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Anyone who is a model knows the importance of building a modeling portfolio website to elevate the way they present themselves online. Starting a modeling career can be a very tough journey, especially for beginners. You have to work on the basics, such as hiring a professional photographer, attending a series of gigs, and looking for a personal makeup artist for your photoshoots. Whether you print your modeling book or create a digital modeling portfolio website, one way or another can help you distinguish yourself from others.

Having your online modeling portfolio helps build a stunning online presence, get more audience, attract potential clients, or work with brands. It is not a simple task to get these things done. The only way to achieve your goals in this career is to show off. This is what a modeling portfolio website is all about – show off what you got and connect you to people you can work with. In this article, we will share with you how to nail a killer modeling portfolio. How can you stand out as a beginner and continue to shine bright as a professional model?

What is a Modeling Portfolio?

Getting started? As a beginner, you need to understand a modeling portfolio, its vital composition, and its benefits to your career as a model.

A modeling portfolio is a compilation of sample photos, past projects, and a compelling story about the model’s journey. It also includes a short bio that gives a glimpse of what to expect from the model – the type, niche, etc. Building a modeling portfolio in both printed and digital format is a must. This is one of the most effective ways of getting exposure online and offline. Your digital modeling portfolio can make or break your career. That's why you must put your best foot forward to create one.

Here are the elements and information you need to include in your modeling portfolio website.

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Elements or Information You Need to Add to Your Digital Modeling Portfolio

Like any type of website, a digital modeling portfolio needs attention-getter information and action-taker elements to attract your target audience. You can’t just put your best images together and hope to get contacted after. You must add these things to your modeling portfolio that will surely take you to the spotlight.

• Impactful Landing Page

Every model aims for a high-conversion modeling portfolio website. To achieve this, you must create an impactful landing page that will make the most out of your online visitors' first five seconds’ attention. You have to make it work at the very beginning. Stunning web templates can help you express your personality as a model. It also gives a glitter of gold dust that emphasizes your works or performance as a model. Start with an eye-catching landing page that creates a good impact on your target audience.

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• Simple Blog About Modeling Journey

Showcasing your modeling journey doesn’t end with a compilation of photoshoot images. You have to share your story with your audience. Connect your work with a simple blog about your beautiful journey as a model. For aspiring models, this is a chance to show off and talk about your interests and passion for modeling. As you can see, a modeling portfolio puts you in the spotlight.

Here at Strikingly, you can easily create a blog on each template. We have a simple web editor that instantly makes editing and publishing blogs easier. Moreover, don’t forget our mobile-first designs that help your modeling portfolio website rank well on search engines.

• Killer About Me Section

The About Me section can be composed of 2-3 short paragraphs about your background, milestones, and personal information you want to share with your audience. It also features your top achievements as a model and highlights interesting facts about you. Some models include a few details about their personal life, such as their lifestyle, preferences, hobbies, etc. Be creative in presenting yourself. Tell your story in a way people can relate to and be inspired by it. Share what you’re good at aside from modeling. Don’t hesitate to talk about your weaknesses, but emphasize working on them. Keep in mind that you are connecting with real people on your website.

• Visible Contact Section

A clear and visible contact section is one of the essential elements of your modeling portfolio website. Aside from making it easy to find, you should include different communication channels such as email, phone, chat, etc. This can increase the chance of getting proposals for projects from your prospective clients. Make it easy for them to reach you. You can also use Call-to-Action information linked to an inquiry form or contact page.

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• Updated Profile Page

Your digital modeling portfolio is your resume, too. Unlike online resumes, you need to use specific information as a model. Add your updated body measurements and sizes, age, hair color, eye color, distinguishing features, etc. Other critical information you need to add to your website is related works, hobbies, modeling experience, and modeling agency (if there are any). Come up with an easy-to-read layout when you create a profile page. A Profile page is more concise and specific than the About Me section.

• Grid-Based Layout Images

Use a grid-based layout design instead of a slideshow format. This can help your audience see your best shots right away. With Strikingly, you can use an online gallery theme. Your images will appear in a grid-based thumbnail that your website visitors can click to enlarge photos.

• Compilation of Successful Projects

While you can include some of the top projects on your About Me page, creating a compilation of all your modeling projects is a good idea. No matter how big or small you think a gig is, related experiences can make a difference in your modeling career. You can also highlight the brands you’ve worked with in the past. Since building a modeling portfolio is to show off, make it stand out.

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• Social Media Page Link

Don’t forget the significance of social media platforms to win your goals in your modeling career. Add a link to your social media pages and share digital content such as video clips of your latest project, creative blogs, sample images, and updates.

Strikingly website builder has a ridiculously easy-to-set-up website that includes free marketing and branding tools. Create like a real expert with the help of our dedicated team. You can make a modeling portfolio website that stands out from others.

How to Create a Modeling Portfolio Website?

Now that you have figured out the importance of building a modeling portfolio website, we’ll show you how to make one. But first, you must head to our Sign-up page and create an account. You can also start a 14-day free trial on yearly or monthly plans.

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1. Choose a Template That Represents Your Style

After creating a free account with Strikingly, it’s time to choose a template. Since you need to showcase photos and visual materials about your modeling career, a minimalist theme is an ideal choice. With clean and modern design, a digital modeling portfolio feels more refreshing and enticing. It does not overshadow the crucial elements, information, and images your audience must first notice.

With over 100 free templates to choose from, Strikingly ensures to help you create a killer modeling portfolio website.

2. Upload High-Quality Images of Your Best Shots

High-quality images are assets to your modeling portfolio website. Make sure you invest in producing stunning photos that can capture your best shots. Hire a professional photographer and a makeup artist. You don’t want to compromise your future in this field with low-quality pictures or odd-looking poses. Show what you got and be innovative in presenting your talent as a model. High-quality photos express professionality in your chosen field. It tells your prospective clients how serious you are with the craft.

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Image taken from Miss Falcon website

3. Share Your Beautiful Story as a Model

Add a Simple blog about your modeling journey. Share your aspirations and dreams as a model. Talk about what you have achieved and your progress as a beginner. If you are a professional, this is a perfect way to inspire others to work hard and pursue their dreams. Modeling isn’t a no-brainer kind of job. It requires physical, mental, and emotional strength to conquer every obstacle that comes across the way.

4. Add Custom Form For Client Inquiry

Strikingly has a free custom form you can use to gather information about your website visitors. A custom form can be used for inquiry, survey, appointment setting, subscription, etc.

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5. Publish Your Modeling Portfolio Website Instantly

You can go live with your modeling portfolio website in minutes. After you have added your best shots, short blog, profile page, contact info, and social media link, it’s time to engage with your audience. Promote your modeling portfolio website easily. Be visible and active on social forums or online communities for models like you. Aside from getting referrals, you can also collaborate with other models on the same niche. This is the significance of having a digital modeling portfolio.

Final Thoughts

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In building a modeling portfolio website, you don’t need more than hundreds of photos to get noticed. Experts say you only need between 10 - 20 images to show off. It is a good thing to invest in quality over quantity. What is the point in adding so many photos that do not appeal to your target audience? Make sure you’ve handpicked the best shots from your photoshoot or previous projects. You will realize how much work you had done when the twenty images went over a hundred. Looking back through your photographs, you will discover how great experiences and knowledge you gain as a model. Thanks to your modeling portfolio, you can establish a solid online presence with flexibility and creativity in representing the best version of yourself.

Strikingly has the best web services and features for talented and professional individuals. We have millions of website users worldwide who started from scratch and made it to the top. You, too, can make yourself stand out in your chosen field. Tell us about your story. We’ll help you create your website.