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Whether you have just graduated or have a lot of experience in your respective field, the art of writing a professional email signifies growth in your professional career. Despite the evolution of social media in the past decade, many entrepreneurs feel that the influence of email isn’t the same as before. However, the fact is that more than 306 billion emails are sent and received every day.

Emails are one of the most prominent communication mediums in today’s digital world, and you must know how to write a professional one as soon as possible. When it comes to the digital industry, it is a widespread belief that the first impression is the last. When a client reads even half of the professional email written by you, he/she already makes up her mind about collaborating with you in the future or not. Therefore, you must know precisely what to do while drafting your emails.

On YouTube and Google, you will see many how-to guides about writing a professional email, but a few pointers are not enough. Since you are an experienced business owner, you must learn the essential tips for writing professional emails to achieve peace of mind.

What is a Professional Email?

The most significant element differentiating between a regular and a professional email is that the latter includes your business name. Therefore, when we talk about the elements of a professional email, your business name should be the main element of your email address. Another thing to consider when you write a professional email is that it should include your custom domain.

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Creating a professional email address can be overwhelming, especially when you are new to the business world. However, it is essential for the growth and consistent success of your business. You should start by creating a custom domain for your business if you don’t have an existing one. If you don’t have a professional email address alongside your domain name, you simply cannot give a professional look to your business.

How to Write a Professional Email

1) Identify Your Objectives

Before you write a professional email, you must ask yourself what action the recipients will take after they read it. Once you have brainstormed the purpose behind your email, you must ensure that everything in your email supports your message and the action. For example, if you want your recipients to review a report you have attached to your email, you can tell them:

  • The kind of report you have sent
  • The reasons why they should examine your report
  • Type of feedback that you need
  • The task deadline

2) Consider Your Target Audience

When you write a professional email, ensure that your tone matches your target audience. For example, if you are emailing a business owner that you have never met before, you must keep a polished style with no sense of humor. On the other hand, if you are talking to a colleague or an entrepreneur with whom you have a good relationship, you can have a more friendly approach.

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When emailing a target audience, consistency is not much of a factor. In an audience, you have different people with different personalities. For example, some people are serious, whereas some love a bit of banter. Since you cannot assume all the characters, it would be best to segment the audience based on the people you have emailed before and those you are yet to email.

3) Keep it Concise

There is always a feeling that your audience has little time to go through your email. Hence, it would help if you keep your email as brief as possible without leaving any important information. On the other hand, you mustn’t prioritize too many subjects because it will make your message lengthy, frustrating to read, or difficult to take action on.

When you write a professional email, you must remove all unnecessary information. There is no point in including information that is not relevant to your topic. You must write small and simple sentences that are straightforward and don’t contain filler words. The easier your email reads, the more conversions you can expect.

4) Proofread Your Email

It is likely to be error-free if you have all the elements of a professional email in your content. It showcases diligence and professionalism and adds a lot of credibility as a business owner. Before sending an email to your recipients, ensure that your content has no grammatical or syntax errors.

Most importantly, you should check if you have included any attachments in your message. Then, if the email is essential to the stakeholders, you can ask your advisors or colleagues to reread it.

5) Use Proper Etiquette

If you send emails to your colleagues or other people you have worked with, you can include greetings or try to sound friendly and polite. For example, you can avoid asking your colleagues for something unless they are on leave due to an emergency.

6) Have a Professional Format

When you write a professional email, there are five key elements to consider. Here is a breakdown of each element in a professional email:

  • Subject line: It is a small part at the beginning of your email where you summarize the reasons for your message or the objective of your communication. It is important to note that you can send emails without a subject line. However, your email loses the professional look consequently. A subject line must be part of your email so the audience knows exactly what to expect from your content. They can also locate messages quickly when required.
  • Salutation: This is the first line of your email content and usually contains a greeting. For example, “Hi, Mr. Federer.”
  • Body: This is the central part of your email content, as you will share your entire message here.
  • Closing: This is the final part of your email content before the signatures wrap up your message. Usually, business owners reiterate the requests they have made in the body of the email.
  • Signature: The identity helps recipients to identify the senders by the name, title, and other relevant information to your communication panel. Email programs allow you to add a fixed signature at the end of every email you send.

Create a Professional Email Address on Strikingly

Strikingly is a website builder that provides a perfect combination for users to achieve a well-established business alongside their professional communication demands. Firstly, we allow you to build a professional brand for your business by creating a website. Once you register on our platform, you will gain access to many ready-to-use and responsive website templates. All of these templates are suitable to give your business a professional look.

If you already have a website domain, you can keep it. However, Strikingly allows you to transfer a custom domain to your website or register a new environment. When you search for your preferred domain, you will see many suggestions in case your preference is unavailable. Once you have picked the right domain for your business, you can create a professional email address.

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When you sign in to your Strikingly account, you will see four tabs on your dashboard, i.e., my sites, domain, email, and audience. Once you have registered your new custom domain, you can type your new email address, and it will show you relevant suggestions in case your preferred email is unavailable. Then, you can simply choose the best version for your email and register it.

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There is a lot of importance in writing a professional email as part of your business communications. It helps you develop a brand personality and ensures a unique identity for business products and services.

While creating a professional email address, you must prioritize many things from your domain and purchase email accounts that you will use in your business communications. In addition, you must consider the efficacy of a particular feature or function that you include in your website.

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Strikingly makes it very easy for its users to manage their websites. You can buy a custom domain or transfer your existing domain to create a professional email at a sustainable price. Business owners and entrepreneurs always use the cost-effective approach while building their websites. They want the best tools and services available to manage their websites efficiently.


Building a professional website to showcase your business and a professional email can play a pivotal role in growing your business. When you have the entire online mechanism for your outreach activities, it is easier to scale up your operations and compete with other industries.

If you follow the relevant tips for writing a professional email, you will eventually be rewarded for sending out your emails. Furthermore, you must keep practicing your communication skills so that when you meet your clients in person, your personality reflects on the impression you gave while writing a professional email.

If you are writing a professional email to a client, remember that having an email address on your business domain creates a quality impression. You can create a custom email address to boost your online reach by building a brand website on Strikingly.