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You have poured in great effort to build your website. Regardless of what you offer or cater to your audience, the best idea to reap the fruit of your labor is to turn it into cash. Interestingly, there are so many ways how to monetize a website. You will be amazed at how simple you can do it with a free website builder like Strikingly. And now, we have sorted the best and easiest ways to monetize a website and make your audience want more of your content. Before we dig up the website monetization tips for business and personal purposes, it is vital to remember that all of these will be useless without web traffic. Your audience or website visitors are your potential customers, members, subscribers, etc. This is why the very first step you need to do after building a website and creating quality content is to drive more traffic. To monetize your website, you need more people to discover and love it. You have to remember that your job as a website owner doesn’t stop after you hit publish. You have to work hard on making your brand stand out. It's good news because here at Strikingly, we got you covered from the very first step up to the end. We will share these effective ways to monetize a website and start earning while you do your thing online.

how to monetize a website

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10 Best Ways to Monetize a Website

  1. Share Your Expertise and Get Paid
  2. Monetize Your Blog Contents
  3. Start an Online Shop
  4. Start a Fundraising Website
  5. Sell Access to Your Email List
  6. Add Paid Subscription
  7. Try Affiliate Marketing
  8. Publish Sponsored Contents
  9. Display Ads on Your Website
  10. Build and Design a Website

1. Share Your Expertise and Get Paid

Truly, there are tons of ways how to monetize a website, and you can see many people doing some of them online. If you have the talent and expertise, you can share online, such as cooking, handicrafts, home decor, drawing, taking pictures, and building apps, go on share it online.

There is no wonder why we hear success stories from vloggers and content creators who have made a great fortune while doing what they are good at. Sharing your expertise with the world will definitely pay off, especially when you do something unique and creative. People these days are too absorbed with the entertainment and information they see online. Thus, the excellent platform to showcase what you got is creating your own online space. Monetize your website by adding a subscription box, selling tutorial videos, and exclusive members-only access to your contents, just like the IMAD website built with Strikingly.

monetize your website

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2. Monetize Your Blog Content

For blog writers and publishers, website monetization is fast and easy. After you have built a huge audience of readers and writers, the smartest thing to do is have paid membership or premium access to your best content.

You can also create free membership access, allowing them to read a certain number of articles, but you can save the best-selling ones at a charge. The secret to this kind of website monetization strategy is to create top-notch content that makes your readers want more. If you’re familiar with Quora or Medium, these are the best examples of how to monetize a website.

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3. Start an Online Shop

Building your own eCommerce website is one of the most common ways to monetize a website. You can sell digital or physical products online. Many business owners have tried our Simple store here at Strikingly, and they were amazed at how easy they can earn money with us. With so many online stores these days, starting one isn’t too late. Start selling goods, clothing, shoes, cosmetics, and more. You can easily enable multiple payment gateways and set shipping rules with us. We have the best eCommerce tools and features to monetize a website.

Moreover, you’ll need branding and marketing tools to promote what you are selling online – and we got it covered.

Shilajit Shop

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4. Start a Fundraising Website

You can accept donations online and start a fundraising website. Make your advocacy heard and ask people their fair share to help you raise funds for a cause. So far, the most effective way to accept donations these days is through online payment transactions. And you will need to ensure a secure website to protect your website members from any kind of fraud.

Find the website builder with a free SSL solution and reliable hosting. Check us out. It’s free.

Fighting Pretty website

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5. Sell Access to Your Email List

If you are fond of writing news articles, online magazines, and anything worthy to read – send out newsletters.

You can even sell access to your email list by sharing your specialties such as illustration, graphic designs, arts and crafts, photography, and physical fitness. Most people want exclusive access to this valuable information. Aside from reliable news, you can also send updates about what’s up on your website. Keep in mind that you must have the right audience to make it work. For instance, a working mother who writes blogs about her picky-eater toddler will have a set of mothers and guardians dealing with the same situation. To monetize a website, you have to relate to your audience and get to the bottom of what interests them.

Email Handyman website

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6. Add Paid Subscription

Here’s another best way how to monetize a website – paid subscription. It is somewhat similar to what we have discussed above, but the good thing about adding a paid subscription to your website is giving exclusive access to your audience. There are other ways how to make this work, such as starting a movie streaming website, blog space, music download, etc. Nowadays, anything is possible if you have many subscribers.

. Again, the secret to this is being consistent and creative with what you offer. Because others are doing the same thing online, you can add exciting deals or access to your members, such as one month free trial or first-timer sign-up discounts.

Aunt Nelly website

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7. Try Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketers earn a commission on every website they refer to. A unique link created for you is automatically counted with every click. So far, this is the best way to monetize a website for free. You don’t need to pay for it. You get paid instead. In fact, you can try Strikingly affiliate program now and start earning referral points. First, you build your own website. Then, you create quality content that you can share with your audience. Finally, you earn some cash for making referrals to something aligned to your niche.

Strikingly affiliate program

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8. Publish Sponsored Contents

You can write content that includes reviews and recommendations. This is called sponsored content. You can monetize a website by featuring a particular product and writing reviews that can help other consumers. It’s one of the most popular among blog writers because it is another way of promoting their products to a broader audience. If you have many followers, you’ll definitely get this kind of project. Just keep your reviews objective and genuine because others tend to overdo it.

ways to monetize a website

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9. Display Ads on Your Website

Ads can help you to monetize a website. A huge ad network out there can help you earn money out of your blogs. Again, it’s about quality content that is needed. Can you imagine how much money you can make in writing? This is why many freelance writers have made a fortune with ads and promotional content. You, too, can start a website and display some ads. With Strikingly, setting up AdSense is fast and easy. Check us out now.

10. Build and Design a Website

For web developers and designers, this is a perfect way to monetize a website. We have a Reseller program that allows you to buy twenty or more websites and sell them with Strikingly. You can build websites for your clients and earn money. Even though there are free website builders, some people prefer to hire a web designer and have them build it for their business. With our no-code-needed sites, people with or without expertise can do it right. It’s an edge to be professional website developers and designers because you can earn cash with your clients.

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Final Thoughts.

Truly, there are limitless possibilities in website monetization. The ten ways we have shared with you are the most commonly known on how to earn money online. With Strikingly, you can do anything, from starting your online store, launching new products, creating a media kit as a musician, and building an online gallery and personal portfolio. We have the tools to help you launch your website, whether for business or personal use. We have about twelve million users across the globe that made a fortune with our sites. Easy-setup web pages and best do-it-yourself websites that stand out. If you get what it takes, show it, and earn by monetizing your expertise. We want to know your thoughts about building your own website – chat with us.