Digital Marketing Mistakes

Though digital marketing does have a lot of benefits to online businesses, there are still some who become unlucky. Many businesses fail to see the importance of understanding what digital marketing truly is, leading them to their most hurtful downfall.

You wouldn’t want this happening to you as someone who seeks recognition and success, right? Entering business will surely overwhelm you. That is why we are here to help you!

We prepared the best ways just for you how you can avoid these common digital marketing mistakes and lead you to a better way towards success.

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1. “Undefined” Audience

Many businesses, specifically newbies, tend to complicate themselves in finding the best target market. They tend to confuse themselves by picking the wrong audiences and unconsciously commit these top digital marketing mistakes. If you want to be better with your marketing, one of the digital marketing mistakes to avoid this 2022 is having an unclear target market.

Audiences play an essential role in helping you earn higher chances of conversions and increasing sales. Without a clear target audience, it will be hard for you to develop appropriate marketing strategies that fit your market. Knowing who your customers are can help you establish a stronger customer-business relationship. Defining who you want to offer your products and services will lead you to your goals faster. Avoiding such digital marketing mistakes can also save you from wasting too much time, effort, and money in formulating these common digital marketing mistakes that will not be helpful for you and your business.

Creating your own buyer persona is one great tactic to avoid the top digital marketing mistakes. If you have no idea how to do them, we made a short guide just for you.

∙ Outline your target buyer personas

Section your target market into sections or groups of distinct ‘customer types’. Describe them appropriately based on their demographics, identify their expectations, know their pain points, and develop possible solutions to their concerns.

∙ Seek experts’ help

Undeniably, one way we can avoid committing top digital marketing mistakes is to seek help from those who know better than us. If you have the budget, you can go and consider hiring experts and get their help in understanding your target market and your desired buyer persona.

∙ Have conversations with your prospects

Engagements are another effective shield against common digital marketing mistakes. Spending time going through your socials and connecting with your prospect audience can help you a lot in battling against digital marketing mistakes to avoid and getting the wrong buying personas.

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2. Not Using Social Media

If you thought marketing alone could work well with you without social media, you are missing the whole point of digital marketing. Social media has undeniably brought a massive impact on humans. Ecommerce will never be possible without the use of social media. This is another digital marketing mistake that many businesses tend to forget—integrating social media as a part of their marketing strategy. Using social media for your business can help you avoid common digital marketing mistakes and turn leads into loyal audiences. You can use it to battle top digital marketing mistakes by spreading the good word about your business throughout the online community. With social media, you can easily promote your business in just one click keeping you away from top digital marketing mistakes to avoid this 2022.

3. Ignoring Audience’s Pain Points

Clients love affection. It may not seem like it, but they do pay attention to companies and businesses who take extra good care of them. It’s been proven that companies that give outstanding customer care have higher chances of driving sales and conversions by up to 4-8% than those who don't pay attention. Ignoring your audience’s pain points is another digital marketing mistake you should take important note of. You, as a business, must do your part in satisfying their needs and wants.

Audiences go to you because they need you to help them find the best solutions to their problems. Instead of putting pressure on them to make a purchase from you, you can avoid another digital marketing mistake by trying to make healthy conversations with them. Ask them what they want. Talk to them and acknowledge their pain points. Once you’re done, you can now start communicating with them. Make them understand why choosing you will help their lives get better. Make them appreciate you and your effort. After all, one of the reasons you are learning these common digital marketing mistakes to avoid is to gain more appreciation and recognition.

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4. Quantity vs. Quality

One of the top digital marketing mistakes to avoid this 2022 is focusing more on quantity rather than quality. We have to admit that we’ve been dreaming of having high sales and conversions in our eCommerce lives, right? There is nothing wrong with that because that is normal. But one thing that we must understand is that if we truly want to avoid making a digital marketing mistake, we should focus more on making high-quality products.

Gaining the recognition we've wanted from our audience is possible if we only give them the best products and services. Customers love it if they see that their money is not being wasted with the purchase they make. Most successful brands have managed to be on the top because of their persistence to only make the best quality products. If you want to be one of them, take your time formulating the best product quality rather than focusing more on earning more money. Exert ten times your normal efforts in making them, and in the end, you’ll see how beautiful it is to avoid top digital marketing mistakes and gain the customer trust you’ve been wanting.

5. Misusing SEO

SEO is a must if you truly want to avoid committing a digital marketing mistake. Many businesses tend to disregard that SEO plays an essential role in bringing customers closer to their business. Being an SEO-friendly website can help you combat tough competition online. It helps you avoid common digital marketing mistakes and become more visible to prospects. It attracts organic traffic giving you higher chances of gaining sales and conversions. By using the right set of keywords, anchored links, and adding URLs and meta descriptions, you are not just saving yourself from digital marketing mistakes to avoid. You are also making your website one step closer to your primary goal—getting recognized by everyone in your chosen field.

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6. Disregarding Mobile Users

Most audiences browse the internet through their mobile phones. People love to go through their phones to buy clothes, watch movies, talk with their loved ones, and even play games to relieve stress. Using mobile phones has become their new way of coping with their surroundings, especially during this pandemic.

One of the most common digital marketing mistakes companies make is neglecting mobile-friendly design websites. Now that smartphones have been one of the latest trends integrating them into your digital marketing is only a must. As someone who wants to have a larger reach, you must know how important it is to design a website that is accessible no matter where the person is. Optimizing your website for your mobile users can help you gain their trust even more. You can simply put your ads on your website, ensure that your website design is mobile-friendly, and voila! Your customers would surely fall in love with you more. Like how we do it here in Strikingly, we let our users create mobile-friendly websites that will help them gain great feedback.

7. Weak Campaign Strategy

Having a concrete campaign strategy is also among the top digital marketing mistakes companies commit. Undeniably, tons of companies lack an understanding of what should be the right things to consider in making their strategy. As a result, their time and effort are all wasted because things didn’t work as they planned.

Before you start executing your strategy, it is only a must for you to know each strongest and weakest point of your tactic. You must know the consequences you will face once things go south. Backup plans are also a must for you to immediately respond to sudden events.

To avoid committing a digital marketing mistake, here are some helpful tips on how to get started with strategizing effectively:

  • Define your target market, as well as buyer personas
  • Follow the “SMART” (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time-Bound) goals
  • Set the necessary tools, channels, and tactics on how to achieve your goals
  • Keep an eye and track your progress

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8. Ignoring Competition

The world of business is tough. If you want to succeed, you must not commit any digital marketing mistake like ignoring the competition. With the vast world of eCommerce, anyone could be your competitor. Ensuring that you have what it takes should be one of your top priorities. You should make extra effort to stand out from your competitors. Make background research on your chosen field and know who your close competitors are. If you want, you can even monitor them and their marketing tactics to help you be prepared. Learn from how they execute their plans and use it as an inspiration to improve your own digital marketing strategy.

9. Wrong Metrics Tracking

It may not seem like it, but wrong metric tracking is one of the top digital marketing mistakes often committed.

Marketers often mistook having high success in social media marketing as something positive. They tend to believe that if they manage to have a high number of followers, their marketing strategy is already perfect. The reality is that this doesn’t work all the time. Not because you have a massive number of followers on your account, it already means that you are gaining sales for your brand. This is another digital marketing mistake to avoid—focusing more on gaining followers than making effective engagements. Remember that engagement plays a more vital role in establishing good customer-business relationships. Without it, all your efforts to make the best digital marketing strategy will be wasted. Talk to your followers no matter how small they are. Communicate well, and you’ll see the positive results you’ve wanted in no time.

10. Having Poor Website Design

Website design plays the most important role in avoiding digital marketing mistakes. How well your website is constructed will define how much love and recognition you’ll get from your audiences. If you truly seek something to help you gain positive outcomes, you must have a reliable partner, especially in website building.

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Strikingly is a website builder who knows how essential online marketing is in the world of eCommerce. It plays a huge role in helping businesses, particularly startups, introduce themselves to their target audience. Our digital marketing tools help build relationships that can be beneficial for our users and their customers. We work like a “secret weapon” which businesses could use in securing a stable flow of sales and conversions.

Understanding the wonders of digital marketing with us will not just help you get the recognition you’ve been wanting. Still, it will help you survive the tough competition you will be facing once you start your own online business.

Curious about digital marketing? Chat with us, and let’s start working together.