Getting on the web is now easier than ever. The internet welcomes hundreds of websites being born all over the world every day and many of them are actually created by regular individuals. Learning how to set up a website is a lot simpler than you initially thought it would be. With the wealth of tools and information all over the web, you’ll find the process easy to follow. We will walk you through the steps on how to build a website for free in this article.


1. Choose a website builder

A website builder like Strikingly is arguably the best and easiest way to build your own website for free. This platform provides you with all the tools you need to get started and, if you go for a reliable site builder, you might even be able to take advantage of a variety of advanced features such as ecommerce and SEO for free.

Website builders lower the level of entry for aspiring website and/or online business owners because they enable you to make a website free of cost and even with little to no technical background in web development. They basically start you off with a website template of your choice and a website editor that you can use to transform your website into one that represents your brand.

2. Choose a unique domain name

When you make website using a website builder, you usually get to choose a subdomain for free. It’s important to select a name that is easy to remember and easy to spell. Also, make sure to look up your chosen domain name to ensure that it is not associated with anything that might hurt your brand.

3. Pick a website template

The next step on how to make your own website for free is to choose a website template that suits your content objectives. Ideally, you want to go for a template that is mobile responsive to ensure that your site looks good on most mobile devices and screen sizes. Once you have chosen a template, you can proceed to customizing it with your own color schemes, fonts and other design elements to make your website stand out.

4. Create your own content

When you make a website free of charge through Strikingly, all the technical aspects of web development have already been covered for you so you can focus on creating great content. Develop content that your target audience will be interested in and is looking for in particular. Understanding your customer’s challenges in relation to your product or service will help you craft website copy that resonates with your visitors.

When you make website content, we refer to not just the text in your website but also the visuals. Use high quality videos, images and graphics throughout your website. While you can always start with stock photos and graphics especially when you’re new to web design, we still strongly recommend that should you use royalty-free photos, it’s always wiser to spend some time making edits to these files before you put them up on your site. In this way, your website still has a better chance of standing out.

5. Implement different features through apps and plugins

To expand the functionality of your website and to enable customers to fulfill certain tasks, you need to choose the right plugins and apps to go on your site. For example, you want to use custom forms to encourage users to sign up for your newsletter. Add a secure payment gateway so customers can complete purchases and pay for products online. Use a gallery section to house your best work if you’re building a portfolio website. Check out Strikingly’s built-in app store and explore some of the best options for plugins that you can use on your website.