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Suppose you are part of any local business or a medium-sized business owner. In that case, it is more than likely that you have multiple social media accounts at your disposal. However, even though you share effective content with your audience, have you ever wondered about your social media promotion strategy? Have you thought about the ways of how to promote a business on social media?

If the answer to these questions isn’t the one that you like, you are at the right place to rethink your strategy. As the years have gone by, the importance of social media promotion has increased. In this article, we will be sharing with you some key guidelines about how you can promote your business or services on social media.

Strategies to Promote on Social Media

Approximately 90% of millennials use their social media accounts to connect with their respective peers. Therefore, social media is the perfect model for business owners to attract customers. If we talk about generating leads on social media, there are numerous strategies for you to consider. All of these strategies work in harmony to attract customers and create engagements with them. Let’s take a look at all of those strategies in detail.

1. Showcase your Model Customers

If we want to know what is social media promotion, we must know that not every product gets promoted the same way. If you are an ambitious entrepreneur, you would always try to find out new income opportunities. Even though this is an effective strategy, you must also be aware of the marketplace’s competition and state.

The best thing to do in this regard is customer segmentation. Customer segmentation enables business owners to narrow in on their ideal consumers, becoming more specific with their clients. For example, it is not enough to present yourself as a photographer for weddings, graduation ceremonies, or other events. Instead, you would want to be specified as a newborn photographer who collaborates only with twins or multiple people.

By doing this, you would no longer need to identify your customers as you have shared your priorities yourself. You will identify your customers for social media lead generation. Moreover, you can make a customer profile that gives a clear message about the kind of customer you want for your target audience. It will provide a deeper understanding of your customer base.

Strikingly has made customer segmentation incredibly easy for their users. The audience list feature enables the users to identify their model customers. Looking at the site audiences and viewing website analytics has never been this easy. As the segmentation option will soon be part of the editor’s main menu, identifying model customers will be nothing but a walk in the park.

2. Prioritize your Customer Demands

If you want to know how to promote a product on social media, you must know the importance of the customer’s input. After understanding your customer base on a deeper level, it is essential to prioritize their demands. Fulfilling the customer’s demands is one of the ideal ways to do social media promotion.

the customer opinions

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Even though it is the best thing for your business to sell everything to your customer, it is important to not offer more than what is possible. For this, you require healthy customer research. The research will allow you to be realistic with your customers. If you want to generate social media leads, fulfilling the demands of your customers realistically will be the best approach.

If we understand the customer demands on social media, revealing an unknown problem will help pin down their needs. For example, you can do this on social media by writing a blog post on “common mistakes” mothers make while photoshoots with their newborn twins on a mobile device. You can share that guest post on your social media accounts. Moreover, you can conduct a photoshoot and give an insight into what happened behind the scenes. Once you present your unique ideas to the audience, you can offer them the right solutions or ideas.

3. Give the Right Ideas or Products

Speaking of the right ideas, it is also a key strategy for doing social media promotion. Your eCommerce marketing strategies hold massive importance if you want to know how to promote a business on social media. Social media advertisement is a brilliant way to sell your products or services. If your budget allows you, advertising on social media can be highly beneficial for your business.

Firstly, make a decision upon the platform on which you want to display your ad. For example, you can create a business page on Facebook or Instagram to promote your products. Make sure that you have an effective call to action (CTA) at your disposal. For example, is it a registration panel for a newsletter? Is it a blog to give information regarding your services?

Once you decide on CTA, you need to create an attractive banner image. The banner image should be compelling that enables the buyer to look into your selling product straight away.

4. Strategic Advertisement

Connecting with our previous point, you can share brilliant ideas or products by doing strategic advertisements. Let’s consider all the social media platforms. It will just be a waste of time if you do advertisements on all of the recommended platforms. Therefore, you must consider the ones that can generate the highest clicks.

the customer opinions

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The importance of social media promotion can be judged because businesses of literally every dimension have at least one social media page integrated with it. As business owners, they want more customers on their platform. Therefore, they use their social media pages for advertising their brands organically.

No matter what social media platform you take, you must offer value to your audience. You can utilize the customer knowledge to create content as per their liking. While doing advertisements, it is essential to use the input of your customers. If you start promoting your brand according to customer demands, it will generate a positive perspective from them. Furthermore, it will ensure your customer that you are giving them exactly what they want.

5. Generate Shareable Content

All of the booming online businesses in the world have one denominator i.e. they create great website content. Healthy content is always one of the leading social media promotion ideas out there.

create shareable content

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Certain types of social media content generate the most clicks. “How-to” content brings a huge value to the customers. Regardless of whether it is a combination of photos, a video demonstration, or a guide, it is always beneficial to the customers. For example, if you are part of a cleaning business, you can offer content about removing stains from clothes.

Inspirational content always enables the readers to act in a certain way. For example, a person can post a picture of himself playing tennis with the caption, “No one builds a legacy by standing still”. If such captions do not motivate you, nothing will.

6. Create Engagements

Social media is a great place to get stellar engagements and share ideas. If you want to know how to promote a product on social media, you shouldn’t just share your content and feel that you have done all you can. It is important to engage and collaborate with your customers as well. Engagements are crucial for your social media promotion strategy.

create stellar engagements

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Engaging with customers on social media pages will enable you to build trust. You must always be formal and appreciative if a customer brings out a question in front of you. Once they see a change in body language from your end, they will eventually walk away from your platform.

7. Know your Competitors

Last but not least, if you want to know what is social media promotion, you must also conduct a competitor analysis. Both of these aspects go hand-in-hand. An ideal social media strategy will always be on the back of understanding your competitor’s approach appropriately.

Competitor analysis ensures social media marketing success. If your strategies are ineffective, you can look into how customers use social media accounts to promote their brands or connect with their audiences. You must take note of how they interact with their followers. By following their roadmap, you can compare their strategies with yours to further understand the deficiencies within your setup.


If you want to build your brand for long-term success, you must understand the importance of social media promotion. It totally depends upon the strategy you use for promoting your brand on social media. For example, you can interact with the audience, produce valuable content, conduct strategic advertisements and do competitor analysis to derive the best search results.

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Strikingly is the best fit when it comes to social media integration on platforms. We enable you to create social media icons on your website. These icons do not mean that you show a door to the user. Instead, they allow customers to increase their time on your platform by sharing or liking your content or images. Strikingly lets you open the social media platforms in a new tab rather than the existing one. Once the user has shared your content, he/she can come back to the original tab. Therefore, take advantage of the power of social media and collaborate with Strikingly for building your brand.