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If you intend to kickstart your online business, one of the first things that strike your mind is the area of interest, i.e. niche. In the blogging world, the area of interest is crucial. After all, the blog section of your website is the one that guides the readers about the selected niche. For example, you can’t be writing about the country's political situation when your targeted niche is related to social media. You have to maintain consistency with the blogs that you are writing.

Apart from consistency, you have to ensure that your ideas are relevant and authentic. For example, if you write blogs about certain rumors that have a chance to be false, you will lose your credibility and will find it very difficult to attract audiences in the future. By writing blogs about relevant ideas, you will find it easy to keep your audience engaged. You can promote your content via marketing strategies by making the most out of your blog ideas.

Best Ideas for Blogging

1. Healthcare and Fitness

Since the pandemic began, people have been stuck in a room, finding ways to keep themselves involved in things. By staying static for a long time, they tend to ignore the consequences of obesity and increase their weight substantially. One of the ways to keep themselves busy is by looking after their fitness. Some of them have an obsession with losing weight and maintaining good physical shape. By looking at their habits, we can safely say that healthcare and fitness are among the best blog ideas to consider.

You can publish and promote high-quality fitness blogs on your website, which will keep them aware of the kind of tips they require to maintain their fitness. The more engaging your content is, the more readers you will attract to your blog section. If the targeted readers find your content reasonable, there is a chance that they put it on their social media stories, which will attract further audiences.

2. Making Wealth

Let’s be honest with ourselves; everyone wants to make money these days. In a world full of pandemics and catastrophes, people want to ensure that they can make a living by having the best possible source of income. Even though they read headlines about millionaires and investors making money, they don’t understand what exactly they are doing. Therefore, making wealth can prove one of the top blog ideas to satisfy your visitors.

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By writing blogs about building wealth, you will make your customers understand the investment they should be making. Apart from that, there are many other ways to guide people about making money. One of the ways is by blogging itself. By writing high-quality articles and implementing SEO practices, you can attract audiences, get social media engagements and make money. You can also make money by establishing websites on Strikingly and driving a wide range of audiences towards your platform.

3. Technology

With time passing by, the world is getting more inclined to the digital industry. Technology and gadgets have taken over almost every industry around the world. Therefore, we can say technology is one of the trending blog ideas you can come up with. Regardless of the trend being a smartphone, tablet, computer, earphone, or some other innovation, people have embraced electronic devices and accessories.

Everyone wants to ensure that they have the most up-to-date technological equipment at their disposal, from which they can benefit in their professional and personal life. Once you note down all the new or potential incoming technical equipment coming to the market, you can write high-quality blogs about them. By writing blogs about it, you can make your readers aware of all of the available items in the market.

4. Food

It is hard to find a single person in the world that doesn’t love food. Obviously, website images are more important in this regard, but you cannot disregard the importance of blogs in the food industry. If you have great content writing skills, you can play with the words to describe the taste of foods, aroma, presentation of dishes. If everything clicks for you, food can turn out to be one of the best blog ideas. The blogs related to food will help you get to the people's inner needs.

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By involving your dining experience as part of your blog, you can make your audience crave scrumptious meals. Apart from that, you can also include the best restaurants in your blog so that the readers waste no time and check out the experience by themselves. If you have added new food images, make sure that you match those images with appropriate content to catch visitors’ attention.

5. Education

Since the surge of the coronavirus pandemic, the education sector has been one of the most affected sectors in the world. We saw numerous schools, colleges, and universities getting closed for a couple of months, which also affected the financial status of teachers and attendants. After the closure of institutes, teachers started to give lectures remotely through software, such as Team Viewer and Skype. Regardless of the situation, the importance of education can never be disregarded.

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In the world of tragedies and conflicts, you can make a change through educational reforms. One of the best ways to do that is by creating a high-quality educational website with blog ideas related to its importance and how it has evolved since the pandemic. You can also offer online tuition services by attracting numerous students to your platform. When you are in the process of creating an educational site on Strikingly, make sure that you select the right background and layout for your website so that the students can trust you.

6. Pets

When the pandemic hit the globe, people struggle to meet with friends daily. There needs to be someone in your house that can give you company. This is where the importance of pets comes into play. Pets aren’t just part of people’s houses these days. They are adored by family members. According to the National Pet Owners Survey, 90.5 million (70%) US households own a pet. Considering the importance, pets can become one of the most prominent blog ideas for your website today.

In your blogs, you can prescribe the audience the kind of pets that they should have. If the family isn’t big or people tend to get bored every now and then, they can make pets a vital part of their family and stay busy. Of the 90.5 million US households owning a pet, 69 million US households have a dog. You can also educate your audience about how they can maintain their pets' diet. By writing high-quality blogs, you can also promote your online pet business.

Add Blog Section on Your Strikingly Website

If you are willing to make the most out of your blog ideas, you are just a few steps away from getting started on Strikingly. Make sure that you get yourself registered on Strikingly at the earliest. Once you create your account, you will get to the dashboard to establish a new website by monitoring the website templates. After you finish customizing your selected website template, you can start adding blogs to your website and make it prominent. Make sure that the website template chosen fits your niche.

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Once you are done with the customization of the website template, you must go through the following steps regarding blogging.

  1. Go to Strikingly’s website editor
  2. Click on “Add New Section”
  3. Click on “Blog”

By moving to the blog section, your niche will come to life. Once you add blog posts to your website, make sure that you don’t forget the implementation of search engine optimization (SEO) practices, which will help you drive more traffic towards your content. If your target readers can find your website content on the Internet, there is nothing better than that.


Promoting a website by writing high-quality website content is a very aggressive strategy. There are no second thoughts in this regard as you have a complete understanding of your niche and can expect the kind of content you want to add. Creating a blog site on Strikingly will make the most out of your blog ideas. By doing so, you will have a chance to take your blogging career to the next level and attract a wide range of audiences. However, you need to ensure that your blog ideas are relevant and attractive.

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After writing website content related to your blog post ideas, make sure that you include high-quality banner images. Once you choose a catchy title to coincide with your article, you are ready to hit the “publish” button. You can showcase these blog posts on your social media accounts to attract various visitors. For example, if you have an Instagram account, you can put it as part of your Instagram story. If you are relying on Strikingly for kickstarting your blogging career, you couldn’t have chosen a more appropriate blogging partner.