Amazing Blog Examples From Various Industries

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Amazing Blog Examples from Various Industries

Blogs are one of the most popular forms of online content today. They provide a platform for individuals and businesses to share their thoughts, ideas, and expertise. In this article, we will explore the importance of good blog examples, how blogs can help in SEO, and guide you to creating your own blog easily with Strikingly.

What Is A Blog?

A blog is a website or section of a website that features regularly updated content in the form of posts or articles. Blogs typically cover a specific topic or niche and can be written by individuals or businesses.

Importance of Good Blog Examples

Good blog examples serve as inspiration for aspiring bloggers looking to create engaging content that resonates with their audience. Studying successful blogs in your niche can help you to learn what works and needs to be revised regarding writing style, tone, and content.

How Blogs Help in SEO

Blogs are essential to any SEO strategy because they allow you to target specific keywords and phrases relevant to your business or industry. Creating high-quality content that incorporates these keywords naturally can improve your search engine rankings and drive more traffic to your website.

Templates to try blog examples

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How To Create Blogs With Strikingly?

Strikingly is a user-friendly website builder that makes it easy for anyone to create a professional-looking blog without any coding skills required. With dozens of customizable templates, you can quickly design a blog that reflects your brand's unique personality. Here are some steps to help you create your blog with Strikingly.

  • Sign Up for a Strikingly Account

The first step is to sign up for a Strikingly account. The process is simple. All you need to do is visit the website and follow the instructions.

  • Choose a Blog Template

Once you have signed up, the next step is to choose a blog template that suits your needs. Strikingly offers a variety of templates that are easy to customize. You can choose from different categories such as business, personal, portfolio, and more.

  • Customize Your Blog Layout

After selecting your template, it's time to customize the layout of your blog. You can add images, videos, text boxes, and other elements that make your blog stand out.

  • Add and Edit Blog Posts

Now it's time to start adding content to your blog. You can create new posts or edit existing ones using the built-in editor provided by Strikingly.

  • Use SEO Strategies for Better Visibility

It's important to use SEO strategies, such as keyword research and optimization techniques, in your content to ensure your blog reaches its target audience.

  • Share Your Blog on Social Media

One of the best ways to promote your blog is by sharing it on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn. It will help you reach a wider audience and increase traffic to your site.

  • Monitor Your Blog Analytics

It's important to monitor the performance of your blog regularly so that you can make necessary changes if required based on analytics data provided by Strikingly.

  • Engage with Your Audience through Comments

Engaging with your audience is an essential part of creating a successful blog. Respond to comments on your blog and interact with your readers to build a loyal following.

Creating a blog with Strikingly is easy. Following these steps, you can create a professional-looking blog that stands out.

Now let's look at some successful blog examples across various industries.


In the world of e-commerce, having a blog is an essential part of any successful marketing strategy. Providing valuable content to potential customers can establish businesses as experts in their field and build trust with their audience. Here are some great examples of e-commerce blogs that are doing it right:

1. Amazon Blogs

Amazon is known for being a giant in the e-commerce industry, but did you know they also have a blog? Their blog covers various topics, from product reviews to industry news to interviews with authors and celebrities. Amazon appeals to a wide audience and keeps readers engaged by providing this diverse range of content.

2. Shopify Blogs

Shopify is an e-commerce platform that helps businesses create their online stores. Their blog provides valuable resources for entrepreneurs starting or growing their businesses. They cover topics like marketing, design, and customer service, intending to help their readers succeed.

3. Etsy Blogs

Etsy is an online marketplace where independent sellers can sell handmade or vintage goods. Their blog focuses on the stories behind the products and the people who make them. Etsy differentiates itself from other e-commerce platforms and creates a sense of community among its sellers and buyers by highlighting these unique stories.

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In today's digital age, technology is a constantly evolving industry that bloggers must pay attention to. From search engines to social media platforms, having a strong online presence is crucial for businesses in the tech sector. Here are some top-notch technology blog examples that are worth emulating.

1. Google Blogs

Google is one of the most recognizable names in the tech industry, and its blog is no exception. The Google Blog covers everything from product updates to company news and insights on artificial intelligence and machine learning. With a clean and simple blog design, this example of a blog showcases how less can be more when it comes to visual appeal.

2. TechCrunch Blogs

TechCrunch is one of the most popular technology blogs, covering breaking news and analyzing startups, gadgets, and emerging technologies. With an eye-catching layout that includes bold headlines and colorful images, this example of a blog proves that even complex topics can be presented engagingly.

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Food and Beverage

Blogs have become a popular platform for sharing information and experiences related to food and beverage. Whether it's a recipe, restaurant review, or food trend, blogs provide a space for individuals to express their passion for all things culinary.

1. Food Network Blogs

Food Network is one of the most popular television networks dedicated to food and cooking. Their website features a variety of blogs written by celebrity chefs and culinary experts. These blogs cover everything from recipes and cooking tips to behind-the-scenes insights into food television.

One example of a blog on Food Network is The Pioneer Woman, written by Ree Drummond. This blog features recipes, stories from Ree's life on her ranch in Oklahoma, and glimpses into her family's daily routine. The blog's warm, welcoming tone makes readers feel like they are part of Ree's family.

2. Allrecipes Blogs

Allrecipes is an online community where home cooks can share their favorite recipes with others. They also have several blogs covering different cooking and baking topics.

One example of a blog on Allrecipes is The Daily Dish, which features recipes and tips for meal planning and grocery shopping. The blog has a friendly tone that makes it easy for readers to relate to the content.

Fitness and Health

In today's fast-paced world, people are becoming more health-conscious. The fitness industry and the demand for good health blogs are booming. Blogs can be a great way to stay motivated and learn about new health and fitness industry trends. Here are a few inspiring blog examples from the category:

1. Self Blogs

Self is a popular health blog that covers a wide range of topics related to fitness, nutrition, and mental health. Their articles are well-researched and informative, providing readers with practical tips on how to live a healthy lifestyle. Self also features inspiring stories from real people who have overcome various health challenges.

2. Healthline Blogs

Healthline is another popular health blog that provides readers with in-depth information on various wellness-related topics. Their articles cover everything from nutrition and fitness to mental health and chronic conditions. Healthline also has an active community where readers can connect and share their experiences.


Travel blogs are a great way to get inspiration and plan your next adventure. They offer insights into destinations, tips on how to save money, and personal experiences that can help you make the most out of your travels. Here are a few blog examples from the category:

1. Lonely Planet Blogs

Lonely Planet is a well-known travel guidebook publisher that has been around for over 40 years. Their blog offers a wealth of information on travel destinations, culture, food, and more. They have a team of experienced writers who provide in-depth articles on travel-related topics.

Some examples of their blog posts include "10 things to do in Paris", "How to travel with kids," and "The best street food in Bangkok." Their blog design is clean and easy to navigate, making it easy for readers to find the information they need.

2. TripAdvisor Blogs

TripAdvisor is one of the biggest travel websites in the world, with millions of users visiting their site every month. Their blog offers a variety of content, such as destination guides, hotel reviews, and travel tips from experts.

One unique feature of their blog is their Travelers' Choice Awards, where they recognize the best hotels, restaurants, and attractions around the world based on user reviews. The blogs make it easy for travelers to find top-rated places when planning their trips.

Blog example- Strikingly user Marketing for all

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Beauty blogs are a great way to explore the latest trends, products, and tips in the industry. They offer valuable insights into the world of beauty and allow readers to engage with like-minded individuals. Here are a few inspiring blog examples from the category:

1. Sephora Blogs

Sephora is one of the biggest names in the beauty industry, and their blog is a testament to their expertise. The Sephora blog contains makeup, skincare, haircare, and fragrance articles. They also have a section dedicated to tutorials that teach readers how to achieve specific looks using Sephora products.

Some examples of posts on their blog include The Best Skincare Products for Sensitive Skin, How to Create a Bold Lip Look, and 10 Fragrances for Summer. The Sephora blog is a great example of how a brand can create engaging content that resonates with its audience.

2. Allure Blogs

Allure magazine has been around for decades, and its blog is just as impressive as its print publication. The Allure blog covers everything from celebrity news to product reviews to interviews with industry experts.

Some recent posts on their blog include The Best Sunscreens for Dark Skin Tones, The Benefits of Using Vitamin C in Your Skincare Routine, and The 15 Best Hair Growth Products for Longer, Stronger Strands. Allure's blog is an excellent example of how a publication can leverage its reputation to create compelling content that attracts readers.


Sports blogs are a great way for fans to stay updated on their favorite teams and athletes. Good blog examples in the sports industry include ESPN Blogs, Bleacher Report Blogs, and Sports Illustrated Blogs. Here are a few blog examples from the category for a sports website inspiration:

1. ESPN Blogs

ESPN is a well-known sports network that provides fans with the latest news and analysis on sports-related things. Their blogs cover a wide range of topics, from football to basketball to baseball and everything in between.

One example of a popular ESPN blog is The Undefeated, which focuses on the intersection of race, culture, and sports. The blog provides readers with thought-provoking articles that explore important issues in the world of sports.

2. Bleacher Report Blogs

Bleacher Report is another popular sports website featuring blogs from various contributors. The site covers all major sports leagues, including the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, and NCAA.

One example of a popular Bleacher Report blog is The Game Haus, which focuses on esports and gaming. The blog provides readers with news and analysis on the latest trends in competitive gaming.

3. Sports Illustrated Blogs

Sports Illustrated has been a leading source of sports news for over 60 years. Their website features blogs from some of the most respected writers in the industry.

One example of a popular Sports Illustrated blog is Extra Mustard, which covers everything from viral videos to celebrity gossip to bizarre stories from the world of sports.


Pet lovers worldwide turn to blogs for information and advice on caring for their furry friends. Good blog examples in the pet industry provide valuable insights into animal behavior, health, and nutrition. In addition, they offer a platform for pet owners to share their experiences and connect with like-minded individuals.

1. PetSmart Blogs

PetSmart is a leading pet retailer that offers a range of products and services for pets and their owners. Their blog provides helpful tips on pet grooming, training, nutrition, and health. With over 1 million followers on social media platforms, PetSmart's blog example is an excellent resource for pet owners looking for expert advice.

2. Chewy Blogs

Chewy is an online retailer that specializes in pet food and supplies delivery. Their blog offers informative articles on various topics such as behavior, health, training, and product reviews. Chewy's example of a blog is well-designed with easy-to-read content that caters to different types of pets.


Blogs have become a popular way to share information and connect with people who share similar interests. Lifestyle blogs, in particular, offer readers a glimpse into the daily lives of others and inspire everything from fashion to fitness. Here are a few blog examples from the category:

1. Men's Health Blogs

Men's health blogs are a great resource for men who want to stay fit and healthy. Some of the best examples include:

  • The Art of Manliness. The blog covers everything from style and grooming to fitness and relationships.
  • Men's Health. The online version of the popular magazine offers tips on nutrition, exercise, and more.
  • The Good Men Project. It aims to start conversations about what it means to be a good man in today's world.
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2. Women's Health Blogs

Women's health blogs cover topics ranging from beauty and fashion to mental health and wellness. Some of the top examples include:

  • Cupcakes & Cashmere. The lifestyle blog covers everything from fashion and beauty to food and travel.
  • A Cup of Jo. It features parenting, relationships, travel, fashion, and more posts.
  • Camille Styles. It covers entertaining, food, home decor, travel, wellness, fashion & beauty.

3. PopSugar Lifestyle Blogs

PopSugar is known for its celebrity news coverage but also has an impressive collection of lifestyle blogs that cover everything from fitness to home decor. Some notable blog examples include:

  • FitSugar. The blog provides readers with workout tips as well as healthy recipes.
  • CasaSugar. It is all about home decor trends and DIY projects.
  • PopSugar Fitness Blog. A great resource for anyone looking for workouts that can be done at home or the gym.

4. BuzzFeed Lifestyle Blogs

BuzzFeed is known for its viral content but also has several lifestyle blogs worth checking out. Some of the best blog examples include:

  • Tasty. The blog features mouth-watering recipes and cooking tips.
  • Nifty. It offers DIY projects and home hacks that are easy to follow.
  • Goodful. It focuses on health and wellness, with posts on everything from mental health to healthy eating.

Technology Gadgets

Technology gadgets are always in demand, and people are always looking for the latest and greatest in this field. Blogging about technology gadgets is a great way to keep up with the latest trends and share your thoughts with others. Here are some blog examples that do just that:

1. Wired Gadget Blogs

Wired is another well-known blog that covers technology gadgets extensively. They offer in-depth reviews of new products and provide analysis of industry trends. Their blog example is clean and visually appealing, making it easy to read.

2. TechRadar Blogs

TechRadar is a blog that covers all things tech-related, including gadgets. They offer comprehensive reviews of new products and news updates on the industry. Their examples of blogs are visually appealing with easy-to-read layouts.


Creating good examples of blogs is crucial for success in today's digital age. You can create compelling blogs that attract readership and drive traffic to your website by using Strikingly’s tools and following best practices in SEO content writing. So what are you waiting for? Start creating great blogs today!