relevant tips to do pinterest marketing

Pinterest marketing has become pretty relevant in the past few years. When we talk about social media platforms, we usually think about Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. But we don’t talk about the evolution of Pinterest. However, more and more people seem to be taking note of this platform. Currently, 433 million people have joined Pinterest. Moreover, 83% have purchased Pinterest content. With such a huge volume of people on this social media platform, why shouldn’t people use Pinterest for business?

Even though people have Facebook and Instagram on their lips in the world of social media, they are bringing their business to Pinterest. According to a statistical report shared by Social Pilot, 2 billion searches are conducted on this platform every month. 55% of the users are using Pinterest for shopping purposes. Out of those people, 87% completed a purchase and 93% of the customers are willing to return for future orders.

In this guide, we will cover the reasons behind these statistics as well as how to use Pinterest for marketing, and the most Pinterest marketing strategies.

What is Pinterest Marketing?

Pinterest is a social media platform that allows users to visualize, share, and save visual content that they find beneficial or inspiring. Users add their visual content to keep it organized so that the other users can find new content of similar interests. Once you have signed up on Pinterest, you can start adding your content and perform social media marketing on this platform.

pinterest account example

Image taken from Pinterest

If you want to make the most out of this platform, you must upload your business content from your mobile phone or desktop. You can pin your content on the platform and add the content you find on the web through the browser button.

Pinterest marketing is the set of marketing tactics that allows you to incorporate Pinterest into your bigger social media marketing strategy. The objective is to grow awareness of your brand and reach new audiences. Social media marketers use this platform to conduct the following actions:

  • Grow an online presence
  • Generate more website visitors to your business website or online store
  • Promote online conversions like newsletter sign-ups, or purchases

Until the end of 2021, Pinterest was the 14th largest social media network in the world.

How to Use Pinterest for Marketing?

1) Distribute Your Content

According to the current marketing statistics, 85% of the pinners prefer visual content. As a result, they use Pinterest marketing to distribute all types of content, such as written blog content. Unlike Instagram, you can click through live links.

On Pinterest, you share the content through Pinterest boards. Boards store all your pins and distribute your content so that the followers can explore them. You can use as many boards as possible on Pinterest. All of these boards can be organized into themes, ideas, and plans. This makes it easy for the viewers to find their required content.

You can also bring other people to your board by sending them an invitation. It will convert your board into a “group board.” You can give other users the authority to add content that they believe matches your board’s theme. This is a brilliant way to increase interaction on your Pinterest profile.

2) Build a Community

Online communities create a group of people sharing the same values and principles, which serves as a helpful hub for businesses.

To build a great Pinterest marketing strategy, promote interaction. You can rely on your fans and followers to interact with your boards. They can consume your content before making their way to your website, which boosts your website traffic.

There are thousands of people that use Pinterest every month. By using Pinterest boards to engage or interact with your audience, you can build an online community of Pinterest users. Soon after, they may even become your paying customers.

3) Educate Customers

Pinterest holds many similarities with tutorials, infographics, how-tos, and links to educational content. As the users prefer visual content on this platform, you can use Pinterest marketing content to educate and engage with customers using infographics.

You should always keep your target audience in mind when you are creating or promoting your content for your Pinterest profile for marketing purposesThey will be viewing your content anyway.

When you create new products or develop your brand, you must ensure that your content appeals to your target audience. You can make your content attractive by doing the following:

  • Research your buyer persona to determine the type of kind of product that will be beneficial to them
  • Ask your followers or customers for feedback on what they want from your company on Pinterest.
  • Do a competitor analysis to see what your competitors are or not doing well. Competitor analysis will help you understand new ways to push your content and make it unique
  • Look at the boards of the current followers and customers to help you understand who the audience is and what their ambitions are

4) Drive Traffic

Unlike Instagram, Pinterest allows you to link your visual content to another website. This feature enables you to share both the visual and the written content and brings users back to your website.

This is a powerful feature of your Pinterest marketing strategies because it can boost your online sales too. Numerous brands are using Pinterest to display their product images while sharing content.


Image taken from Pinterest

For example, you can look at the board created by a website builder, Strikingly. It serves as an inspiration for building websites and checking out all the fundamental website features. By sharing valuable content about our website features, the audience can get excited and will think about registering on Strikingly.

If you add Pinterest to your website, you will be able to drive your website traffic to your Pinterest profile. It will allow your leads and customize to check out your visual content (and hopefully follow you).

Most Relevant Pinterest Marketing Strategies

1) Use Unique Images and Videos

Just like what you see on Instagram, Pinterest has got a plethora of images and videos. Not only do you want to publish images and videos to promote your brand, but you also want to make sure that they stand out against your competitors on every platform. Otherwise, there is no point in why the users will follow you. Here are some ways you can boost Pinterest marketing:

  • Create and share branded videos to promote your products, services, and company. According to Hubspot, Pinterest users watch nearly 1 billion videos per day on the platform
  • Share images and videos that showcase your product in action. This will allow your users to envision themselves using your product
  • Avoid unnecessary blank spaces in your images. If your image has 30% less blank space, it is likely to get pinned a lot
  • Make sure that you create videos between 30 to 90 seconds long as they prove to have the highest performance

2) Leverage Keywords

By including keywords in your social media profiles, posts, and Pins, you are more likely to appear organically in user feeds. Keywords and phrases in a Pinterest marketing strategy are related to specific niches being searched by users.

For example, if you sell tennis rackets, you may want to consider keywords such as “rackets” or the racket company name such as “Wilson” or “Babolat” throughout your profile. When a user searches for these items, your profile and images of tennis rackets will appear on their social media feeds.

When you perform keyword research on Pinterest, consider using the keywords related to your niche. We have shared some of the locations below where you can insert your keywords and improve your search engine ranking on Google:

  • Bio and profile
  • Pin descriptions
  • Board titles
  • Board descriptions
  • Image-Alt-Text

3) Share Your Content With Other Networks

To promote your Pinterest content, you must share your images and videos in other platforms. The more content you share in other channels, the more chances you have to boost your social media following. For example, you can talk about your Pinterest business account on your YouTube channel so that your followers can move from one platform to another. If your followers already have a Pinterest account, they would look forward to checking out your visual content.

You can also add your Pinterest account to your Facebook and Google accounts. You can identify and add friends, share content across different networks, and back up your profile if you forget your account details.

Embed Pinterest on Strikingly

Now that you have a better idea about Pinterest marketing strategies, the next talking point is about showing your Pinterest pins and boards to your website visitors. If you have a website on Strikingly, you can easily embed Pinterest.

strikingly pinterest account

Image taken from Strikingly

Pinterest helps you to gather ideas from any category. It allows business owners to establish and promote their brand to the target audience. You can embed Pinterest on your Strikingly website by following these steps:

  1. While on your Strikingly website editor (on the left side of your computer screen) and select “Add New Section.”
  2. Choose “App Store and HTML.”

app and html

Image taken from Strikingly

  1. Click the “Edit” button on the section that you have recently added.
  2. Look for Pinterest in the Strikingly App Store and click on it.

strikingly app store

Image taken from Strikingly

  1. Add one of the following URL formats in the application field
  • User Profile
  • Pin Board
  1. After adding the URL, click on “Save” and get an overview of the entire website by clicking the “Preview” button.
  2. Continue to pin your posts, so they are displayed on your Strikingly website


Pinterest is a powerful marketing tool to boost your online sales. You can use Pinterest for business by increasing your brand awareness, improving conversion rate, and creating long-lasting relationships with your target audience. You can achieve all of these things by following the relevant Pinterest marketing strategies that we have discussed above.

Without waiting any further, create your business account on Pinterest and create engaging content to market to your customers and followers.