As a digital marketing strategy, a weblog, or blog can be a valuable media asset. It can be your platform for directly addressing your customer’s most pressing questions about your product or service. If you’re an individual looking to make it into the digital space, starting a blog is a good way to share your expertise and passions to the world. The right choice of weblog platform can support these objectives and ensure a successful blogging campaign.


Short on time? Strikingly features the Simple Blog platform. It enables businesses and individuals to expand their websites to add a weblog, create content regularly on their sites and serve fresh information to their target audience. Add this section to your Strikingly website to automatically transform it into a weblog platform.

Can I start a free weblog?

Anyone can start a blog for free. You can add this section to your Strikingly website even on our freemium account. This way, you don’t have to worry about getting a separate hosting service to create weblog posts. Most other hosting services also provide this option but you want to go with a platform that has an intuitive blog editor to make things easier for you.

1. Determine what to blog about

When it comes to creating blogs out of a weblog platform, the possibilities are endless. If you are a company or business looking to build its brand online, developing blog content related to your product or services is a good way to start. For brands, the common objective for starting a free weblog is to validate their expertise in their specific industry.

Meanwhile, individuals have a bit more freedom in terms of selecting topics to blog about. You can blog about something you enjoy, something you are passionate about such as a cause or ideology or any other topic you want to become a reliable source of information for. If you don’t know what you want to blog about specifically, just start writing. Eventually, the right topic will come to you and it will shape your future articles.

2. Set up your blog

Once you’ve selected a weblog platform, the next step is to start building your blog. Strikingly features a variety of modern website templates that will go quite well with any topic your blog will cover. Feel free to add more sections to introduce yourself to your target audience and tell them what you’re passionate about. Let your personality shine through with your choice of color scheme and web fonts. Use images and other visuals to make your site more engaging.


3. Decide if you want to link a domain

If you’re setting up a separate Strikingly website to create weblog content, you want to decide whether you want to link it to a custom domain to make it more professional and personalized or start off with the free website name under Strikingly. Beginners might want to take the latter route until their blogs take off and their ready to invest more in their websites. Regardless of which step you take, make sure to create a domain or subdomain for your website that is easy to remember and that which describes what your blog is about.

4. Start blogging

Finally, start building content that will go into your blog. Some writers find it easier to write posts that answer certain questions. Find out what your readers ask about, or what kind of pain points and challenges they have around your product, service or the topic you want to write about and discuss these in your blog. Be a reliable resource person - your blog needs to provide answers and helpful information to become relevant.