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Are you struggling when it comes to choosing a name for your blog? Every blog writer has gone through this situation, in which he has to brainstorm different blog name ideas that do not match their content idea. When you create a blogspot website, you must know that you will encounter this situation numerous times.

It can be quite challenging for you to name a blog properly. If you identify the perfect name for your blog, there are two principles that you must go through. Firstly, you need to visualize the checklist of things that you wish to have in your blog. The objective is to think about more than just the name of your blog. Secondly, you should consider the set of tips and tools to identify the best name for your blog. These methods are called blog naming methods or tools.

Choosing a Name for your Blog

If you want to create a successful web presence for your blog website, one of the biggest things to consider is the name of your blog. A blog section is highly important for an eCommerce website. In that blog section, the names of blogs are the first (and probably the only thing) that creates a positive or a negative impression within the audiences about your content. When you build blog websites on Strikingly, it brings you to a custom or free website domain with the co-brand to guide you until you create a brand of your own. You can look into the custom domain of your dependant upon the Strikingly subdomain to improve your brand’s and website’s identity. Below, we have shared some of the key strategies in selecting the best name for your blog.

1. The Topic of Your Blog

When you start a blog, the biggest thing to consider is the niche of your website. If you have decided about your website niche prior to its establishment, then the answer to this question is pretty easy. If you are still undecided, consider the best blog names examples to help you in making the decision. You must think logically about the name of your blog, there should be no desperation while choosing it.

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If you work extremely hard when it comes to choosing the name, and you write a blog on an entirely different topic, it means that you have wasted your time. You cannot be thinking about sports as the name of your blog, and write content about gaming. Therefore, it is important to finalize your niche before thinking about your blog entirely.

2. Target Audience

When choosing a blog name, you must consider your targeted audience. The audience is the bread and butter of a blog website. If you can generate effective customer feedback on your blogs, you will eventually be in the spotlight of the blogging world. Therefore, you must prioritize the customers’ opinions to improve upon your website and the work tasks.

the target audience

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If you can understand your targeted audience, it will make it easy for you to identify the name that performs well. When you know your audience, you must think about their age, gender, desires, objectives, career, etc. For example, if your audience contains well-educated women in their twenties, the name of your blog must correspond to their lifestyle. The name can be related to the fashion industry.

Most importantly, make sure not to create any misunderstandings with your name. The name of your blog must coincide with the content that you have written underneath it.

3. The Tone of your Blog

The tone or the voice of your blog corresponds with your targeted audience. For example, if you create a website with the latest news updates, make sure that you are using an active voice that keeps the audience engaged about what you are speaking. If you cannot make the audience glued to your face, it means that the voice of your blog is not good enough.

Moreover, it could be down to the name of your blog. If you look at the best blog names, all of them have strong relevance to the blog’s tone. If the name of your blog doesn’t make everyone get on the edge of their seats, they will not be interested in your blog whatsoever. Therefore, you must choose the best name to engage your site visitors.

4. Building Your Brand

When a person is coming up with a blog name, there are loads of things going on in his mind. Some think about their journals, whereas others think about their ideas and passions. However, some people think about the social media marketing campaigns that affect their business.

building your brand

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If you belong to the latter category, you will probably choose a name that fits the image of your brand or business. Meanwhile, if you can build a website from square one to promote your brand, later on, it will allow you to be a lot more expressive about your domain name.

5. Domain Name

Considering the domain name is one of the most critical aspects when choosing a blog name. You must ensure that you don’t make any mistakes in this regard. An ideal name can be a recipe for disaster if you combine the words and an informal meaning comes out of it.

choosing a domain name

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For example, if you use a logo to represent your domain name. It must look good both on the logo as well as the plain text. You must try to write the name of your blog in the same format as your registered custom domain and check if there are no drawbacks to it. Moreover, you can hire people to check if both sides of the name fit because you can easily be blinded by or biased about your work.

6. Varying Niche

Like we described in the first point, we focus upon our prioritized niche when starting a blog. However, there may come to a point when you have to rethink your strategy. Sometimes, you may have to change your idea and consider another name. Therefore, you have to go back to the drawing board and look into the blog name ideas which suit your new niche.

You may have changed your mind after going through some of the most profitable niche ideas in the market. Or, you may have encountered a situation that had created a scenario in your mind about a new niche. Whatever the reason, you must ensure that the name of your blog meets the demands of your brand. You must consider whether your brand allows you to change your niche from one name to another.

If your brand doesn’t allow you to, it is not bad news for you. You can still change the name of your blog. However, you may lose momentum in this procedure.

7. Easy to Read or Spell

When you choose a blog name, make sure that it looks great on paper and when you read it out loud. There may be certain situations in which the name may look great on the computer, but you may face ambiguity issues when reading it.

For example, you may choose a name of a technological blog called “Byte of the Data”. This may look great from a computer, but when you utter it in front of an audience, it may confuse them if you mean to say “byte” or “bite”. In a presentation of a photo website called Flickr, the audience naturally wrote it as “Flicker”. Therefore, you must avoid any kinds of confusion to maintain a professional look for your blogging website.

8. Competitors

If you cannot identify a name for your blog, you can do some marketing research and look at other blogs that have the same objective as you. You can draw inspiration from your competitor’s work and use some of their elements as part of yours.

The best thing about Strikingly is that it makes us able to do the competitor analysis. We help you in coming up with a blog name that maintains interaction between you and your audience. By generating a compelling name for your blog, you can engage with your audience in a better way. To decide whether your name is ideal or not, you can consider our Google Analytics feature. This feature gives all the information you need about your visitors and the platforms they are coming from.


When you choose a blog name, you are almost there when it comes to starting your article. From an audience perspective, you have to make sure that the name of your blog is an ideal one. In the world of blog post websites, the first impression is the last impression, and the first impression is usually directed towards the name of a blog.

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Strikingly is a well-established platform that enables you to create blogspot websites properly. The best thing about this is that you do not need to be coding or a programming expert for building blogging websites on Strikingly. All you need to do is go through our blog website templates and customize the website as per your desired objectives.

There are many templates available for you which can give you a variety of different designs to look into. Moreover, you can also look into your competitors’ templates and the tools they used to establish their blog websites. Are you willing to create your blog website today? Head over to Strikingly right now and get yourself registered to drive audiences to your blogs.