best restaurant marketing strategies to level up your business

Regardless of what your culture is or which country you belong to, there is no way that you don’t have a passion for food. It’s the same case with many other business niches–the competition in the food industry has also increased. As the COVID-19 lockdown eases up in the majority of the countries, we can expect to see the opening of multiple restaurants. However, people are also looking into the best restaurant marketing strategies so their content gets the most priority.

As we are moving towards a digitized world, the competition has also increased. People tend to look at the most relevant marketing strategies to promote their content substantially. The same is the case with the food industry as people want their food to be given the highest priority. If you want to attract a high number of customers, you have to make sure that your restaurant doesn’t just do well in terms of the food flavor, but also in terms of its food representation.

Prominent Restaurant Marketing Tips

1) Make First Impression Count

There is a saying that the first impression is the last impression, it resembles perfectly a situation when you decide to do restaurant marketing implementation. When we talk about first impressions, it is likely that there will be two things that will come to your mind.

Firstly, it will be the landing page which is the first thing that a customer sees after opening your website. If they feel that the website texture isn’t good enough, they won’t even bother going through your website navigation elements.

quality landing page
Image taken from Strikingly User’s Website

Secondly, you may also think about the website images. Regarding any food business that you approach, images are the bread and butter of its marketing strategies. As the customers cannot touch, sense, or smell the food product, the only way to convince them about your food quality is through images. Therefore, you must make sure that you upload images that are not blurred and have a quality background.

2) Look for Trends

If we were to recommend you the best restaurant marketing ideas, we would suggest you study the market trends. You must look into things that are gaining a lot of popularity on the Internet and social media in the past 12 months. When it comes to restaurants or food businesses, the trends may vary in terms of weather and season. For example, people like to eat ice cream in summer rather than in winter. Similarly, there are fruits that are available in specific seasons.

the ice-cream website
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If you talk about mangos in December or early January, no one will be bothered to listen to you or read your content. In Pakistan, Pizza Hut slowly diminished from the business map because there were competitors like Forks and Knives and Pizza Bite who prioritized the trends in a better way. On the other hand, Pizza Hut kept delivering the same menu week in and week out. You can also create segments within your target audience and look for their preferences. Even though everyone will have their passion for food, all of them will have their likings and dislikings. This will also help you understand the restaurant or food trends appropriately.

3) Let Customers Know

If you create quality restaurant websites, it will help you bridge the gap between your customers. Nowadays, the establishment of quality restaurant websites is the best way to implement relevant restaurant marketing strategies. Apart from the marketing strategies, you can also showcase the important details regarding your restaurant alongside your contact details. As you are prioritizing a target audience of international customers, you must include a map on your website so that the customers can find your restaurant easily.

restaurant map locations
Image taken from Strikingly User’s Website

By coming closer to your customers, you will find ways to interact with your customers directly. Lever and Bloom Coffee on Strikingly is one fantastic example of customer priority. In the contact details, they just didn’t share the contact details and their social media platforms, but also the location of their office with their presence of a map. On a website, different kinds of customers will prioritize different sections. If your customers are not from the same country, they would look for images and blogs. However, people belonging to the same city as you would definitely like to pay you a visit.

4) Prioritize Quality Content

Regardless of what your business niche is, it will always remain incomplete without the presence of high-quality website content. In today’s day and age, quality content is one of the most crucial restaurant marketing ideas. When you establish a restaurant website on Strikingly, you can also include the blog section to create engagement with your audience. People would like to hear about your experience while tasting a particular food before making their final decision.

However, you can also create user-generated content so that your customers pay attention. For example, you can host photography contests with your customers and ask them to share their thoughts about their favorite deals. You can also share their reviews in the review section of your restaurant website. You can also ask them to share their views in their Instagram story by mentioning your Instagram page and including your hashtag.

5) Add Social Media Accounts

In today’s day and age, it almost feels like every business operation is connected to the influence of social media. When it comes to your restaurant marketing ideas, you shouldn’t ignore the power of social media at all costs. As we have discussed before, images are the most important aspect of a restaurant website as the customers cannot sense or taste your products. If you want to promote your food images on social media, you shouldn’t look beyond Instagram.

Instagram is arguably the most popular social media platform when it comes to promoting images. Even though Facebook and Twitter aren’t bad choices in this case either, Instagram is specifically associated with images. Therefore, you must create a strong presence on Instagram and promote your food images there. You must add quality descriptions to your food images so that the customers are glued to their computer or mobile screens.

6) Geo-targeted Ads

The location of your restaurant is pivotal to decide the fate of your business plan. Nowadays, especially since the COVID-19 pandemic came to the surface, people tend to look at restaurants close to their houses. This is why geotargeting is one of the best restaurant marketing strategies. Geo-targeted ads enable you to make savings on your marketing budget by reaching out to people who are located next to your respective restaurant.

When you create these ads, you can set up the radius around your restaurant for targeting purposes. Many digital advertising services, such as Facebook ads and Instagram ads, provide you with the option of geo-targeting. By clicking on this option, you can notify the most relevant customers about your restaurant. Apart from the food business, many other business niches have also prioritized geo-targeting to upgrade their marketing efforts.

Popular Restaurant Websites on Strikingly

1) Flew the Coop

As we had spoken about the importance of first impression initially, Flew the Coop website on Strikingly connects all the dots regarding the restaurant marketing strategies. Imagine opening a website and seeing different food products alongside the website name with a quality font style. It would definitely create a source of attraction for the customers. This perfectly corresponds with this website as it catches your attention right from the start.

flew the coop website
Image taken from Strikingly User’s Website

As it is a single-page website, there is a limited amount of content available on this website. You will also see the call to action (CTA) button with the text ‘Click To Order Now’, which will get you to the menu right away. You will also get to see the food menu list alongside high-quality images. These images are fundamental in your buying decisions. The website owner has also included the restaurant location for the ease of the customers living in the same city. If those customers have the intention, they can go to the restaurant and share their experience with the rest of the audience.

2) Natural Shilajit

natural shilajit website
Image taken from Strikingly User’s Website

Just like Flew The Coop website, the Natural Shilajit website on Strikingly is another example in which restaurant marketing is done effectively. It catches your attention right away due to its attractive landing page. Its navigation elements enable you to move from one section of the website to another. The background image of this website lays down a marker in terms of its influence.


Regardless of your age, culture, religion, or country, the passion for food will always remain a common denominator within multiple communities. As there are different customers with different priorities, you have to look at each customer individually and look for their preferences. In today’s day and age, people have started to use the concept of food as their source of income. They have understood that if they have the credentials to make quality food, they can create a source of income for themselves.

In a period of inflation like today, you definitely need a source of income to ensure stability in your financial condition. If you want to implement relevant restaurant marketing strategies for your food products, make sure that you create a quality website on Strikingly. We provide you with a collection of mobile-friendly website templates, which you can easily customize as per your preferences. Once you complete the registration process, you will be able to create a basic restaurant website as part of our free plan. So, create a restaurant website and become a source of attraction for your customers worldwide.