With everyone spending a significant portion of their time on the internet, building a handyman website makes perfect sense these days. And if budget is an issue, a website builder like Strikingly can help you get your website up at virtually no cost. The platform’s free handyman website template does not require high startup costs or technical experience for you to create a site that effectively reflects your business.

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With the technical stuff out of the way, a handyman website template enables you to focus on deciding what goes into your website.

1. The kind of services you offer

An informative website is more important than a fancy-looking one. Your website should list all the handyman services that you provide, including proper descriptions for each. This makes it easy to set the right expectations when meeting a client for the first time. It gives people an idea of the things that you can and cannot do. Be careful not to oversell yourself, however, and list down services that you think you can provide but may not have the resources or technical knowledge to deliver.

2. Commercial vs. Residential services

Your handyman services website should also be updated on whether you’re doing commercial or residential projects. Depending on where you’re located, these two may require different licenses and insurance coverage. Your potential clients will want to know whether or not you’re qualified for the job they require.

3. Project Portfolio

2019 11 22 handyman services website

One of the most effective ways for potential clients to gauge your expertise is by adding a portfolio to your handyman website. If you have a collection of before and after photos from your previous projects, they will go quite well with your site’s content. As you have seen in many handyman website examples, an extensive project portfolio is testimony in itself of the kind of job that you can do as a contractor.

4. Customer Testimonials

You can toot your horn all you want about how good you are but your audience may take your word with a grain of salt. The best way to prove your abilities to potential clients is to obtain testimonials from previous customers. Get positive reviews from the projects you’ve completed and publish them on your handyman website. This is the best form of advertising you can actually get for your brand.

5. Social media pages

Adding your social media pages to your handyman website will create a cohesive online presence. People in your network can be directed to your website for inquiries, to view your portfolio or to contact you directly. Conversely, website visitors can become part of your social network through the social media buttons on your site.

Keep your site updated by adding a social stream section. Every time you update your social pages, the same updates come into your website. It’s a good strategy for keeping your content fresh regularly.

6. Contact details

People should have an easy way to contact you for inquiries. Make sure your contact details are prominently displayed in your website. If you have a physical office, a location map to your premises would also be a great addition to this section. Strikingly also has a live chat function that you can use to attend to customer queries in real time.

7. A strong call to action

Finally, and arguably the most important - a call to action. Your website was created to attract quality leads and conversions. Make sure your audience knows what to do next after reading your content. Give them that nudge to contact you with a strong call to action. Provide them with compelling reasons why your services are what they need.