Having your own space where you can be your whole self is one great feeling. You can have the power to share your own thoughts and insights about any topic. You can create a world where you can show your personal skills and influence anyone who seeks to do the same thing.

Online Portfolios are among the latest trends in the online world. For the past years, it has helped many individuals not just in building an online presence, but also sharing their skills and knowledge with the right group of audience. Online portfolio gives them the satisfaction of seeing how they’ve become not just as a professional, but also as someone who enjoys doing his passion while showcasing it to the world.


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If you are still looking for answers on why you should make a portfolio, we will give you amazing answers to drive you to start creating your own portfolio website.

Why Is an Online Portfolio Important?

There are tons of reasons why mastering how to make a portfolio is important. Here are two main reasons we listed for you.

• Showcases Your Masterpieces

Having the power to create a portfolio gives you the chance to make yourself known. Once you master how to create a portfolio, you are opening a new world filled with opportunities. You are giving yourself the chance to enhance your skills and secure a long-lasting career. An online portfolio serves as a weapon for many freelancers in introducing themselves to a business company or a client. You can use them as a form of proof of all your past works and show them how deserving you are.

Aside from this, nothing is more satisfying than seeing all your hard work in a gallery where the whole world can see it. Knowing how to make an online portfolio will help you design a precious space where you can store all your masterpieces. It’s like hitting two birds with one stone—you are making a space for yourself and your works, plus you also get the chance to market yourself easily. Awesome, right?

• Captures Audience

Knowing how to make an online portfolio can help you in gathering a firm number of loyal customers. Audiences usually visit an online portfolio gallery to see if the online website can give them what they need. They browse on website pages’ galleries to see what they would expect when they finally decide to work with the website owner. With that being said, a perfect portfolio maker can definitely help you up.

Having your own online portfolio helps you to use your masterpieces as an instant introduction of your skills and abilities towards a business company or a client. Once a potential client sees and falls in love with your online portfolio, it’s an instant upgrade for your online career. It is a chance for you to collect audiences who are in the same field as you. You can even link your online portfolio to your other websites to spread the good word. When you know how to make a portfolio perfectly, being recognized and appreciated in your chosen field is more possible.


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Key Features Your Online Portfolio Must Have

Knowing how to make a portfolio comes with mastering its contents. Before you start to make a portfolio, you must be aware of all the website elements an online portfolio must contain. This is one important aspect you must always know to achieve an online portfolio that actually works.

To give you a better glimpse, here are some key tips we’ve listed for you.

1. Your Works

An online portfolio would not make any sense if it does not contain a gallery of your works. This step is one key factor you must always remember on how to make a portfolio that works effectively. You must always include your past works, may it be a collection of photos or drawings, always include them whenever you make a portfolio. Your works are your primary weapon in ensuring that your website viewers will stay with you. Design your online portfolio where website viewers can freely see and browse each piece of your work. Let them see how passionate you are in doing what you do. In no time, having a firm grasp of the audience would not be impossible for you.

Working with us in Strikingly enables you to create a portfolio filled with all of your works. You can post images, add videos you personally took, and even post simple blogs to entice more customers.

2. Contact Information

A contact section where potential customers could reach you is also one essential idea on how to make a portfolio website. Aside from your gallery of works, clients also seek to have a stable connection with you once they decide to start working with you. When learning how to create an online portfolio, always make sure to understand how adding contact sections on your online portfolio works. You can use emails, a contact number, or even your other social media accounts to give clients a way to connect effectively with you.

Building a website with us allows you to design your own generated emails for your online portfolio viewers. You can also create a contact form section where you can add your personal contact information to enable clients to transact with you smoothly.


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3. Your Services

Aside from contact information, a services section is also needed in your online portfolio. This part gives potential clients a glimpse of all the services they can expect from you. It also holds how much they would pay for every type of service or product they’d want from you. If you are making an online portfolio meant for services, include a detailed list of programs you can offer your clients, along with the exact amount and other inclusions. You can even add photos and short video clips of your services to make them understand it more. On the other hand, if you will make a portfolio for products like paintings, handcrafts, or written works, add the actual image of the product along with basic details like available sizes, colors, and prices for each kind. Do this step easily with our Product Showcase Section, and start designing your dream online portfolio.

4. Achievements

Adding an achievement section is also one genius hack to make a portfolio more interesting. Create a portfolio having all the awards and achievements you’ve made to show clients how established you are in your chosen field. When potential clients saw these, they would have an instant mindset that you are reliable and worth working with.

5. Testimonials

Client testimonials are like magnets. Why? Because they have the ability to attract more website viewers to transact with you. One thing about consumers is that they rely their decisions on their other co-consumer before proceeding to a transaction. Before they actually proceed on buying a product, they first ask questions or do some online research about comments coming from other customers. Adding a testimonial section on your how-to make a portfolio journey makes it easier for new clients to gather information from your past projects.


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How to Make a Portfolio That Works?

Now for the best part, here’s a quick tutorial on how to make a portfolio website. Take a deep understanding of these steps on how to make a portfolio effectively, and in no time, you’d be surprised at how things would turn out in your online portfolio.

1. Choose Your Forte

One thing you need to understand on how to make a portfolio is knowing what specification you’d want to be in. Before you start to create a portfolio, know what you want first. Know what you want your future audience to get from you. Understand what field you are good at and share your thoughts about. Make yourself aware of the reasons why you are working hard to master the art of how to make a portfolio. May it be for business purposes, to sell your works, for a school project, or even if it’s only for fun. Once you already understand what you truly want, the whole how to make a portfolio process will just be a piece of cake for you.

2. Show-Off Personal Brand

Once you finally decided on what niche you’d want to do, it is now the time for you to showcase your own created brand. Think of a unique online portfolio name that will have the power to put an impact on every website viewer who lays their eyes on it. You can even use this name in designing your own brand logo and favicons to make your website more YOU. Use words that aren’t just pretty but are striking enough to keep your viewers bewildered on how amazing your brand is. You can even think of quotes or taglines you can use to add a more striking effect. Show off yourself and make them eager to choose your brand rather than the others.

Showing off your online portfolio branding is never impossible when working with us. You can include your designed website logos and favicons, and put them in your own designed online portfolio. We also allow users to make their online portfolio search engine-friendly. You can even create a portfolio with a customized website’s meta description, create long-tail keywords, and include anchored texts and links on your online portfolio’s content which are very SEO-friendly.

3. Express Yourself

Once you’re done with your basic branding on how to make a portfolio process, the next thing you need to do is start making your online portfolio more alive. Share your thoughts. You can post blogs and even design an audience section which can help the audience follow you and your website updates. You can even create a membership plan where loyal customers can subscribe to and enjoy VIP offers from you.

Connecting yourself with your online portfolio viewers is just a piece of cake with us. Another tip on how to make a portfolio that world is by sharing blogs. You can easily create a simple blog and start sharing your insights with your website viewers. By just simply following the basic steps, you can also create membership plans meant only for your audience.


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4. Choose a Website Design That Fits

Last but not the least, the best way to master the art of how to make a portfolio, is to choose your design. Pay attention to each detail like the color scheme, font styles, and website layout. Choose a template design that is not only aesthetic but most importantly, shows your personality. Go for a template design that is unique and will definitely make your audience love your online portfolio easily.

Create a Portfolio With Us!

Website builders play an important role in any type of website making. If you are looking for a portfolio maker that will help you express yourself, working with us might be the best answer for you.


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We in Strikingly don’t just build websites. We don’t just offer free website templates and layout. We don’t just give you effective ideas on how to make an online portfolio website—we are definitely more than that.

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