Being a mom is a big deal. If you are one, we salute you! Now, being a mom and running a business simultaneously can be quite overwhelming. Sometimes, it is downright exhausting (Don’t worry. We don’t judge you at all). With business tips for moms like the kind we will share with you here, you can navigate the challenges and build a successful business.

As a mom, you have a unique set of skills and experiences that make you well-suited for running a successful business. You are organized, multitasking, and able to handle a variety of tasks and challenges. However, starting and running a business can be daunting, especially if you're doing it while raising a family.

We curated these business tips for moms to help you grow your business, even as a newbie. You will find them useful.

10 Business Tips for Moms to Achieve a Work-Life Balance

  • Start With a Plan
  • Take Advantage of Technology
  • Join communities
  • Be flexible and adaptable
  • Take a break when you need one
  • Ask for Help
  • Set priorities
  • Create a Workable Work-life Balance
  • Set Boundaries
  • Pay it forward

Start With a Business Plan

If you are just venturing into entrepreneurship, you must first create a business plan. A business plan is a roadmap that outlines your goals, target market, and strategies for achieving success. It helps you note important stages in your business growth and prepares you for them. Never mind that business does not always go the way we'd like it to. This means your business plan may not be 100% applicable. Regardless, when unplanned events happen, a business plan can help you steer the business back on track. It keeps you focused as you get your business off the ground. As a working mom, you will need a business plan more, since you have other equally tasking responsibilities. You can work with a professional business developer to create one for you.

Take Advantage of Technology

Technology can make running a business a lot easier, so be sure to take advantage of it. From social media and email marketing to project management and accounting tools, there are many tools and resources available that can help you stay organized and manage your business more efficiently. In this blog post, you will find some tools that can help you manage your workflow. Also, check out the following software and decide which one works best for your business.


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Join Communities

There are other working moms like you who are seeking to grow a business alongside the responsibilities of raising kids. Find them and join them. Since they can relate to your struggles, they will know tips and tricks that you may find useful. They also help to keep you accountable in your entrepreneurship journey. Even if they are not mom groups, there are other communities you can get meaningful information from. Some of them are on social media sites such as Facebook. Join them too. Just make sure they are sharing useful information.

There are lots of groups and communities online. However, if you cannot find anyone that meets your needs (which is highly unlikely), create one yourself. You can start with one or two other moms you are familiar with. The fewer, the easier to manage. Again, be careful not to let managing those communities distract you from the real work - growing your business. Here is an article we wrote on how to build an online community website. With a community website, moms like you find it easier to see what you do and opt to join you. If you were wondering, yes, a community could run entirely online.

Be Flexible and Adaptable

This is one of the most important business tips for moms. As an aspiring working mom, you are used to dealing with unexpected challenges and disruptions. This can be a great asset in business, as you can adapt to changing circumstances and find solutions to problems. As you are adaptable, also seek flexible hours. Except you work at an actual nine-to-fine, do not try to live the nine-to-five life. If you need to tweak your schedule or make drastic changes, please do so. It will help you manage the demands of deadlines and workloads.

Take a Break When You Need One

This is another one of the most vital business tips for moms. Oh, you will need those breaks. We encourage diligence and hard work. However, you need to be alive and sound in mind and body to build a business. A working mom must take care of herself; part of self-care is taking breaks. Even if you work from home, you can deliberately fix a leave period for yourself. Go on those vacations. Hang out with the girls for the weekend. Book professional massage sessions for a few days. Sleep. Whatever takes the pressure off you.


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Ask for Help

This is not just one of the peculiar business tips for moms. It applies to everyone who is trying to build anything. Don't be afraid to ask for help. Starting a business can be daunting, and it's important to surround yourself with people who can support and guide you. Reach out one-on-one to other working moms who have started their businesses. Seek a mentor who can provide advice and guidance. Ask family members to help out with the kids. See if friends can handle some simple tasks (it’s okay if they can’t). You never know how much help you may get.

Set priorities

You already know we think you are super-human. Still, super-humans cannot do everything all at once. Take your responsibilities one at a time, putting the most important or most urgent first. As a working mom, you may sometimes be tempted to take on too much, but you must insist on task management. One of the business tips for moms that can help to curtail that tendency is a to-do list. Plan your days, weeks, months, and, yes, years ahead. Have you been creating your to-do lists on the day you want to use them? That also works sometimes but creating it a night before works better. You go to sleep and wake up with a prepared and settled mind, ready to take on the challenges of the day.

Now, to-do lists are not fool-proof, and it’s not their fault. Sometimes, a working mom can have a business day that just refuses to go according to plan. That’s okay. Let that of today go and make another one for tomorrow. If tomorrow fails again, make another one for the day after!

Create a Workable Work-life Balance


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This is another one of the most important business tips for moms. The goal is to have a full and well-balanced life. Thus, work must not suffer because of life, and vice versa. Balance things out by deliberately creating time for all aspects. If need be, create a personalized timetable, and except where you absolutely cannot help it, stick to it. It will build your character while ensuring that you contribute proportionately to the different parts of your life.

Set boundaries

Let’s be real with you. Many things--and people–will demand your attention like they used to have it. You can longer be as available as before, period. No matter how much you try to be available to everyone, you just can’t be. At least not if you are a working mom trying to build a successful business. Where it is necessary, communicate your new boundaries to anyone who needs to know. As they say, ‘No’ is a complete sentence. Offer explanations if you will, but don’t be afraid to turn down distractions politely.

Pay It Forward

If we did not include this in this list of business tips for moms, this list would be incomplete. Giving to charity pays in great ways. As you have some spare cash, please do something charitable with it. Give away some work tools you no longer use. Above all, provide support to other moms. It helps you build valuable relationships and prepares you for future opportunities.

Tips for Starting a Small Business for Moms

As we discussed earlier, you need a business plan. These are other tips to apply when building a small business for moms.

1. Define your target market: Get a sheet of paper or do it on your phone’s notepad. Answer these questions. Who do you want to sell to? What is their age? What are their interests? How much do they earn monthly and yearly? The answer to these questions will help you understand how to reach your target market.


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2. Have a clear budget: You need a lot of accountability when building a small business for moms. Your budget should show you how much you need to put into the business, where you are putting it, and how you are putting it. It helps you stay disciplined in spending. Stick to it.

3. Take records: Document every business transaction you make. Separate your business account from your personal account. This will help you stay accountable and keep accurate records of business transactions. Better still, hire a professional bookkeeper or accountant. If you cannot, use bookkeeping software. They are usually easy to use. Meanwhile, here are tools and formulas you can use to keep track of your revenue margin in this Strikingly blog post.

Starting a business as a mom can be a rewarding and fulfilling experience. With these business tips for moms in mind, you can build a successful business that allows you to be the mom and business owner you want to be. Remember to take care of yourself, set boundaries, and create a to-do list. Also, deliberately ensure you have a work-life balance. One way to do that is to leverage technology for online marketing and other parts of your business. Remember that one of our business tips for moms is to take advantage of tech to reduce work pressure. Take the first step by building a free website with Strikingly.

It does not matter if you are looking to start a Coffee shop, a lifestyle blog, or a clothing line. We have different templates to suit you. With a few clicks, drags, and drops, you can create a world-class website customized for your unique business.