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The business world is flexible, and there are always new places to make money if you invest correctly. Some profitable business ideas require millions of dollars and others a few hundred, so there is something for everyone regarding business.

Some specific businesses have grown popular in recent years, and there is a boom in customers. This is one crucial factor so let us look at the profitable business opportunities that’ll help you make some cash. We'll also see the factors to consider when choosing a business so let’s get into it;

Top 10 Profitable Business Opportunities

Numerous websites and YouTube channels will promise you thousands of dollars in a heartbeat, but more often than not, it is a scam. Business needs time, dedication, startup funding, and skills. So here are some nice profitable business ideas that might be worth the effort;

1. Influencer management

One of the best parts of this business opportunity is that you don't need any startup money, making it easier to get into. When a YouTuber or influencer receives a deal, they often want to spend less time talking to the brand and reading contracts.

Most content creators prefer to continue making their content and have a manager to deal with all brand negotiations. The manager will create brand deals and sponsors by working with influencers and companies.

In exchange, the manager will get a piece of the influencer's income, which can become huge cash if you get enough sponsors.

2. Converting Vans

Converted Van

There has been an increase in van life in recent years, creating a business opportunity. Many people want to live in vans, so you can start a business to build out vans for others. You get regular vans and add a bed, sink, and other accessories to make it a mobile home.

You can get a van for twenty thousand dollars and sell it for more than double the price after conversion. Most people lack the skills to convert the vans themselves; therefore, they will pay you to do it. It can be a good side business.

3. Monetized Email Newsletters

This is an email newsletter company, and anyone can start this. A good example of a newsletter company is Morning Brew, valued at about $75 Million. All you need to do is give free newsletters to users that sign up for the service.

With this business opportunity, you will make money through sponsors and affiliate marketing in the newsletters. The more people you have, the more money you stand to make. You can sell ads and get sponsorship from brands in your niche.

The best part is you barely have to spend any money to get this business running. However, note that it needs a lot of patience and hard work, but eventually, it will pay off.

4. Camera Rentals

Camera prices keep increasing as video quality increases, and not all video and image creators will be willing to spend the money to buy cameras. Most people need a camera for just one shoot or project; therefore, they can’t buy the equipment as it will be a waste of money.

This allows you to rent equipment like cameras and audio gear to content creators. You don’t only have to rent out photography equipment; you can use them if you have the necessary skills. Ensure you get the contracts, pricing, and insurance right to protect yourself from losses.

5. Lawn Care

This is one of the most straightforward profitable business opportunities and an easy source of fast cash for people in high school, college, and even adults. You need to get a lawnmower, leaf blowers, trimmers, and other paraphernalia, but none is too expensive.

If you live in the suburbs, start with aggressive marketing in your area, or you can market through Craigslist and Facebook. You can make as much as $1000 in a weekend if you get the correct locale. Overall, lawn care isn't among the new business opportunities, but it has much potential if done right.

6. Editing Podcasts and Videos

It’s not among the most executed profitable business opportunities, but it can make you good money. Many people are starting podcasts, and thousands are on the internet. So why not make money off those people that have started podcasts? You can edit podcasts for several creators since most want to speed up their processes by getting help so they produce more episodes.

You could also reach out to YouTubers and help them edit their videos. All you need is a decent computer, editing skills, and some software to help with your work. You can start at a low price point and charge higher as you get more customers under your wing.

7. Content Writing

You can visit content writing websites like Upwork and look for clients needing written work. You can also reach out to blogs with many readers and ask them if they need writers.

Content writing is one of the best profitable business opportunities that'll allow you to work remotely. If you find a client that pays well, you'll be able to pay bills and do other things comfortably.

8. Vending Machines

You can make money by installing vending machines in high-traffic areas. However, like in many other profitable business opportunities, you’ll need proper government clearance.

The Vending machine business allows you to establish a router with virtually no expertise, and you can operate this all-cash business from home.

This business opportunity offers you immediate cash without credit risks, bad checks, or accounts receivable. There won't be any fluctuations in business, and you don't have to pay rent or utilities.

9. Laundromats

Laundromats have the highest success rate of any business, with over 95% of Laundromats succeeding after five years of business. This is one of the profitable business opportunities that’ll generate money regardless of the economy since people always need to clean their garments.

The best part of this business opportunity is you can run it almost passively since the machines wash the clothes, and your customers will load and unload the clothes. You will only need to supervise, clean the room and repair the machines.

10. Real Estate

Real estate is among the best business opportunities, making more money than all industrial revenue sources. The real estate industry boasts a high success rate. You will have monthly cash flow, your renters will pay the mortgage for you, and the properties will increase in value over time.

You can employ a property manager and make passive income from your real estate business. You can handle all your properties, spending about 10 hours per month on each. But you should read about the field to have the information for the right area to invest in.

How Strikingly Can Help Make Your Business Successful

Strikingly Website Builder

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Employment is unstable, and the continuous corporate downsizing makes it hard to get a steady workplace. It is, therefore, safer to start a business and be self-employed rather than be an employee.

You’ll need a solid online presence for your business to boom, and Strikingly website builder is the go-to. So how can Strikingly help you make your business successful?

1. It provides website creation tools.

Having a website is the first step to creating a successful business, and Strikingly will help you with this. Strikingly enables you to create websites with almost no web development skills, so you don't have to spend money on a developer.

It has templates you can customize to match your brand and market it better. You can add galleries, use custom colors, create backgrounds, and more. You can also use a new domain or register a custom one through Strikingly.

It offers HTTPS, SEO, and SSL for security on all your sites. This can be a quick way to get traffic and potential customers for your business.

2. Manages Visitors

Audience List

Image taken from Strikingly Product

Strikingly allows you to add active contacts. We also offer customizable pop-ups that you can use to get your guest's information for use in email marketing. You can also record information from your audience and in chat conversations for personalization.

It supports auto-translation for all major languages, expanding the pool of possible users for your website. Visitors will get mobile action buttons to make communications with you more streamlined and productive.

Strikingly also has a simple blog section that you can use to share interesting information about your business with your customers.

3. It Enables eCommerce

Simple Store

Image taken from Strikingly Product

Strikingly to have a Simple Store functionality that provides opportunities for eCommerce. You can upload products on your website and get product variations, checkout pages, and shipping information. It also allows you to offer discounts, coupons, and other pre-order rewards.

Additionally, you can manage product reviews and get proper customer feedback on your products and services. It accepts PayPal, Klarna, Alipay, WeChat Pay, Afterpay, Google Pay, and Apple pay.


By now, you have a list of 10 profitable business opportunities that can help you pay your bills. Some profitable business opportunities require a lot of money, and others only need time and focus.

In this era, starting a business and being self-employed is safer than depending on corporate employment. You can pick one from the listed profitable business opportunities; they are viable and will help you settle bills and more.

Strikingly can help you build an online presence that will ensure your business stays afloat and profitable. It has all the tools you need to create a functioning website, and the best part is that you don’t need to have any coding skills.