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Why does website downtime happen? As a website owner, the first thing you have to ensure is to keep your business up and running online. However, website downtime is simply happening, just like how the sun shows up in the morning. This can cost your SEO ranking, sales, revenues, or even loyal customers frustrated about the site not working. Downtime is like a monster for every business owner, artist, instructor, and individual who makes a living from their own website. To make things worse, not knowing what has caused the website downtime and how to fix it can be a dead end. This scenario is like a nightmare for anyone who manages their website.

Here at Strikingly, we love cracking the code for our users to play the experts they can be. We’ll do the hard work while you reap the fruit of the results you’ve always wanted for your online space. This article will enlighten you about how to avoid website downtime, what it is, and the causes. Once you’ve figured out the reason and why it’s happening, it will be easier to fix it. Knowing what your enemy helps you come up with the best weapon to crash it. It’s the same thing as website downtime. It’s something that shouldn’t be treated as a regular occurrence in the system. You need to take it seriously before it affects your online business.

Track website downtime

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What is Website Downtime?

You can easily say there is website downtime when a specific site can’t be accessed or cannot load images and videos. Something is wrong and needs to be fixed when any of these things are happening on your site.

Why do you need to treat this matter as such a big deal? Here are some of the reasons why it is imperative to track website downtime right away.

  • You don’t want your customers to get pissed off and go shop somewhere else.
  • Sit outages can affect your business and brand in such a bad way.
  • Unable to prevent website downtime can result in a drop SEO ranking.
  • You’ll lose some customers and sales if it goes on frequently.

Remember, your website is like a reception officer that greets your customers and visitors upon landing on your page. You have to make a great impression when someone checks in or a potential client look up your work history. There is no room for website downtime for someone who is taking business seriously. Every minute of outage means losing dollars or royalty online. That’s how website downtime affects anyone in online business.

Reasons for website downtime

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Reasons for Website Downtime

There are so many reasons for website downtime, but we can only determine and ensure to solve these most common issues as soon as possible.

1. Server Problems

If you’re serious enough to run a profitable business, you must also invest in reliable hosting. Some web hosting services don't meet the features and functionalities that your website requires. Thus, you end up helpless on a frequent website downtime. Get the perfect web hosting services for your website. Strikingly makes it possible for our users to get the best features and functionality they need for their site. What can you say about free unlimited hosting and reliable uptime? Shy away from the cheapest hosting services that cause you problems instead of peace.

Here are some server-related problems that can also be why you experience headaches early in the morning.

∙ Server Maintenance

Maintenance is a must for all hosts, but this shouldn’t cause your website a massive disruption. Sometimes, it only takes a few minutes, and your site is up again. There’s nothing to worry about if it happens not that often. You need to get a thorough reading before getting into terms with these hosting services. This way, you can avoid website downtime frequently.

∙ Shared Servers

Having shared hosting services can be unhealthy for your online business uptime. It’s always a smart idea to invest in the reliability of your site. Shared hosting services can affect your business because one can monopolize the resources resulting in a website downtime to the neighborhood. This is bad for your business brand. We think this is one big deal, just as how things are taken seriously at Email Handyman.

Prevent website downtime

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2. Hardware Issues

One must realize that sometimes we’re too concentrated on the software issues happening inside the computer than the actual condition of the hardware. We need to first identify if there is some malfunction going on with the cable wires or the computer itself. Always perform a hardware check-up in case some software is acting up. You won’t be able to track website downtime if you focus more on the wrong place. Check out what’s happening outside before you dig into the bugs inside your computer.

3. DNS Flaws

As per LocalRead article defines it, DNS (Domain Name System) refers to a network of servers that translate domain names into IP addresses, so browsers and servers can connect. Because poor DNS service can impair website speed, security, and uptime, using a dependable DNS hosting provider should always be a priority.

This is one of the common reasons for website downtime. Sometimes, the DNS is figured incorrectly, or this is because it’s waiting for it to propagate. There are times when the most simple typo error for the server name can really cause the downtime thing.

4. Security Threats/Attacks

Obviously, many security threats or attacks can cause serious damage leading to website downtime. Here are some of the most common threats that should be taken seriously.

∙ DDoS Attack

DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attack happens when multiple systems attack your site, flooding the bandwidth to cause website downtime.

∙ Integrations

Third-party integration can be a common cause of website downtime. As a website owner, this is something that is out of control. As expected, these third-party services must keep your site secured and up, but one can only compromise something for another gain. Regardless of the reason why you need integration on your website, always consider the outcome. You must read the terms and conditions thoroughly.

How to Prevent Website Downtime?

You must avoid website downtime, or your customers will get rid of your website forever. We’ve done a great deal of research on how you can prevent website downtime from taking the most precious moments for your business online.

∙ Use High-End CDN (Content Delivery Network)

Serious threats like DDoS attacks can be avoided if you take advantage of a high-end CND. According to LogicalRead, the CDN service will store copies of your website’s files in data centers worldwide, serving this static content to users from the server closest to them. This will help protect your website from malicious hacks and threats.

∙ Be Smart in Choosing Your Hosting Company

This is the most crucial step that you need to do right at the very beginning. Choosing the right hosting services will help you get rid of the chaos and prevent website downtime from happening. While most hosting companies promise 99.9% uptime, you really need to be smart enough to figure out the best hosting services. Strikingly offers free unlimited hosting with reliable uptime, we ensure that our users enjoy what they pay for without compromising the website quality.

∙ Secure a Back-Up Data Recovery

Yes, it’s vital to have a plan B in running your own website. You can undoubtedly rely on security, but you need to back up your files if a website downtime costs you the most critical information stored on your site. As much as you want to protect your business, you don’t want any of the files you’ve invested in for some time to be wiped out entirely. Always have a backup copy of your files in a safe place. This way, you can always look forward and resolve things correctly according to plans, just like when you’re into photography like one of our users Paul Zheng.

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Final Thoughts

We must say that no matter how carefully prepared you are as a website owner, website downtime is something that no one can control. Yes, it can be fixed when appropriately diagnosed, but the problem worsens when the same issue is causing your site to crash frequently. Once you’ve figured out that the exact reason is causing website downtime, you must act on it immediately and find a long-lasting solution. Indeed, some technophile or IT geeks out there know what they're doing. But, what is it for you to understand why these things are happening on your website? What are the reasons for website downtime? As a website owner, it’s so important to know because it’s costing you resources, sales, customers, and your company. Being well-aware of why things happen or should happen on your site is key to growth and development. Because you’re not only focused on running your business, you also need to be hands-on on serious matters affecting it.

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