Business Tips For Moms To Achieve Work and Life Balance

In today’s time, working moms are not unusual anymore. They are, in fact, one of the most amazing people that build the foundation of our homes and our economy. What starts as a small business for moms can grow into an extensive business in the long run. And if you are one of these working moms, then you definitely deserve a salute! And in addition, we also would like to offer you some tips for moms like you.

10 Business Tips For Moms

1. Self-care is Important

You cannot help anyone (or everyone) if you yourself are not okay. Thus, to start off our list of business tips for moms like you is to take care of yourself. Things will get crazy and the most unexpected things can happen when you’re a working mom. But amidst all the chaos, always try to find the time dedicated to you and you only. It can be as simple as going to the mall for an hour or watching a movie you really like or even just taking a long bath. Self-care is important because if you’re not okay, you will eventually run out of energy to do everything that you need to do. Running solely on stress, adrenaline, and rush isn’t sustainable. You have to be really dedicated to taking care of yourself so that you can fulfill your purpose of doing the most amazing things for yourself, your family, and your business.

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2. Ask For Help

While you are already amazing in your own accord, there is no shame in asking for and accepting help. One of the most important business tips for moms that we can give you is to not hesitate to ask for help. Your partner is more than willing to make your life easier, and so do your kids. But they won’t be able to do that if you do not ask them and if you do not let them. They might help you work out a problem about either business or at home. In addition, as a working mom, don’t be afraid to get help from outside your own home. You can hire a virtual assistant to help you handle your business. They can help you not lose track of things that need to be done daily. It might also be time to consider getting a trusted nanny or housekeeper. We’re certain that you can do virtually anything and everything, but remember that you don’t have to.

3. Be Part of a Community

You know how easy it is to relate and start a conversation with someone who shares even just one thing with you? Well, for the next one in our business tips for moms list, we want to tell you that there is a large community of working moms. You have people waiting for you to join hands with them. Embracing that you have at arm's length will help your working mom experience be more pleasant. Lifelong friendships can really be born and strengthened by the experiences you share as working moms. They won’t only give you tips and tricks about how to do business, they also have very helpful tips about getting your family and personal time balanced with your career.

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4. Learn to Say “No”

As a working mom, it can be tempting to say yes to anything and everything. But to add to our business tips for moms, learn to say “no”. Much like sacrificing the time you could spend at home with your family or at some place to unwind and relax for yourself, you also have to learn to sacrifice some business opportunities. There is a tendency for working moms to say yes to all opportunities - business-wise. But remember that it is important to see and decide what opportunities are best for you at the time they come. Don’t just give in. Because you could sacrifice more time for your family and personal life for work opportunities that might not be helpful for your business and career in the long run.

5. Make Family Time Part of Your Calendar

You set your appointments and important meetings on your calendar, right? So it doesn’t seem absurd for us to include in these business tips for moms like you the reminder for you to also allot a space for your family on your calendar. Let this be a warning that things can get unexpectedly hectic as a working mom - more experienced working moms would probably say that it can get more hectic than you’d ever expect. But of course, like the amazing person you are, you don’t want to let that impede spending time with your family. And so, we advise you to do your best to block a time on your calendar that is dedicated solely to your family. This way, much like meetings and appointments, you have a specific time set aside for your family bonding and personal care.

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6. Avoid Analysis Paralysis

A working mom like yourself probably did a lot of research about your business. You probably spent a lot of time in front of your computers, looking for information about how to handle a small business for moms like you. While doing research and benchmarking are among the most useful business tips for moms, it is important to be careful with how far you go. Don’t get stuck on the research phase of starting up your business. Some information on the internet can be scary but we assure you that much like starting a family, there’s no perfect time. But given the right motivation and inspiration, any time can be the right time. Don’t over-analyze and get paralyzed. You can accomplish so much as a working mom.

7. Build Alliances

Battles such as the ones that working moms like you face every day are made more bearable and winnable with allies by your side. Yet another one of the best business tips for moms that we can give you is to find the right allies. These usually come in the suppliers, partners, agents, and couriers with which you build a relationship with. Strong alliances with these groups of people will help you be successful in your business endeavors. These are the people that can help you be the best business owner you can be. They are also key in ensuring that your customer feedback is more positive than negative. And in the long run, they can really make a difference for your business.

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8. Set Up Boundaries

Boundaries are very important. It’d be wrong not to include this reminder in our list of business tips for moms. As a working mom, your family and your work are both important to you. And while some days don’t really allow you to separate the two, it is important to set some boundaries. If you have the space, try to set up your own office space at home. Try to allocate a specific place for you to do your work. This would not just allow you to have your own space, it would also help you focus more on your work. It can also help your family understand and develop a sense of respect for your space.

9. Don’t Feel Guilty

We understand working moms like you deal with a lot of pressure. Another one of the business tips for moms that we want to give you is to not feel guilty. There’s no shame in being a working mom. In today’s modern times, don’t let anyone’s comments tell you that what you are doing is anything less than amazing. Finding a good work and life balance will not be easy, but you are a great person for working for your family while also finding time to spend with them. Never be ashamed of fighting that struggle. Also, it is very important to note that working moms like you deserve time for themselves, too. You deserve the time to rest and enjoy life like everyone else.

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10. Find Ways to Make Your Job Easier

While most people equate stress with productivity, we all know that that is not always the case. It’s important that you understand that. For the last one in our business tips for moms, we want you to understand one thing: as a working mom; you are already a superhero. But remember that even the most epic superheroes had tools to help them be the people that they are. Don’t hesitate to find those tools for you. Your schedules can be handled by certain apps, your phone can remind you of important appointments and dates, your laptop can handle your filing system, and your website can handle your marketing strategies and your online store transactions. These kinds of tools can help you achieve more work and life-balanced days.

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Building a website for your business is probably one of the best business tips for moms. With website builders like Strikingly, working moms like you can definitely rest more easily. With the right web design and the right elements on your website, you can just wait for your customers and clients to come to you. Depending on your business nature, Strikingly web builder allows you to integrate a Simple Store on your website and showcase your products. You can also put in details about your products, stories about you and how you started, and your business’ main philosophy and advocacy. You can further add videos or images that highlight all that you offer. Sign up with Strikingly now and reap the benefits that a business website can give you as a working mom.

Before we see you again in your Strikingly site editor for your website, we want to remind you that this list of business tips for moms is just that - tips. Don’t feel any pressure to follow all of it. Find what works best for you as a working mom. Remember that you are already doing amazing! Let Strikingly be one of your tools and help you be more successful and amazing!