Satiate Your Palate With Food Blogging

Creating a food blog is a challenging feat. But, with a pinch of dedication, a dash of enthusiasm, and a cup full of passion, you can start a food blog in no time.

It's true that to be a food blogger entails a variety of facets; hence, it could seem daunting at first. Fear no more! We've prepared easy to consume guide to start your food blogging website and juice some moolah out of it.

Why Start a Food Blog?

First, let's marinade in the idea of starting a food blog. Why should you create a food blog? Take a look at the benefits of dipping your fingers in the saucy food blogging world.

1. For starters, you are the chef in your online kitchen; therefore, you call the shots. You have complete control over the layout, the information, and every other aspect of your food blogging website. And the satisfaction of that creative freedom is just-- incredible. Once you start writing and devoting your time and effort to your food blogging website, little by little, it becomes your very own child. Making and carrying out decisions is a beautiful experience you can get by being your own boss. And as your food blogging website grows, you can hire a team to work with you and expand your network.

If you're new to food blogging and website building, you'll opt for a no-code website builder. Strikingly allows you to mix different ingredients of layouts for your website without coding. You can design your food blogging website in minutes, and there are various templates you can choose from to suit your food blogging palate.

2. Bake money out of food blogging. Countless popular food bloggers worldwide have monetized their sites and made more money than they did from their nine-to-five jobs. Blogging is a viable career that can turn your passion into a career. The vast potential for blogging-based income is made possible by the digital age in which we live. You can use your blog for advertising and promoting things once you've amassed a sizable following, which will allow you to earn money.

Adding videos, photos, blog articles, podcasts, and food blogging content contributes to a thriving food blog website. You have to upload high-caliber content on your food blog to increase traffic. This can be achieved by adding a Simple Blog section to your website and a bonus feature with Strikingly's website builder -- you can add as many blogs as you want.

3. You forge genuine relationships. Being a food blogger introduces you to the fabulous blogging community and connects you with countless individuals who are your readers. You'll have the opportunity to communicate with numerous bloggers in the culinary industry from different walks of life. And, if you'll think about it, these are people you can relate to because you have similar interests in food.

4. Blogging has its rewards and benefits. Aside from turning your passion into a career you can earn money from; you can also get invited to food sampling at different hotels and restaurants in exchange for a blog review. Not to mention the invites you'll get to attend cool parties and events. Brands begin giving you expensive gifts like phones and laptops as your site gains popularity. Imagine ordinary people paying for a holiday, but you, on the other hand, get paid to take vacations and eat good food.

How To Start A Food Blog

image from canva of recipe in scrabble boxes

Image taken from Canva

1. Cook up your niche

To some, food blogging is just a hobby, but to others, it's a career track. Whichever path you take, your online kitchen will demand passion and attention. But just like everything else, if it doesn't excite you, you'll lose interest in it fast, and managing it will be more complex than it has to be. Therefore, start a food blog that will blend right into your interests and personality.

Do you have the patience to wait for the dough to rise? Then, a food blog showcasing desserts and pastries is the right one for you. Or are you more of a main dish type of foodie? Find your niche in this list of food blogging topics that you can consider:

  • diet food blogs
  • food blog review from places or restaurants you visited
  • a food blog for photography
  • recipes for people on the go (quick meals)
  • food fusion
  • food blog about drinks and beverages
  • a food blog for baked goods
  • home food
  • safety kitchen tips
  • a quick and easy snack for kids
  • organic food blogging

2. Carve your food blogging brand

Evidently, there's intense competition in the food blogging market because over two million blogs are published in the blogosphere. Therefore, carving your brand identity is crucial to help you stand out. Starting a food blog must begin with developing your brand identity.

It's paramount to have your domain name so that people will remember your food blog name. If you want a free domain, you can take advantage of the Strikingly Pro Plan, which is bundled with a free domain for a year if you sign up with the yearly plan.

And it doesn't stop there; with Strikingly websites, you can also upload your originally designed logo as your favicon and social share image to boost your online presence on different social media platforms.

image of Strikingly's site editor settings on Social share image

Image taken from Strikingly Product

3. Pick a platform that will host your food blogging website

You must select a service to host your website once the domain name for your food blog is locked down. For your audience to visit your website and view your material, it is essential to find your online food blogging kitchen a home.

Here at Strikingly, we offer stunning food blog websites that you can build with the help of pre-made templates or start a food blog website from scratch.

4. Follow your brand's standards

The next step is to translate your brand identity into solid assets that can be shared on your website, social media accounts, and other platforms to engage with your target market. You should examine the color scheme, font requirements, and logos that readers will associate with your food blog site. With Strikingly, you can access a selection of themes that will match your taste to start food blog website.

Now that we know what’s needed to create a food blogging website, let’s take a look at different websites that greased their elbows to start a food blog.

Mouth Watering Food Websites

Below is a collection of different food website/blogs that can spark interest and essentially inspire you in creating a food blog:

Dr. Chai

landing of website

Image taken from Dr. Chai

This website sells different kinds of organic tea that have health benefits. The clean and sleek look of the website can be achieved by using Strikingly's Inn template and by adding images that will attract your audience to your website.

Name Sake Coffee

landing page of

Image taken from Name Sake Coffee

Namesake Coffee sells coffee beans and is passionate about the quality of coffee served to people. They believe that coffee should be a sensory experience of flavors, aroma, and comfort; it should stimulate imagination, energize motion, evoke memories, and foster connection in every discussion made over a cup of this splendidly aromatic brew. This food blog website had a store set up to sell its coffee beans; it also used the feature list section to show the descriptions beside each image and provide information about what the website offers. If you're interested in the template used on this website, here's the link to the Coffee template.

Flew the Coop

home page of

Image taken from Flew Coop

The main focus of this food blog is fried chicken sandwiches, one of their more expensive menu items. There are columns containing information that lists each sandwich's ingredients and gastronomic splendor. But in addition to describing it for site visitors, their culinary blog also uses a gallery element to showcase each sandwich kind and its label. Their food gallery also showcases their product with the aim of making you crave their sandwiches.

Watercress Bali

landing page of the website

Image taken from Watercress

Water Cress is a cozy restaurant famous for its breakfast menu. They created a website with Strikingly to drive traffic to their website and for people to know their place. This is another smart usage of a food blog website to increase your traffic and presence -- online and otherwise. You could use this technique to promote restaurants that requested your review if you opt for that kind of food blogging.

Jude’s Ice Cream

This food blog website is an online ice cream parlor. A family-run company that sells carbon-negative ice cream calls this culinary blog home. This program was launched to aid in lowering the atmospheric concentration of carbon dioxide. They have recipe books on their website and ice cream for your furry pals!

Using the Grid section, you can recreate this blog style with Strikingly. The blocks in their grid contain a link to a different page that tells the story of each featured image and description. Each includes pictures and unique information about the company. Their social media accounts are listed at the bottom of their website, and there is also an email subscription form there that visitors may use to follow their blog.

Valentina’s Chocolate

The handmade, vegan, nature-inspired chocolate from Valentina's Chocolate food blog website was created with conscientious consumption and healthy eating in mind. They only use natural, premium components that are boosted by aromatic flower petals, provide your body vitality,and produce an authentic flavor experience. Each bar sold in their store is painstakingly made by hand, packaged, and given as a one-of-a-kind gift. The finest cocoa variety in the world, organic Fairtrade Criollo cocoa, is used to make chocolate, which is also sweetened with a small amount of dried coconut blossom nectar, a healthier alternative to sugar. Due to its high cocoa content (between 70 and 85 percent), chocolate is both low in carbs and abundant in essential minerals.

Tablas Gourmet

landing page of

Image taken from Tablas Gourmet

Tablas Gourmet is a food blog website dedicated to charcuterie snack boards. It will make your mouth water just by looking at the image gallery of the food! The vibrant colors of the food blog arrangement are appealing to the eyes and surely will make you hungry!

Real Meal Grill

landing page of the

Image taken from Real Meal Grill

Now, creating blogging is not limited to charcuterie, organic food, and pastries. You can also sink your teeth into blogging juicy grilled meat! This website offers a variety of sumptuous grilled food cooked by volunteers and provided to the homeless.

Smitten Kitchen

According to the food blog website's description, The Smitten Kitchen is a 14-year-old culinary blog that advocates effective but practical cooking. It aims to be your go-to source for discovering your new favorite dish to prepare. In terms of physical appearance, the Smitten Kitchen resembles a half-galley with a shaky peeling cart utilized as a cooking surface.

Love and Lemons

landing page of

Image taken from Love and Lemons

This food blog is for you if you are a vegan looking to explore new recipes. A Chicago-based duo is the creator of the food blog Love and Lemons. They were inspired to launch a food blog to cater to vegans for a change. To generate income, they also provide direct sales of cooking supplies and cookbooks on their website. However, the majority of the recipes on their website are vegan-friendly.

Food blogging can be a dream or a pain, depending on the blogger’s perspective. If partnered with the right website hosting like Strikingly, you can create a no-fuss food blog website that will keep your pocket filled. Happy blogging!