worthy blog design examples to consider
If you surf the Internet, you will find numerous beautiful blog designs you can take inspiration from. A well-designed blog website becomes an asset to your storytelling strategy. If you have a technical blog with simplicity and transparency, you can adequately convey your message to your target audience. If we look at the statistics, blogs are classified as the third most informative source in the world behind friends and family. Regarding obtaining trust badges, bloggers are more important than journalists or TV hosts these days.

If you are a beginner, there is no doubt that you will face difficulty in developing your blog website. For example, you could be having trouble understanding the website builder’s technicalities or simply not having a clue about using some features. In a few cases, you would merely need to consider some established blog websites to understand your starting point better. You will understand what we mean by looking at the established blog websites on Strikingly.

Best Blog Design Samples on Strikingly

1) Against the Grain

Against the Grain website on Strikingly is considered one of the most relevant blog designs on the platform. Even though blogs are not the first thing you consider when you consider this website name, it helps you get to the blog section. As you can see from the blog titles, they are questions that catch the attention of the viewers right away. It is effortless to create a statement for a blog title simply, but it won’t be of any value because the viewers won’t find it attractive.

against the grain
Image taken from Strikingly User’s Website

The blogs on this Strikingly website are added in chronological order i.e. the newest one appears on the top with the older ones coming behind it. The website owner of this blog website believes in publishing website content regularly, which is why you may see a handful of blogs published on this website. If you are unable to see your desired blog, you can click on “More Posts” found at the bottom of the blog section and review the rest of the published blogs.

2) Pretty Olive Interiors

If you establish one of the best blog designs on the Internet, you can be considered an expert in your field. Pretty Olive Interiors is the perfect blogging example of how you can convert a company website into a blogging website through a section of your website template. Whether you have developed a company website or a website solely dedicated to blogging, Strikingly helps you integrate your blogs all the time. The same thing applies to this website, as the blogs can be displayed clearly.

pretty olive interiors
Image taken from Strikingly User’s Website

The card layout provides all the necessary information for the user to check out the relevance of their post. The highlighted section puts restriction on the featured articles as it gets separated from the new articles. As a result, the viewers will only be able to see the most recently published article when they return to this blogging section.

3) Pupitre

Just like Pretty Olive Interiors in the previous point, Pupitre is also one of the most relevant blog design examples for converting a company website into a blogging website through the “Simple Blog” feature. This is arguably one of the best website features on Strikingly because it helps you to expand your platform and modify your site according to your viewers’ needs. By adding a blog section on your company website, you can inform the audience about your company's recent products or services.

pupitre blog website
Image taken from Strikingly User’s Website

For example, if you look at the recent articles on Pupitre, two blogs are about food and fashion. In the second blog, the user talks about a news update as smart food arrived in France. Similarly, the standing desks are also under discussion in one of these blogs.

By including the blog section, you can allow your website to evolve as per your brand objectives. For example, if you have an eCommerce store, you can add a blog section to share your experience about selling products rather than just sharing photos of them in the gallery section.

4) Ashmith

If we want to create a nomination for the best website design on Strikingly, it is safe to say the “Ashmith” website will be one of the contenders. It is a comprehensive website that attracts a target market of different segments. It is a personal website referring to a marketing specialist called Ashmith. Ashmith has numerous marketing attributes in his locker, and blog writing is one of them. Therefore, he has created a blog section on his personal website to attract readers from around the world.

ashmith personal website
Image taken from Strikingly User’s Website

Just like the Against the Grain website, Ashmit’s blogs are also published in chronological order. However, it contains blog categories, which allows the viewers to click on different categories and check out their preferred blogs. This makes life easy for the viewers as they don’t have to search the entire list for their best blog. Most blog titles are based on questions that catch viewers' attention instantly. Ashmith is largely focusing on the daily marketing trends, which is an excellent topic because he is highly experienced in this regard, and people would like to hear his opinion.

5) Cover Mum

Cover Mum is a brilliant blog design because it provides information about different aspects, such as style, traveling, kids, and motherhood. As you can expect from the website name, the website owner is a busy mom in London. The potential mothers reading these blogs get influenced and try to prioritize other interests while maintaining their wonderfulness. The blogs on this website clearly show how the website shouldn’t be over-complicated.

A healthy blog shouldn’t just be about how many words or lines you can write, it should also be about the readability status, and that is something in which this blog website has excelled. Whoever goes through the blogs on this website comes out of it well-informed and they understand what they have got after reading the blog.

6) Cookie and Kate

In regards to the food niche, Cookie and Kate possess arguably the most beautiful blog design on the Internet. It was established in 2010 by Kate, who became a vegetarian foodie and had been cooking delicious dishes. Regardless of what country you are from or your beliefs, there is no way that you won’t be passionate about food; this is exactly why Kate has been excelling with her website.

She has taken advantage of the fact that she can attract a wide range of audiences based on their passion for food. Even though she is not selling her food products to the audience, she is informing them about the ways of making one for themselves. This website has numerous blog categories, allowing you to choose the food type. For example, if you want a recipe for your breakfast, you can click on the “breakfast” option as part of the website navigation. Including categories has made it easy for customers to select their preferred food.

7) All the Pretty Pandas

As we have said in one of the previous points, the best blog designs aren’t the most complicated. The website “All the Pretty Pandas” is owned by Sharleen, a blogger and an opera singer. Her birth was in Canada, and her current residence is in New York City, where she writes blogs about beauty and fashionable products. Moreover, she also highlights some other incidents, such as her time during her bachelor's.

The navigation system makes this website design come together. If we just point the cursor on the blog, you will see all the different blog categories on your display. It means that you will be looking at the blog categories before even getting to the blog section. The blog categories include fashion, beauty, and ramblings. It also has a section of “the most popular blogs” which is recommended to all the viewers coming in.

Create a Blog Website on Strikingly

If we consider blogging about a decade ago, it was nothing but a habit for people as they did it to share their experiences about certain things in their lives. Fast forward a few years, and people earn huge revenue through this passion. One of the reasons they have created a source of income through this habit is because they can create wonderful blog websites on Strikingly and other website builders. Strikingly is a free website builder that helps you create an excellent blog design within a few clicks.

strikingly blog site
Image taken from Strikingly

In just a couple of minutes, your desired blog site will be in front of your computer screen. If you are struggling to create a website design for your blog site, you can check out the established blog websites on our platform and do an analysis on the things that you should and shouldn’t add. If you own an eCommerce website but want something extra to please your audience, you can add a simple blog feature on your website, where you can showcase your experience while using the products that your company owns.


By creating a quality blog design, your company website will look as good as the other websites on the Internet. However, it doesn’t mean that you should do a “copy and paste” and take everything you see from another website. Instead, you must create a checklist in which you highlight all the essential things to make your website design a success.

By incorporating all the essential features of other websites in your web design, you can create a fantastic blog website. Strikingly will help you deal with all the technical aspects of your blog website. If you have any other problems related to the development of your website design or the functionality of your platform, you can let our Happiness Officers know about them. By creating a fully-functional website, make sure to start adding all your blogs as your design is ready to launch.