on your website. You can also add a contact form that can be both beneficial to you and your customer in terms of getting inquiries answered and hopefully converted to sales.

Sample contact form

Image taken from Strikingly website editor

Don’t underestimate the power of sending newsletters to your visitors. You can promote your car dealership website by sending newsletters and creating promotion campaigns on your social media. But, you will need to ensure that you have a contact form where customers can reach out with their name, email, and message. Strikingly has these powerful features to help your site get more traffic and sales.

  • Showroom Quality Images

Use quality images as if a customer is visiting a showroom. A car dealership website with stunning images of luxury vehicles is most likely to get positive results in terms of audience rate and interaction. An effective strategy of car dealerships comes with an impressive presentation of quality images and content to the customers. Strikingly website editor makes it easier for you to add images on your website. You can browse from your computer or upload from the web. By simply adding a gallery section, you can come up with the best presentation of cars and luxury vehicles on your website.

Strikingly is very fascinated in helping our users create a website that will surely rank well and get more traffic. We’ve developed our website features to provide useful tools and functions to our website users. With our pre-designed templates and layout designs you can easily build a unique car dealership website and consider good qualities we’ve provided above. Get inspired with the best car dealership designs and create your own website now.

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