Starting an online business can be overwhelming for beginners. As a newbie in the business world, you will encounter many challenges. You are responsible for equipping yourself with sufficient knowledge about the world you are about to enter. Getting a clearer understanding of the things you will encounter along your business journey is a must to last long.

You have to be physically, mentally, and emotionally ready to manage a business that will not just be about you and your dreams but also the lives of your future clients. Now that we are still in an unstable economy, wise decision-making in picking the best online business ideas should be done correctly. One of the best ways you can do this is to find the top online business ideas suited for you and your interests. But first, why do you need to start an online business now?


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Why Start an Online Business?

The tragic impact brought by the unexpected pandemic has swept people’s savings. The two years of being in the middle of the lockdown have massively affected people’s way of living. Business operations must stop resulting in a massive fall in the worldwide economy. People are left with no choice but to be creative in finding ways to earn money and fulfill their family’s daily needs. During this time, one of the tactics people did was to start an online business. Starting an online business has become a holy grail for many, from selling products online to providing services and assistance.


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But now that we are slowly coping with the new everyday learning, online business ideas have become a norm in society. People mastered the art of picking the best online business ideas to help them keep up with the new way of living on this planet. We can’t blame online entrepreneurs for joining these online business trends because starting an online business is worth trying.

Here are some reasons:

1. Starting an online business is inexpensive.

Running an online business will cost you money. You’ll need a solid financial backup to meet the needs of your business goals. By learning the top online business ideas, you will hardly experience such problems. One benefit of understanding the best online business ideas today is that they will not cost you too much money.

Many online business ideas will only require your creative ideas and persistence in starting an online business. Unlike owning physical stores, starting an online business will not require paying rent or an employee’s salary. You can manage your business by yourself, whenever and wherever. You can easily set up an online store here at Strikingly to get your business ideas running.

2. Your own online business, your own time.

Another good thing about having the best online business ideas is that it is time-flexible. Many online entrepreneurs who started running their virtual companies have enjoyed life more while still earning money. When you start an online business, you can manage it however you want. You can still sell products online, transact, and go on vacations simultaneously. You don’t have to get pressured to attend daily meetings because you can schedule them in favor of your schedule.

Start an online business here in Strikingly, and you can now choose what time you want to work, how many hours you wish to work, focus on your loved ones, and still earn money continuously. Sounds great, right?


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Top Online Business Ideas For You

There are tons of terrific online business ideas you can try today. But just like what we mentioned in the previous sections, it will only take the right one to succeed in this field. Here is a one-stop guide to save you from the dilemma of picking the best online business ideas suited for you.

1. Create a Blog

Do you find joy in writing? How about sharing your thoughts on a blogging platform? You should start a blog website with us if you answer yes.

For the past years, blogging has become a new way for people to communicate with their online audience and earn extra income. Many writers have turned their passion into something more beneficial for them by starting a blog website with us. When you start a Simple Blog, you can create an online space to freely express your thoughts and ideas about any topic you want. All you need to do is pick what blog niche you’d like to indulge yourself in. Choose a unique blog name that’ll immediately capture the attention of your online audience. You can set a subscriber’s button here with us where your online users can join a community you created.

2. Start a Podcast

Aside from starting a blog, doing podcasts are also one of the top online business ideas today. Podcasts are among online business trends that give people a chance to talk about everything they want about anything they want, in their own space. By starting podcasts, you can also share your thoughts about a specific niche on a target audience of your choice. Many individuals who do podcasting have managed to establish a great brand in their place by only talking. It is like DJing with a twist. As you grow your podcasts, you can start accepting partnerships and advertisement proposals from other businesses. You can partner with other podcasters and influencers to gain more attention from another market reach.

3. Be a YouTuber

Are you interested in filming and video editing? Do you enjoy talking in front of the camera? If yes is your answer to both questions, then the right one among the best online business ideas suited for you is becoming a YouTuber. YouTube has become among the most famous social media platforms in the past years. Even before the pandemic started, people had been sharing their video tutorials and reviews on YouTube for the online community to see. If you have an undying passion for something, you can use those awesome online business ideas to start a YouTube channel and earn. You can do make-up tutorials, cooking videos, gadget reviews, adventure vlogs, or even challenge videos. Here at Strikingly, you can smoothly create a website where you can easily share your YouTube videos. All you have to do is create a free website with us, set it all up, embed your YouTube videos, and you can now start promoting. You can share the links on your other social media accounts and even create a membership page for your followers to keep them updated.


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4. Offer Online Courses

Who says starting an online business is only for those who want to sell products? You can start an online business at Strikingly by offering online courses and digital downloads. Digital products have also become one of the top products online consumers purchase. Many online users look for business ideas to help them with their academic needs. If you are interested in creating eBooks and sharing your expertise, start an online business and sell them online.

Start an online business with us now to give yourself more chances of earning money with your skills and expertise. All you have to do is create your file, upload it on your Strikingly website, set a price, and voila! You are a few steps away from getting your first sales. Interested customers will receive a download link once they purchase your digital product.

5. Offer Photography Services

Photography is among the most famous hobby people enjoy. Photography is exciting, from taking photos of beautiful landscapes to capturing important moments. If you are interested in such a field, you can start earning money by building a photography website with us.

Owning a photography website can give you a lot of benefits. Aside from being among the top online business ideas to earn extra income, it can also serve as an online portfolio. Many companies nowadays are switching to online portfolios when hiring new employees. Once you create an online photography portfolio with us, you can easily set up a powerful online presence to get started with your career.

6. Create an E-Commerce Website

If there is one powerful among these online business ideas, it is building an e-Commerce website. Running an online business will require you to set up a place to easily display your products, set up payment options and shipping methods, accept online payments, and talk to your online clients.

By building an online store, you can easily outsmart your competitors. It gives you the power to look more professional and trustworthy because online viewers can easily communicate with you. You can have an online platform where you share the latest updates about you and your incredible online business ideas. Hosting online events where you can build more trust between your clients is also more possible through an online website.


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Picking the right online business trends is crucial. One thing about the best online business ideas widely known by people nowadays is that not all of them are perfect to be your subject. Sometimes, what works for others will be a painful challenge for you. When you pick among the top online business ideas, it is essential that you genuinely know what you are about to do. You must be ready to face the consequences of every decision you make. Lastly, starting an online business must keep you motivated to achieve your dreams no matter what it takes.

If you want to learn more about how to start an online business, chat with us today, and we’ll help get you started.