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Instagram is quickly becoming one of the world's largest and most popular social media platforms. While many businesses concentrate solely on Facebook and LinkedIn, Instagram has proven to be one of the undiscovered secrets to online social media success. You're off to a good start if you've created your own Instagram account and begun posting photos, but that's only half the battle. You must start gaining more followers. It might be time to learn how to enhance your Instagram strategies for gaining real, organic followers if your presence there isn't as strong as you'd like. Your opportunities to interact with users and give them distinctive experiences will increase as your audience grows. Here are some of our best tips to get more Instagram followers if you want to know how to get more followers on Instagram.

How to Get More Followers on Instagram?

get more instagram followers
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If you want more traffic and followers from your Instagram bio, you should treat it like a landing page and optimize it. Here's how to grow Instagram followers.

1. Curate Your Instagram Feed to Make an Impression

For converting profile visitors into followers, a well-planned Instagram feed that displays your niche is essential. You want visitors to your profile to grasp the purpose of your account when they arrive immediately. Use a visual planner tool to curate your Instagram feed before posting to create a consistent aesthetic that supports your brand.

2. Use Instagram Reels

You might be missing out on a significant chance to get more followers on Instagram if you aren't already sharing Instagram Reels. Instagram Reels, the app's short-form, looping video feature, is still one of the most effective ways to reach new audiences. Unlike most Instagram experiences, viewers in the Reels feed are served high-interest content from followers and non-followers, resulting in increased engagement. This means that the Reels you create can easily reach far beyond your follower list, increasing your visibility and helping you get more Instagram followers.

  • When creating captions for your videos on Reels, be sure to use precise keywords and hashtags
  • Use trending sounds
  • To encourage repeat viewings, keep your reels brief and engaging
  • Create original content
  • Include on-screen text for viewers watching without sound (rather than uploading content with a TikTok watermark)

Even if your brand or business does not appear to be a natural fit for Reels, there are still opportunities for success. Experiment with popular trends, take followers behind the scenes, or even post a before-and-after photo of your product.

3. Use Instagram SEO to Optimize Your Post Captions for Search

Optimizing your Instagram posts for search is a great way to get more Instagram followers. Instagram SEO helps new users find your account. English-speaking Instagram users in six countries can now conduct keyword searches on the platform due to a recent update. The Verge quotes an Instagram spokesperson as saying that the team considers several variables, such as "type of content, captions, when it was posted," among others, to surface relevant results.

The highest-quality content pertinent to you is also found using machine learning. Only grid posts will be displayed for the time being.

4. Develop a Hashtag Strategy

get more instagram followers
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Instagram hashtags are one of the most powerful growth tools available, and they should not be overlooked. After analyzing over 18 million Instagram feed posts, we discovered that as the number of hashtags increases from one to 30, the reach rate increases by 11% (from 24% to 35%). To put that into perspective, an additional 2.2K accounts are reached per post for an account with 20K followers.

5. Hold an Instagram Contest

Hosting an Instagram giveaway can be one of the most effective ways to get more Instagram followers quickly. With the right strategy, you can reach thousands of potential new followers while strengthening the sense of community surrounding your brand. Set precise entry requirements that support your growth objectives, such as tagging a friend in the comments, posting to Instagram Stories, and following your account. Instagram giveaways can be especially beneficial when hosted in collaboration with a creator or brand with a similar audience to yours. This brings us to our next strategy to get more Instagram followers.

6. Collaborate with Influencers and Brands

get more instagram followers
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Working together with influencers and brands who share your goals is highly beneficial. You will reap the benefits of brand association and gain access to a new pool of potential followers. What's the best part? Partnerships don't have to be costly. Some of the most successful is simple and mutually beneficial. Similarly, creating change doesn't require working with huge influencers. Macro influencers generally tend to have lower rate cards for sponsored posts than Nano and Micro influencers because of their lower engagement rates. The best strategy on how to grow Instagram followers will depend on your bandwidth and financial limitations to reach the same audience size as a Macro influencer. However, you will need to work with more Nano or Micro-influencers.

7. Produce Shareable Content (Including Memes)

The first step in organically expanding your audience is to start producing shareable content. A single viral post can reach thousands of people, and tried-and-true formats include motivational quotes, educational carousel posts, and well-liked memes. When they capitalize on a prevalent cultural trend, memes are very effective at spreading virally. They typically combine text and imagery and are frequently clever or amusing (a photo, GIF, or video). Strike a balance between the popular visuals you're using, your target audience's attitude, and your brand's niche to create a super successful meme. The more your meme resonates with community members, the more likely it is to be widely shared and get more Instagram followers.

8. Have a Distinct Value Proposition

Would you enter a store if you didn't know what it sold? I'm guessing not.

The same logic applies to your Instagram account. A clear value proposition (whether it's styling tips, inspirational quotes, or lifestyle content) is critical for converting profile visitors into followers. But this does not mean that every piece of content you create has to be the same. You can diversify your content strategy without diluting your core value.

9. Promote Your Instagram Account Across Multiple Channels

Cross-promoting your Instagram account on other platforms is a great place to start if you're looking for additional ways to get more Instagram followers. You can advertise your Instagram account on TikTok, a well-liked platform. Connecting your Instagram account to your TikTok is one of the first things you can do to ensure Instagram traffic. You can make a few TikToks to entice viewers to visit your Instagram profile. If TikTok isn't a part of your marketing strategy, you can direct people to your Instagram account through your website, email newsletter, podcast, or another social platform.

10. Launch an Instagram Challenge

Instagram challenges have always been popular (remember the ice bucket challenge in 2014?) and are now becoming more common on Instagram Reels. Creating a successful Instagram challenge can catapult your account into the zeitgeist, allowing you to reach thousands, if not millions, of potential followers. Create a branded hashtag to connect the challenge to your brand and make participation as simple as possible. Also, think about what activities people will enjoy taking part in.

Get More Instagram Followers With Strikingly Social Feed

The Social Feed Section on your page displays your most recent posts from Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. It's a great way to keep your website fresh with new content without much effort. Here's where to begin!

a. Include a Social Feed

strikingly social feed
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1. Navigate to your site's editor and select "Add New Section."

2. Click on "Advanced" and then choose "Social Feed."

3. On the newly added "Social Feed" section, click "Edit."

b. Add Your Instagram Account

4. You must add accounts to your website to have a social feed for your Instagram ideas. You can also add Facebook and Twitter, as shown in the image above. Make sure your posts are updated so that any special announcements are visible to your customers. You can add more than one social media channel so that your customers can reach you anytime and from any location.

5. After you connect your account, your Instagram posts will begin to sync to your business website. As previously stated, if you want dynamic content, you must regularly post to your Instagram account. Remember to stick to the Instagram ideas we provided so you don't run out of topics to post.


What is the key to increasing Instagram followers for your business? Patience. Finding your niche and cultivating a community takes time, trial and error, and effort—but it is well worth it. You can quickly expand your audience and potential customers when you get more Instagram followers. Increased Instagram followers increase the likelihood of people visiting your business website, purchasing your products, and even sharing and advertising your business on various social media platforms. Sign up with Strikingly to learn more about how we can help you get more Instagram followers.