How to Get More Web Design Leads For Your Business?

If you are a web designer and are looking to generate some web design leads, you have come to the right place. There are certain marketing techniques you can use to promote any kind of business. But with web development and web designing, it can be tougher because the demand for web designers has slightly gone down lately. Because of many website building platforms these days, people who need to build a website have access to ready-made website templates that they just have to select and use. They don’t need to hire web designers to design their websites from scratch. It is therefore not as easy as before to get web design leads for your business.

In order to promote your web design business and generate web design leads, you might need to put in some extra effort to make people believe it is worth paying you for the job rather than using a built-in or ready-to-use template for their website.

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7 Ways to Generate Web Design Leads

Here are 7 different marketing strategies you can use to get web design leads for your business.

1. Create an Awesome Website

If you are trying to get leads for your web design business, the first thing you need to have is a website. Businesses usually have a website to showcase their products and services, but for you, your website would serve an additional purpose. Your website would be a sample for your prospects to see how good a web designer you are. If your website’s design is appealing, neat, and catchy, the prospects would see you as a quality web designer. But if your website is messy and has incomplete information on it, it will be difficult for you to get any web design leads.

When you create a website to market your web design business, apply your best skills to it. Fill in all the information, including your contact details, your experience in web designing, your passion for what you do, your terms and conditions, and the prices that you offer for your web design services.

Display some sample website designs that you have created to attract web design leads. Use good quality screenshots of your sample websites and display them on your landing page. Show any positive testimonials you have received from your past clients to build your credibility. Mention how you customize the design of websites based on the requirements you get from your clients. Do some branding for your website by adding a logo and giving it a proper business or brand name.

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Spending time in building a website from scratch to promote your web design services will not go to waste. After all, you need to convince your prospects that they can trust you in designing their website. They need to see that you put in genuine effort in making a website from scratch. If your prospects don’t see the value in your way of making a site, they would rather also go with the ready-to-use templates to launch their own website. That will make you lose web design leads.

Even if you use ready-made templates or a website building platform, such as Strikingly, for creating your website, make sure you customize the design at least a bit to show your skills. Do not use any template completely as it is, as that would show a lack of skills on your part.

2. Optimize Your Website for Search Engines

There is no point in having a website these days if it cannot be discovered on Google. Make sure you work on enhancing your site’s SEO. If your web design is responsive, and you have used the relevant core keywords through your website content, most part of our on-site SEO is done.

Your off-site SEO is also very important for promoting your web design services. Make some blog posts by either adding a blog section to your website, or contributing to other people’s blogs. Create web links in those posts that direct readers to your website. Backlinks can help in obtaining web design leads because they improve your website’s visibility and discoverability.

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3. Use Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing these days works better than any other form of digital marketing. The reason is when people like a post or picture on social media; they feel tempted to share it with their friends and peers. When their friends see the shared post, they do not see it as a biased or pushy advert, but as a friendly message from their peers. They will, therefore, be more receptive to the comments they receive about your web design services from their friends on social media, compared with hearing about your web design business directly from you.

Create social media pages to showcase your web design services and get instant web design leads. You can use platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and even YouTube for this.

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4. Start a YouTube Channel

If you are at all interesting in becoming a Youtuber, it can be a great platform to get web design leads. People appreciate those who produce content in their area of expertise, and distribute it for free. Many successful businesses generate leads and get conversions by marketing their services in YouTube videos.

You don’t even need any expensive equipment to create YouTube videos these days. Use the camera on your smartphone with a simple mic and get started. Talk about your web design services and discuss how the web design industry has evolved over the years. Educate your audience and tell them why they need to hire you. If you make such videos passionately, your audience would appreciate you for sharing the knowledge that you have, and you’ll be able to get web design leads as soon as you come across somebody who is looking to build a website.

5. Do Cold Calling and Cold Emailing

Cold calling and cold emailing are ways of prospecting and getting leads that never get outdated. No matter how silly the strategy of cold calling sounds and feels, it is still a great way to get you the first few clients for your web design business. It is a tiring, and sometimes even embarrassing, tactic, but has been used by thousands of successful entrepreneurs to get their business off the ground.

If you use cold emailing, you can at least automate the system by using an email automation tool. But for cold calling, there is no way to automate the strategy. That’s why people often get sick of cold calling before achieving their targets.

The truth of the matter is that if you can cope with cold calling efforts in the beginning, you can go a long way in getting your first few web design leads. Following up on your calls, and constantly trying to pursue your prospects over calls, is a skill that few people have. But those who can master this skill can beat the competition in penetrating the market for their web design business.

6. Deliver Excellent Service to Your First Few Clients

The first few clients for your web design business can either make or break your potential for future sales. It is thus highly important to take care of your first few customers, by providing them excellent customer service. These clients are precious, and if you keep them satisfied, they will happily bring in more business for you. They will spread the word about your web design services, both intentionally and unintentionally, as they show off their website to their friends and colleagues if your design is well for them.

Providing good customer service can turn into a very cost-effective means of marketing your web design business. When your customers are happy with you, not only will they keep coming back to you, but also those in their social circle will see you as providing good quality services. This will really increase the chances for you to get more and more web design leads.

7. Penetrate by Offering Low Prices

In the beginning of any business, a good strategy is to charge low for your services. You can either start with high prices and get clients at a slower pace, or charge prices that are slightly lower than the competition you face to penetrate the market faster.

When you just started offering web design services, your customers won’t really know you yet. They won’t know how good you are at the job. They wouldn’t be willing to hire you at a rate that’s higher than other web designers until they get to know you and your services well. Hence, always charge low prices at the beginning. Once you establish a certain amount of brand equity for your business, and start getting a bunch of web design leads, you can start raising your prices to make good profits.

Pace Up the Process of Getting Web Design Leads by Using Strikingly

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