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A fantastic website is critical to the success and reputation of your company. Thousands of website layout inspiration on the Internet serve various objectives for various people and corporations. Implementing a website design or overhaul can be daunting because you have a plethora of ideas but no idea where to begin. It's usually beneficial to have ideas or web inspiration for the route you wish to pursue.

Advice on How to Make a Fantastic Website

When looking for website design inspiration and a beginning point for your business website, the list below highlights crucial things to consider.

1. Recognize the Goal of Your Website

It's critical to identify the aim of your website before diving into web inspiration sources. Do you want the user to make a purchase? Do you want me to hire you? Who will be the target audience for your website? What is their level of proficiency with computers and other devices? What is the main objective of your company's website?

There are numerous questions to ask at the outset, and this is a vital stage that is frequently ignored. It's simple to pick a website you like, but it’s not the ideal choice if it doesn't fit your website's objective. Flashy graphics, dynamic images, and special effects can be fantastic additions, but they can detract from or confuse your website visitors if they aren’t used correctly.

2. Find Out Who Your Competitors Are

Look at what your competitors are doing to get website design inspiration. What exactly do they have on their website? What are they omitting? Do they have a solid online presence that serves as a differentiator from the competition? How do you want to set yourself out from the competition? Understanding what your competitors are doing is beneficial since it allows you to differentiate or complement your own.

3. Look for Website Samples that You Like and Don't Like Visually

Finding websites you like and don't like is another excellent technique to acquire website inspiration. Take some time to write down what you want and don't like about several websites before moving on to the design and development stage. Make a list of the products, buttons, and pages that you enjoy by clicking around. On the other hand, make a list of the things you despise. This information will help the Marketing team understand the direction you wish to take your website. The team’s experience can assist you in this process, but knowing what you like and don't like visually can help create a website that you will be proud of.

4. Use Social Media and the Internet to Conduct a Search

Use both social media and the Internet to get website design inspiration. You may find beautiful photographs on Pinterest, Instagram, and Tumblr, which you can use to stimulate the creative side of your website. You can also access website designers' social media accounts and their work through those platforms. Similarly, you may use Google to look up terms relating to your products or services and discover what others do.

5. Look Through Portfolios and Galleries of Websites and Design

Another suggestion for getting website design inspiration is to go beyond social media and the Internet. On Behance or Dribbble, you may see web and graphic designers' online design portfolios. These websites feature award-winning websites and graphic design from professionals in a variety of creative fields.

6. Take a Walk Outside

According to Adobe's 2012 State of Create report, while 80 percent of respondents believe that creativity is vital for economic growth, they only spend one-third of their time being creative, and much of that time is spent outside of work. Cut yourself some slack when it comes to finding creativity/web inspiration because of busy schedules and the continual push to be on the go. It can be challenging to let the creativity flow when our minds are active.

If you're willing to look for it, you can find website design inspiration anywhere! We advise you to go outside. Take note of your surroundings, such as architecture, wildlife, and commonplace goods. Take note of the design, textures, and colors, and use your imagination to develop ways to use what you see on your website.

Why Build a Website With Strikingly?

Building a website is similar to building an online area for your personal life or commercial activities. It's a place where you may relax and expand your network. You want it to be intriguing and eye-catching right away so that you may attract more people who will eventually become clients or customers. How are you going to do that? It's all about your concept and site design. Because of innovation and fresh website design inspiration that can capture the attention of internet visitors, the best-created websites have risen to the top.

Strikingly's website builder provides everything you need to create a professional website that will stand out among the sea of web design inspiration. We have predesigned templates available for you to use, but you are free to start from scratch and apply everything you've learned here. Our website editor has a drag-and-drop tool that allows you to move items around on your website effortlessly. You may upload your photographs from your computer or simply navigate to the file you want to link. You don't need to know anything about website design to use Strikingly; simply click and customize your site. Finally, it can be published in a matter of minutes. Imagine using our mobile app feature to administer and market your business website while also responding to client questions via a chatbox. Of course, we have many beautifully designed websites created by our users for web design inspiration. Now is the time to visit our landing page, and our team of specialists will be waiting to welcome you home.

Best Website Design inspiration With Strikingly

Are you ready to look at this stunning website design inspiration? Go to each page and let the unlimited possibilities of web design inspiration fill your head. Here are a few website designs created with Strikingly.

Sarah Caroline Muller

website design inspiration

Image is taken from Strikingly user’s website

The collection of images provided in the gallery part of Sarah Caroline Muller's personal website is one of our favorites. She did an excellent job sorting the photographs into categories. Her project images demonstrate her extensive photographic abilities. The projects demonstrate a wide spectrum of talent and versatility from weddings to commercials to food photography to adventure and travel to music and fashion to the film business.

Samir Goel

website design inspiration

Image is taken from Strikingly user’s website

The truth is, from the moment you land on Samir Goel's website homepage, you can tell he has a strong personality. Samir has done such an outstanding presentation of his accomplishments by sharing his history and experiences in life as an entrepreneur, consultant, and public speaker. In our opinion, passionate and serious individuals about their art take their website design inspiration with Strikingly.

John Fang

website design inspiration

Image is taken from Strikingly user’s website

John Fang made it easy for visitors to understand who he is and what he does on his website. His website is one of a kind, with a brief explanation of himself and his career, followed by a succession of his works and adventures. On his website, a white background draws attention to the photographs and text. You may learn about his experiences as a manager, marathon runner, muralist, and traveler on his website.

Mark Tse

website design inspiration

Image is taken from Strikingly user’s website

Mark Tse is a conductor, and his personal website design appeals to us since it takes a clear approach to showcase his accomplishments. The black background gives his vocation as a conductor a professional appearance. While conducting, he even showed off some of his movies. From the list of prizes and awards, anyone can see that Mark Tse has had a successful career as a conductor. The top personal websites on this list truly stand out as website design inspiration.

Luka Lesson

website design inspiration

Image is taken from Strikingly user’s website

Luka Lesson's personal website features a simple design. He is a rapper, storyteller, and poet. On the banner of his downloadable CV, a black and white with a touch of yellow tone indicates an artistic notion. In addition, the logo on this personal brand website demonstrates a robust brand identification that is only Luka Lessons.


When it comes to websites, web design is most likely the most crucial factor. Web design guarantees that all of the website's components are nicely connected. A haphazardly designed website fails not only in terms of providing a poor user experience. As a result, consumers are compelled to visit better-designed websites, i.e., your competitors' websites. In 2020, businesses were turning to top custom website design companies for expert-level website ideas and solutions.

Here's where Strikingly comes in.

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