Website traffic, or web traffic, refers to the online users who log in and visit your business website. It plays a massive role in helping online business owners identify what is happening within their websites. Website traffic help entrepreneurs see how long an online visitor stays on their page, what percentage of online users proceeded with a purchase, and even how much it costs to bring an online visitor to their webpage.

Web traffic is an essential element in achieving a powerful business website. If you want to secure a smooth flow of audience towards your online platform, it is a must for you to get to know all about website traffic. By learning how to increase website traffic, you will see what you need to improve within your business page to keep the engagement coming. You can easily do conversions because you already have a clearer view of why people stay on your website. Saving yourself from bounce rates is possible because you can already equip yourself with techniques to drive traffic to the website.


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Mastering the art of increasing website traffic is a holy grail for any website owner. And if you are someone curious about how to increase website traffic as a newbie quickly, you've got nothing to worry about because here at Strikingly; we've got you.

How to Increase Website Traffic

Before mastering how to drive traffic to website quickly, there are factors you first need to know. There are a lot of website traffic-driving techniques existing today. But, one hack you must learn is that only some things present in the online community are the right choice for your online business. It would be best if you took your time to find the right partner to save yourself from all the troubles.

To save you from all the stress, take important notes of the following ideas. You may not notice it, but the content you post on your website plays a crucial role in smoothly achieving your goal of gaining website traffic.

1. Know Your Budget

Financial capacity is among the essential elements of starting an online business. It will help you identify whether or not you will be able to fulfill the needs of the company you have. Having a clear budget for your business can bring a significant impact on how your online operations will go. Mastering how to increase website traffic will sometimes require you additional funds. Some website builders aren't free and will first need you to buy pricey plans from them before you can increase website traffic. Luckily, Strikingly is among the few website builders who understand business owners. By creating a free online platform here at Strikingly, you can see your website traffic through our built-in analytics.


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With this excellent feature, you can monitor your website activity smoothly and see how everything is doing. You can access your website data and determine which contents drive traffic to the website more. Get the reports about your website traffic and use them to guide you in identifying your strongest and weakest points as an online platform. From that, you can start growing and managing your website like a pro.

2. Write Striking Headlines

Headlines are like magnets to your website. The stronger it is, the greater its pull on anyone who sees it. Headlines are the first item online users see when they type something on their search tabs. The way you write your website headlines will define how much website traffic you will gain. Writing catchy headlines can help you gather more attention from the online audience. Once they focus on your headline and immediately find it interesting, you are more likely to drive traffic to the website more effectively. This is because the online audience tends to be curious about everything they see online. Some need clarification on what they are looking for, so they rely on everything in their first impressions. As an entrepreneur, you must not miss the chance to increase website traffic by crafting the most striking headline you can ever imagine. Be creative in choosing the correct words for your headline. Make sure that they are not just catchy but also related to your branding. This way, you are learning how to increase website traffic and introduce your brand to the online community.


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3. Start a Blog

Blogging has become a trend in website building. Whether you are a sole writer, author, or a company, starting a blog is the best way to increase website traffic. For the past years, website owners have used blogging as one reason for people to keep coming back to them. Starting a blog on your business website can not only help you drive traffic to website but also connect with your audience more. By creating a blog, you can have a specific section on your online platform to easily share updates and publish helpful content for your online users. One of the reasons why online users became fond of visiting online media is the knowledge they can get from it. If your business website has something "more" to offer, people will get more hook on you. By starting a simple blog here at Strikingly, you can smoothly increase web traffic on your webpage and share your skills and knowledge on your chosen market niche.

4. Incorporate Photos and Videos

Web traffic is only partially caused by excellent content you can find on a website. Sometimes, putting exciting photos and videos on your website content can also help quickly drive traffic to website. Many online users are more fond of browsing photos they see online rather than reading blog articles alone. Instead of tiring their eyes with a bunch of words, some online visitors prefer watching videos. For them, learning is more accessible because they can have a clearer picture of how a product works. To help drive more web traffic to your website, adding photos and videos could be a great help. Creating a free website here with us allows you to easily link images and embed videos on your platform with no hustle. Strikingly has been building websites with high-quality photos and interesting video snippets for years. You can add background images to your website and even embed your YouTube vlogs on your Strikingly website.

5. Be SEO-friendly

If there is one powerful weapon you can use to increase website traffic, it's SEO. Search engine optimization, or SEO, is one process needed for websites to work perfectly with website traffic. Search engines are responsible for exposing a website to the online community. The higher a website's SEO ranking is, the higher the chance search engines will recognize and include it on their respective search result pages. If your business website uses SEO, you have higher chances of increasing your ranks on prominent search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.


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6. Incorporate Target Keywords

Learning how to increase web traffic is faster if quicker if you familiarize yourself with essential SEO elements. Using keywords on your website content is another helpful way to drive traffic to website. Keywords are words, sometimes phrases, commonly typed by online users into search engines. Adding keywords to your website can help you easily link your website pages to each other. The more accurate and timely your keywords are, the higher the chance you'll gain website traffic on your business website.

7. Have A Striking Meta Description

A meta description is a group of words that generally informs an online user about a website. It is usually 155-156 characters and often tells an online visitor what to expect on a website they are about to dive into. Meta descriptions are like summaries used by website owners to convince users that their business page has whatever they want.

8. Use Backlinks

Backlinks are website links owners use to connect their web pages to another website's page. Search engines like Google consider backlinks as how they will rank a website's SEO rankings. Business websites with high backlinks tend to have more chances of appearing on search results pages.

9. Integrate Social Media

Another powerful contender in our tips on how to increase web traffic is using social media. If there is one fact we cannot deny today is that social media have genuinely become significant to humankind. Even before the pandemic began, people were already fond of using social media daily. From sharing our thoughts online to communicating with our loved ones from another part of the world, social media has become a great help. Now that we are all facing a new standard, social media has become a new medium for those seeking to start a new chapter in their lives, specifically entrepreneurs.

Online businesses have grabbed their chance and integrated social media as one of their primary marketing tools. With just one click, they can efficiently conduct online selling activities and even live selling promos. By starting a free website here in Strikingly, you can easily set up your online store and equip it with your social media accounts. This excellent feature allows you to easily add links and buttons on your social media profiles to the footer of your Strikingly website. With this, you can now drive traffic to website, coming from your followers on your social media accounts.


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10. Find the Perfect Partner in Website Building

Understanding how website traffic works can be too overwhelming, specifically if you are a beginner in this field. You will need to deal with many terms and techniques to manage your eCommerce store efficiently. But, by creating your online business platform here at Strikingly, you won't need much but passion and perseverance. Desire to do what you love and determination to achieve your goals no matter what it takes.

If you want to know more about getting started with an online platform, chat with us today, and we'll help get you started.