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As a business owner, there comes the point when you want to make the most out of your online sales. If you consider the winning product examples worldwide, they all want to ensure that their online store generates a profit of up to six digits. Even though the quality of products is the most crucial aspect, the business owners also tend to look at the numbers they can make.

Through eCommerce, you never know that even a singular product may turn your fortunes around. Imagine what happens if you find more than one product of the highest quality, you would think your online store is the finished article. We enable you to build your online store in a few clicks and also without the help of any external software. However, before we look into what Strikingly offers regarding winning products, we will first look into its introduction, followed by its features and trends.


For those who want to know what is a winning product, it is anything that generates huge sales. Winning products are something that your target audience would like to buy at all costs. However, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you will generate massive eCommerce sales based on the necessity of your customers.

bread winning product

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For example, just because the majority of the people would like to have bread for their breakfast, it doesn’t mean that you will generate a 6-figure profit for your eCommerce business. You must consider all your competitors already selling different kinds of bread. Moreover, you should think about why customers would like to buy a particular bread from you rather than your competitors.

Features of these Products

1. Easy to Find

It will be very easy for you to bring those winning products to the market that people can also buy from other online stores. Even though they are of the highest quality, they will be of no use because only a selected portion of the customers will buy that product from your store. You must ensure that the entire audience buys the same product from your online store.

It won’t come at the expense of an ideal marketing strategy because no matter how good your strategy is, a particular portion of people will buy the same product from another shop based on personal reasons.

You must find dropshipping products that people cannot buy from a random department store for that to happen. If we consider the best winning product examples, they are unique, top-quality, and practical.

2. No Advertisement Restrictions

There are huge possibilities that you can increase your online sales through advertisements, especially if you have recently established your online store. You must ensure that you don’t sell winning products that you haven’t brought on the biggest ad platforms. For example, you cannot run advertisements regarding face masks or tobacco products on your Facebook account and Google. To be aware of their ad policies, make sure you read what Facebook and Google say about it.

3. Unique

You must find winning products with a surprise element for their respective customers. Think about the last advertisement you saw and wasted no time clicking it. This is the surprising element that we are talking about. The unexpected element shouldn’t necessarily be about the product options, but it should be about the product identity.

Apart from this, people may also be inclined to a product that makes their lives easy. It could be anything, such as a water bottle that maintains your water intake during physical exercise or sports activity. If you don’t find the necessities interesting, you can also make the most out of your online store by selling unusual items. For example, a few online stores sell a brush that imitates a licking cat. So if you have a cat, you tend to gravitate toward the item and eventually buy it.

How to Find these Products

1. Explore Different Categories

The best aspect of Strikingly is customer segmentation. Segmentation enables website owners to create as many categories as they want for the products on the online store. For example, let’s say that you are looking for the latest clothes available in the market. Strikingly has made life easy for you in this regard.

explore different categories

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You no longer want to look into the entire list of 100 products to find the best-suited products for your liking. Create categories based on gender or the products being latest or old. The website owner can easily sell winning products through the segmentation of products. After the segmentation, the next important thing is to find the best possible suppliers. For example, let’s look at the “Pet Milestone Cards” example below.

pet milestone cards

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They are selling pet milestone cards at the price of 8.99 pounds. However, the same milestone cards can be sold at a higher price on other reliable online platforms, such as Amazon. So how does a product, despite costing higher, result in more online sales than the cheaper product? It all boils down to your marketing strategy. You would make the most out of your online products through the appropriate marketing strategy.

2. Check Google Trends

If you want to do customer research, you may take Google’s assistance. After all, Google knows everything regarding the demands of the public. You can consider all the Google trends to know what the customer wants. For example, as people would like to make the most out of their physical activities at home, you would see gym accessories or table tennis accessories gaining popularity within the trends. Therefore, you can sell winning products by looking at the most popular things in the market.

3. Check Your Competitors

If you look at the best winning product examples worldwide, all of them do competitor analysis. People look into the advertisements that generate the highest engagement rates in that analysis. You must look into the products that create the most interest within the public, and by doing so, you can write all these findings down in your notebook.

If you have a problem identifying the best winning products, make sure that you go to your competitor’s website consistently. Make sure to add a few products to your cart before abandoning them. Soon, you will see your competitors’ ads on your social media platforms. You must save them for the analysis later on.

Products Likely to be Trending

band trending product

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If we look at the various online stores worldwide, we see that people focus on trying to find winning products that would keep them busy at home. In the circumstances as volatile as the ongoing pandemic, people must find as many activities at home to reduce boredom.

eye glasses collection

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Firstly, they are looking at the products associated with fitness and health. As in most countries, gyms are closed due to the pandemic, people have tried to create an environment of a gym in their own respective houses. Many people have preferred to buy water bottles, bands, yoga plates, and glasses for better vision. If people overcome diseases, such as corona symptoms or cancer, they would quickly send them a gift to keep their spirits high.

On the other hand, this pandemic allowed women to improve their kitchen environment. As a result, they are looking forward to buying kitchen utensils, rugs, and other kitchen supplies. Apart from that, people also look forward to buying the best accessories for their pets as they also consider them family. After all, when you are not meeting your mates daily, a pet would keep you company all the time.


As an online store owner, various things are going on in your mind when trying to sell winning products. The common things going on in your mind would be “What should I sell? What would the people like to buy?”. It is no longer a secret strategy that website owners need to think like visitors to see progress.

You may feel some sort of jealousy about how a particular online store can make a profit up to six or seven digits, but your online store cannot. However, after doing the analysis, you would find out that their marketing plan is better than yours. If you want to catch up with those competitors, you must rely on an effective online platform, such as Strikingly. You can create marketing strategies that work across multiple devices by relying on us. This is a benefit you can get from Strikingly’s responsiveness on any type of device.

So don’t waste any more time. Sign up with Strikingly and consider how you can sell the trending products in the market.