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Have you ever realized the number of times you use social media in a day? How many social media accounts do you have on your mobile? If there are numerous accounts on your phone, it seems likely that you may not survive a day without opening them. Don’t worry, you are one of the billion people in the world who think the same. Nowadays, social media applications play an important role in the evolution of a human being.

One of those social media applications is Tiktok. Just like YouTube and Instagram, Tiktok can also be appropriately monetized. Even though there is not an appropriate structure to do monetization on Tiktok, there are various strategies that you can use to conduct Tiktok advertising campaigns. As this platform is still relatively young as compared to other social media platforms, there won’t be much competition for you to prioritize.

Types of Tiktok Ads

Tiktok has a unique advertisement system that makes it easy to advertise on their accounts. For your understanding, we have shared an overview of the types of Tiktok ads below:

1. In-feed Native Ads

An in-feed native ad is almost the same as a traditional Tiktok advertising video that you usually watch on the platform. In the ad, you can integrate the “Order Now” button along with your website links.

2. Hashtag Challenge Ads

With this type of ad, users are presented with a banner ad that takes them to the page of instructions and regulations of the featured hashtag challenge. You can use these ads to target specified customers.

3. Brand Takeover Ads

These ads are a mixture of small videos, GIFs, and images that you link to either a landing page or a hashtag challenge.

Best Strategies for Tiktok Advertisements

Numerous social media users are still trying to figure out ways to conduct advertisement campaigns on Tiktok. As a result, we have created this guide to help you get down to business straight away with these strategies. If you are confused about how you can conduct these campaigns and make money from them, go through the following strategies for your understanding.

1. Use Suitable Hashtags

As you have seen with numerous other social media networks, Tiktok users rely heavily on suitable hashtags to promote their videos and get their points across. Some of the benefits of using relevant hashtags are as follows:

  • To expand the reach of your video content
  • To visualize the competitors
  • To gain more followers

use suitable hashtags

Image taken from Tiktok

In the guide to Tiktok advertising, there will be numerous times where you will be notified about the importance of hashtags in promoting video content. If no hashtags are associated with your content, your video likely gets forgotten in the sea of content on Tiktok. Therefore, the hashtags will ensure that your video stands out in relatively less popular video categories. If we talk about the marketing plan, you have to ensure that your video appears to those associated with your advertising campaign, so don’t just prioritize the popular hashtags only.

2. Use Influencers in Your Campaign

Becoming an influencer is an ideal way of promoting your online portfolio. If you are an influencer, you can influence the buying decisions of the general public. As you have a huge fan following, the people will trust you to decide the items that shouldn’t be bought. Nowadays, we see various influencers on both large and small scales. The people who are managing Tiktok advertising campaigns are highly respectful to these influencers as they know that they can generate trends and help the audience decide to buy a product.

use influencers in campaign

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Just like YouTube, you will see numerous influencers on Tiktok as well. Usually, they build up the reputation of those delivering high-quality content. Therefore, Tiktok users need to build effective relationships with these influencers to influence their customers. Strikingly is a massive advocate of influencer marketing. We always try to ensure that the users generate the desirable website traffic for their content.

3. Look at the Trends

look at trends

Image taken from Tiktok

In the guide to Tiktok advertising, the usage of hashtags is extremely important. One of the best ways to evolve your marketing strategy on Tiktok is to watch the trending hashtags. If the users click on the “Discover” option at the bottom of their screen, they will look at all the videos classified as trending hashtags. By looking at these videos, you will learn about the content you need to make to stay relevant in these trends. However, you must be aware that the trends can change at any minute, so you must keep an eye on them.

4. Encourage Comments

As is the case with most social media networks, Tiktok guarantees stellar engagements. To create a user-friendly environment between the audience and the content-maker, people refer to the use of the comment section. Through them, you can build your conversations with potential customers, which will also play a beneficial role in the outcome of your Tiktok advertising campaign. Tiktok ranks the public comments as per the number of likes it generates.

As a customer, when you go to the comment section, make sure to make your comment meaningful. For example, there is no way you will have high engagement rates with a typical “nice ad” comment. If you have a problem writing a comment, you can go through all the other comments on the video to have an idea. Most importantly, make sure that your comment is suited to the video you have watched. For example, if the ad is funny, post a funny comment with the same energy. It will usually catch the eye of the content-makers, which they may even reply to.

5. Promote Products

promote the products

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Even if you don’t have a huge fan-following or aren’t an influencer on the national level, you can make money by promoting your products in your Tiktok advertising campaign. The best way to do it is by having a company at your disposal and then using Tiktok as an outlet to promote your goods or help your online business. The best thing about this strategy is that it applies to every niche or service, no matter how complicated your offers are. Moreover, you can even publish your Tiktok videos on your Facebook and YouTube accounts.

6. Create Video Ads with Clear Description

Tiktok videos can’t be longer than 60 seconds. You don’t have a free hand to deliver your message to the audience. Hence, you must be pragmatic and straightforward with your message. Regardless of the content that you make, make sure that you don’t create blatant Tiktok ads. By doing this, the message delivered to the audience will have no value, which will eventually harm your Tiktok advertising plan.

If you want to integrate Tiktok videos into your blogging website, don’t think about any website builder other than Strikingly. We provide the website owners with a simplified website editor and a blogging platform to write and publish website content effectively. Moreover, they can also integrate images and videos into their blogs. When you have decided to include Tiktok videos in your blogs, the importance of the video descriptions grows even more. If your videos do not have an effective description alongside them, it is more than likely that the potential visitors will only go through the article and ignore the video.

7. Consultation

Once you have understood how to advertise on Tiktok and how you can monetize your videos, you can offer consultancy services. Consultancy services are highly beneficial for the evolution of your Tiktok advertising strategies. This strategy can be ideal for those people who want to make money from Tiktok or become a celebrity through that platform. Tiktok celebrities always try to improve upon their plans so that their material can reach out to the most number of people.

consultation services

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However, you must have the experience and the credentials to supply it as your business plan. But if you have made it, your audience will do anything to inherit your skills and learn from your experience. You may also get recognition if you have a mutual agreement with people to assist them via certain offers. If you help them become popular the same way as you are, you may get a lot of appreciation in the social media community.


Since 2018, Tiktok has become extremely popular among content-makers. Fast forward to 2020, this social media platform is arguably the most recommended among the content-makers in the time of pandemics. Nowadays, the trends continue to keep popping up on this platform. With time passing by, it has become one of the best social media platforms to make money. You will see every kind of video content on this platform, such as sponsored posts, selling merchandise, promoting a wedding event, etc.

Now, as you know how to advertise on Tiktok, it is important to use them for your benefit. With just a few effective Tiktok videos, you can create an effective Tiktok advertising strategy and grow your social media presence. Moreover, you can associate yourself with popular Tiktok influencers and ensure that they promote your product in the form of high-quality videos. So waste no time, head over to Tiktok, and implement these advertising strategies right away for your online business.