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Creating an art portfolio website is critical to building your brand online. It’s one of the most effective ways to showcase your work on the web and attract potential clients and followers. Your talents deserve an audience and, when done right, art portfolio websites can help you build the following you need to enable you to follow your passion and possibly even earn an income from it. As an ar…

When it comes to building websites for startups, it is wise to keep things simple. Fancy bells and whistles will rarely work especially when you’re trying to make your case to a potential client or customer. You also want to get your website up and running as soon as possible. With Strikingly web page templates, it is possible to build a unique website tailored to your brand and get your website …

With security a top priority for search engines such as Google, websites face the challenge of ensuring their pages are safe from data breaches. Converting HTTP websites into HTTPS sites has become more important now than ever. To the uninitiated, these two acronyms tend to be interchangeable. After all, they appear on the URL of most websites. But they cannot be more different and as a website o…

Everyday, we hear of cases of identity theft and data infringement on the web, causing users to become more suspicious about the sites they visit. They are starting to get smarter about where they put their personal information and the kind of websites they trust. Understanding how to make website HTTPS has become more important than ever. Decoding the Acronyms: HTTP vs. HTTPs A lot of communica…

Build your Pricing Page in minutes! Let your audience know your plans & benefits, with clear calls-to-action. Note: The Pricing Table section is not yet available for all templates. We'll support all templates by next week.

If you own a website or manage one, you must know full well how important it is to arm yourself with website analytics tools to help you stay on top of your website’s performance. And if you’re looking to rank well on search engine results, you need to be able to understand how to work the Google Webmaster Console or Search Console. Google webmasters tools are designed to help you understand how…

Introducing our new audience detail page, where you can view more comprehensive information about each user in your audience – including messages, orders and more!

We've updated the Language Switcher tool to apply to all templates, and we've improved the layout for how it appears on the live site for certain templates.

Publish your site in two more languages: German and Dutch! You can select these under Basic Info - Site Language. By setting this, the system text in your site (e.g. store buttons, checkout forms, cookie notification) will be shown in a different language. Note: These new languages only apply to your public site, not the editor.

Create a multilingual site by linking up two or more sites in different languages, and show a language switcher with country flags in the navigation menu. Note: You must create a separate site for each translation, then use this tool to link them together.

Paid Subscription Memberships are now available! Run a subscription business through your Strikingly site. Set a monthly price, and grow your recurring revenue. If you're a Pro user, you can now activate this new option in Settings - Membership. Your site visitors will be able to upgrade to paid members and access paid-only content. Read more about it here!

We've added a paid subscription option to Site Memberships! Allow site visitors to become paid members, and give them access to paid-only content. Perfect for running a subscription business! Paid Memberships are in beta and are only available to selected users. Please email us at to request access! You can read more about this feature here.

Now you can edit the text style & links for Product Description for Store & Portfolio sections!

Accept payments with WeChat Pay in your online store, and get paid in your local currency! This payment method is particularly useful for international sellers who want to sell to China. You'll need to connect to Stripe and activate WeChat Pay in your Stripe settings. For detailed instructions on how to set up WeChat page, see our guide here!

More countries are now supported for setting a VAT tax rate! Just select "European VAT" in your store's tax settings to charge different rates for different European countries. (We've added many non-EU countries, like Switzerland, Russia, Turkey, Norway, and more.)

Accept payments with Alipay in your online store, and get paid in your local currency! This payment method is particularly useful for international sellers who want to sell to China. You’ll need to connect to Stripe and activate Alipay in your Stripe settings. For detailed instructions on how to set up Alipay page, see our guide here!