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Are you thinking about how to make a sports website? Then, you need to understand the things that an ideal sports website must have.

You can create a checklist to make sure you know how an ideal sports league website looks like.

Just in case creating a sports team website sounds new to you, we’ve created a simple guide to help you create a sports team website. You must identify first the reason why you are creating one. The following questions will help you identify your goals and expectations.

  1. Why do you need to create a sports team website?

It is necessary for a sports team to have an official website because of a few important reasons:

  • A sports team website serves as a ‘hangout place’ for the fans, sports analysts, and people who are interested about the sports team progress
  • It houses latest updates, trainings, schedule of matches, the team about page, advocacy, sponsorship, and even serve as an online shop to sell peripheral products
  1. What are the important things to include on sports team websites?
  • Sports team logo

If you are about to create a sports team website, consider creating and adding a logo. It serves as your team’s identity so that your fans will be able to identify the official website. You can even create your own logo for free with Canva or Hatchful. They are easy and fuss-free logo makers. With Strikingly website editor, you can upload your logo in just a few seconds.

Inside Hockey website page
Image taken from Inside Hockey website

  • About Page

About Inside Hockey page
Image taken from Inside Hockey website

Don’t underestimate the importance of creating a well-presented ‘About’ section. Your “About page” is the heart of your sports team website. It is the next most visited page after your visitors have checked the “Home page”.

Create a summary of the sports team history, achievements, past game matches, sponsors, and upcoming engagements. Combined with the team photos, training program footage, it will definitely catch the attention of your fans and new viewers.

The “About page” is one way of storytelling how a sports team started, what they are up to, and what do they need. Whether you’re creating it with the help of a sports team website builder, you need to make the best of this page.

  • Team Members’ Profiles

Team members profile
Image taken from Inside Hockey website

It’s time to show your best team player. Team profile is a must-have in a sports team website. Fans have different interests and they also have their own favorite players. Show what each member of the team is up to by adding a “Team Profile’ page. Add their achievements, too. It helps the sports team as a whole. If all team members have their best spot on the website, it will surely give a positive impression to the fans. It is where they discover other team members' abilities and achievements. In general, it has a positive impact on the site.

  • Gallery section

Video gallery section
Image taken from Inside Hockey website

Make waves on the breath-taking moments of the game. You can upload videos and images of the best performances of the sports team. If you have access to the actual play footage, make sure to highlight your team’s remarkable moments. You can also add replays and teasers for upcoming games and matches. Your gallery page needs to showcase your team performance. It should also keep your fans updated about the latest happenings and what to expect on the next game.

  • History and Milestones

You can highlight the history and milestones of your sports team by creating a separate page. There is a sports team website template that will allow you to make a history and milestone section. Why is it important to include this? It’s because your fans are looking for this specific feed about their favorite sports team. It also gives an interesting idea for new visitors and followers. You can see how important it is to present big and small milestones of your sports team. Somehow, it also serves as a chronicle of past and present achievements of the team.

  • Vision

Inside Hockey Vision page
Image taken from Inside Hockey website

Share your sports team website vision to your audience. A good and sincere vision creates a positive impact on your fans and people who are getting interested in your team.

Inside Hockey is a sports team website created with Strikingly. They have such an inspiring advocacy to make Hockey sports accessible for everyone. The way they presented their vision is very unique and trendy. One example of a good presentation of your sports team vision is by using a ‘hashtag’. It will help your website to be visible to a larger audience. Also, hashtags get you to related search pages. Thus, you are promoting your website to get more traffic.

  • Merchandise section

Stick range preview
Image taken from Inside Hockey website

Some sports teams with a huge following fans have personalised merchandise to sell on their website. It is an effective way to raise funds for the training and workshops they need to have better performance. Another reason why you have to add a page to sell peripheral products on your sports team website is for the sake of the fans. They surely have their favorite player among the team. And they are finding ways on how to help the whole team. Sell them collectible items that will let them show their full support. If you ever experienced being a fan, you are most likely to collect things that have something to do with your favorite sports team, right?

Social media page section
Image taken from Inside Hockey website

Help your fans find ways on how to connect with the team through social media pages. Your official website should also include a Facebook link, Youtube channel link, and other social media accounts you have for the team. This will help your sports team grow its following and drive more traffic to the website itself. People are most likely to stay connected on social media pages so make sure that you take advantage of this.
Strikingly allows our users to add a section where they can invite their visitors to connect. It’s not just promoting your website but also giving your team an organized and professional online presence.

  • Contact Information

Contact us section
Image taken from Inside Hockey website

Okay, you don’t want to leave your fans and audience in the dark without any means to contact you. In fact, you are not just doing this for the fans but for potential sponsors as well. Your team needs support from people who believe in you. Add contact information to let your fans know that you care for their thoughts about the team. Get the attention of your potential sponsors to help achieve your team goals.

  1. What are the materials you need to prepare to make a sports website?
  • Sports team photos

Sports team members photo
Image taken from Strikingly user’s website (Hsinchu City Jiangong High School 2019 Winter Holiday Camp)

Anything about the team will matter to an avid fan. Your team photos give your fans a glimpse of how your team plays teamwork. How do they deal with each other? Photographs may not express the story behind but a good caption will get your fans attention. You can simply take photos of the team while they are training or before the actual play. Documentation is another way to make a sports team website successful. It feeds your audience with the information they are looking for. Also, it sets proper expectations for the team's performance.

  • Video Footage

Hockey player image
Image taken from Inside Hockey website

A series of actual game footage is compiled by Inside Hockey on their website. This is a very interesting section where their fans can look up previous games. Since they have an advocacy to promote Hockey sports and make it accessible for everyone. These videos can help aspiring hockey players to learn and get strategies from the sports team. A well-presented gallery page helps promote the sports website as a whole. With Strikingly, you can embed videos from your Youtube channel.

By now, you know how Strikingly is very passionate about helping you create a sports team website. Having an official website opens up many opportunities to the whole team. A sports team website can help encourage the whole team to give their 100% performance on each game. It also motivates them to reach their goals by getting moral support from their fans and sponsors. Website builders like Strikingly, understand the importance of a sports team website. This is why we continue to share with you the ideas to make an official website for the team. Don’t forget that one of the good things about Strikingly is that you can add a simple store for your team’s merchandise. Why not make the most out of your sports team website? You can create one now.