best tips to sell crafts online
When you are part of the eCommerce world, there is nothing more important than creating an online presence and increasing your online sales. However, have you come up with an idea to sell crafts online? You can take steps to sell arts and crafts so that your business takes a leap and your long-term objectives become more clear. If you have started your business plans regarding crafts, you cannot expect to get results instantly. In today’s competitive world, there are no shortcuts, and you have to work every day to achieve your business objectives.

Whether you want to increase your online sales or boost your social media presence, these tasks should be treated individually. If you own your business single-handedly, you can hire different people as part of your working staff who can assist you in different business tasks. The more transparency you have regarding your business plans, the higher your chances of achieving your targets. To make life easy for you, we have compiled an action plan which you can follow and cover all the bases.

Best Tips to Sell Crafts

1) Focus on Tasks Individually

When it comes to online business, there is always a myth that offering more products or different types of products will attract more clients. This statement couldn’t be more wrong because most designers never ignore task management principles. What we mean about task management is that they limit their product variety and result in better business leads. If you are running a business independently, having too many product options could be a problem for you.

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This is arguably the best way to sell crafts online because you generate high online sales and don’t come out of your working hours feeling drained. As a business owner, you must focus on your tasks individually to maintain the effectiveness of your business path. Even though it is not a bad thing to please as many clients as possible, it will jumble up your shopping and social media tasks. When customers buy products from your store, they must be convinced that they are buying products from a professional who knows what they are doing.

2) Create Powerful Brand

For selling crafts online, you must create an online presence and establish a successful brand. You can achieve success in your brand management strategy by devoting time and allocating resources to your tasks. Even if you have a shop that is run by you solely, you can sell crafts online by looking after your brand. Some of the activities that play a role in a strong identity are as follows:

  • The uniqueness of your creations
  • Your story
  • The core values of all the tasks that you conduct
  • Images posted on Instagram
  • Descriptions used for the products
  • Style of product shots

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Strikingly is a website builder that enables you to establish a brand website without breaking a sweat. As a business owner, you must integrate all the credentials regarding your brand, such as website logo, website content, navigation elements, contact section, etc. Your website logo is key to giving an identity to your brand in the target market.

3) Pricing Strategy

When you are making your plans to sell crafts online, you cannot ignore the product pricing strategy at all costs. As an eCommerce expert, you must balance the price that satisfies your customer and the price that makes you earn. If you put a huge price tag on your product, it may attract few customers but will make you earn a lot. However, your earnings will be almost negligible if you put a small price tag but attract a lot of customers through it. If you have a successful business, you must invest time in selling your craft at the right prices.

Otherwise, there is no point in generating a large number of sales when you won’t be reaping any financial benefits from it. Considering all the aspects (time, investment, packaging) and the fact that you could be selling many crafts in the future will directly impact your retail prices. Moreover, you shouldn’t ignore the promotional strategies regarding your benefits. If you know that you don’t have high-profit margins, you won’t be able to give discounts on your products.

4) Titles and Descriptions

Once you understand the scope of your business, your brand, and your potential position in the market, you will be successful selling handmade items online to your customers. To sell crafts online, you must come up with relevant and easy-to-read titles and descriptions. In your meta-descriptions, ensure that you contain your product's keywords so that they can be easily recognized on Google and other respective search engines.

Including keywords in meta-descriptions plays a massive role in your SEO rankings. A search engine cannot detect or identify your product photographs, so it is important to properly describe your products on the phone. In the description, ensure that you include as many specifications as possible so that customers can get the maximum amount of information before they consider purchasing the product.

5) Excellent Photographs

If you want to know how to sell your crafts online, you must understand the significance of high-quality website images. If you look at the shops with high-quality product images, they can sell crafts online successfully. Just like it is the case with search engines not able to identify your product images, your customers cannot sense or smell your products. The only way in which you can gain the trust badges from them is by displaying quality images of your products.

When you display your product images, you mustn’t put your credibility at risk by adding blurred pictures or pictures with a poor background. Your product images can be the difference between your customer scrolling past your product or ordering it. By displaying quality images, you don’t just gain your customer’s attention but also gain their trust so they can come back to your eCommerce website for further orders.

6) Social Media

Once you are on the cusp of selling handmade items online, it is important to let the world know that your shop is open. Putting banners and conducting TV advertisements are both old-school approaches that may only get you traffic based on your location. Some marketing people still consider this approach because they feel it is important to get their neighborhood on their side before prioritizing the bigger target audience.

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Regardless of whether you think it is a good approach, you shouldn’t ignore the importance of social media marketing. Social media marketing is probably the best way to sell crafts online in today’s market. As your business will revolve around the quality of products you sell, it is important to consider Instagram your preferred social media platform. Instagram is probably the best fit for promoting products through photography and website images.

7) Fresh Inventory

Once you are selling crafts online and your shop is running successfully, make sure you check on your inventory daily. As a business owner, you shouldn’t miss out on any sale notifications or messages from your customers. For example, if a product is out of stock, you must already inform your customers about it before they make an order. Otherwise, it will not look good on your online store as your customers will be disappointed.

To sell crafts online, you must keep a good stock of new products so that your customers can return to your online store and see what is new. It is the same as if you have a restaurant and keep delivering the same menu for the next decade. Eventually, your customers will become tired of you and start going to another restaurant offering new food products.

Create an Ecommerce Website on Strikingly

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To sell crafts online, you must have a fully-functional website. If you surf the internet today, you will find plenty of good website builders in the market, but none of them come close to Strikingly. Strikingly is a free website builder that helps you develop the eCommerce website of your dreams without any interference. We provide you with a collection of mobile-friendly website templates, which you can edit or modify as per your business plan.

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Strikingly also helps you integrate your products in the product section. Once you have added all your products, you can start creating categories so the customers can identify them properly. For selling arts and crafts, you must have a good checkout process at your disposal. Strikingly provides its customers with multiple payment gateways, which helps them to deliver the payment as per their currency.


As you may now know the ways to sell your crafts, it is essential to put your plans into perspective. However, you must have a decent online store to conduct all your business operations.

If you want us to recommend the best way to sell crafts online, we would say that you should build an online store on Strikingly. Integrating all your products and adding all the necessary descriptions and images next to them will make it easy for your customers in terms of their buying decisions. If you have difficulties developing your online store, you can submit your queries to our Happiness Officers. Building an exquisite online store on Strikingly can develop your online presence and sell your crafts successfully.