Keeping a website powerful is a must in topping the world of eCommerce. With various companies continuously upgrading their e-commerce journey, you must also do your part and join them. As an aspiring successful business and website owner, you must perform your duties well to ensure that your online platform is functional. You must create a website where everything works well and gives your online users the best service. Your duty is to keep everything within your website up-to-date and competitive enough to outsmart your competitors. If you genuinely seek to establish a strong brand in website building and e-commerce. And one of the best ways to do that? Using meta descriptions.


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What is a Meta Description?

A meta description can be described as a form of HTML tag that primarily exists to summarize a business website’s content. The best example of a meta description includes a group of words and texts, typically around 160 characters, that act as your website’s snippet. Right meta descriptions are created and put under your online platform’s title on a search engine result page. A meta description is considered among the most essential SEO elements to showcase what an online platform is all about ideally.


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Learning the importance of meta descriptions is an excellent way to tell online users that you’ve got what they are looking for. Once they land on a search engine’s result page, they can immediately see the content they need by looking at the meta descriptions. The right meta descriptions can easily entice users to directly click on them and stop browsing on other competing pages.

Importance of Meta Descriptions

Mastering the importance of meta descriptions can bring a vast improvement to any online platform. One of these is gaining an instant good impression from online visitors. One thing about online users is that they are not fond of wasting their time on the wrong websites. They like to immediately find what they are looking for and avoid clicking on pages that will only redirect them to nonsense websites. As a wise website owner, you must keep your online users coming to you by creating the correct meta descriptions. You must ensure that you learn only the best meta description tips and use this to get online visitors hooked on your website. Understanding the importance of meta descriptions allows you to gain revenue and trust from anyone who visits your online platform.


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Another importance of meta descriptions is that they help you get closer to search engines like Google. Massive search engines rely on the right meta descriptions in identifying an online platform’s SEO ranking. By learning the best meta description tips, you can easily craft a meta description that will increase your rank. Once Google can smoothly read and understand your best example of meta description, it can easily rank your online platform based on the search queries online. If you don’t know what is a meta description and skip using it, Google will fail to recognize your website better. Instead of putting you on one right search query page, they’ll just display a snippet of the text from the first website content on your web page. You will miss the chance to effectively personalize a message you want to say to a potential online visitor.

Characteristics of a Good Meta Description

Learning the best meta description tips starts with knowing its essential elements. Just because you already know what is a meta description means you can just randomly create one and put it online. You must follow the criteria to make the right meta description to capture your online audience. To create a powerful and effective meta description, you must craft it accordingly. Here is what meta descriptions should be like:


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Include a Focused Keyword

Keywords are essential elements to any website. These words help websites quickly be recognized by search engines and put them in the right place. With keywords, it would be easier for search engines to identify where to put a website and how they will rank it. Writing an example of a meta description would be more effective using keywords. When online users search, these keywords make it easier for a website to be easily found by the online audience. Most search engines bold these keywords on meta descriptions to inform an online user that this website has what you are looking for. When a keyword is added to an example of a meta description, a website can easily send a message to an online user that they match whatever they are looking for online.

Match it with your On-Page Content

One of the most essential characteristics of a compelling meta description is that it should relate to your website content. Learning meta description tips will help you understand how crucial an impression is in website building. When an online user reads your example of a meta description and gets hooked, they’ll immediately click on it. But, as soon as they realize that everything you’ve included in your meta descriptions doesn’t match your website's content, they’ll immediately leave your website. This is why ensuring that your meta descriptions complement your website content is a must. You must ensure that the keywords you included in your meta description are the right words to summarize your web page content. Doing this will save you from a bad SEO ranking due to bounce rates and give you more chances of capturing your online audience’s trust.

Avoid Duplications

Meta descriptions are brief descriptions of specific website content you promote online. It is an SEO element that will help you gain more website traffic on a page you want people to engage with. Different website pages, different content, different meta descriptions. Writing a duplicate meta description will cause complications on both pages you created. When writing your example of a meta description, remember to make it unique and focused on the website page you are linking it to. If your website page contains a travel blog, your meta description must only control keywords about the travel. If you can, go straight to the point and include keywords that mainly depict what the exclusive content is all about.

Meta Description Tips You Should Know

Writing the right meta descriptions must be accompanied by the best meta description tips. To save you from the troubles of just randomly writing a weak meta description, here’s a quick guide for you.


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Keep it Short

Meta descriptions aren’t meant to be a whole paragraph. However, there is no specific length for creating the best meta description. When writing your example of meta description, always remember to keep it at least 120 to 150 characters long. Make it brief enough just to share what your website is about quickly. Despite this, ensure that your online viewers can soon get the message you are trying to tell them by picking the right words to use.

Use Active Voice

Writing meta descriptions is like writing an invitation to your audience. You are creating an invitation message that will keep them anticipating whatever beauty and awesomeness your website is hiding. If you want to make a compelling meta description, use an active voice with your sentence. Ensure that the meta descriptions you write aren’t too plain or cryptic. Write it an engaging manner that online viewers will immediately get drawn to it the moment they read it.

Easily Add a Meta Description on Your Strkingly Website

Our websites are packed with powerful SEO and e-commerce tools that will make it easier to grow and manage your website. We offer different features you can enjoy at an affordable price. You can start a simple blog, run an online store, create an online portfolio, offer services, do affiliate marketing, or promote your online business. For the past years, we’ve been performing our best to ensure that our e-commerce websites aren’t just any other online platform.


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One of the awesome things we do here at Strikingly is to make your website more powerful by adding meta descriptions. By creating a free website with us, you can add a meta description for your page title. Adding meta descriptions on your Strikingly site can quickly improve your search engine rankings without breaking too much sweat.

Add a Meta Description on Your Strikingly Homepage

To smoothly add the right meta descriptions on your Strikingly homepage, simply:

  • Go to your Strikingly website editor
  • Click "SETTINGS”
  • Select "Basic Info"
  • Put your desired meta description text in the "Site Description" box
  • Click “Save”


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Add Meta Descriptions on Individual Pages

Aside from your homepage, you can also add meta descriptions on your multiple-page websites. You can also set a unique meta description for each page you have. To do this, simply:

  • Go to your Strikingly website editor.
  • Click "MANAGE."
  • Click the webpage's gear icon.
  • Select “SEO Settings.”
  • Put your meta description text in the "Site Description" box.
  • Click “Save.”


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Strikingly is among the few website builders who have established a reliable name in website building. We have helped many aspiring website owners build their online presence for years and start rocking their chosen niche. We offer an excellent website-building experience that will help you reach your goals not just as a business but also as a professional.

If you want to know more about website building, chat with us today, and we’ll get you started.