Starting A Beautiful Poetry Blog Of Your Own

Poetry is a form of art that has been alive and prominent for a very long time. The greatest love stories are probably tucked away in the many poetic writings and literature, known or unknown to man. And if you are one of those authors who writes with such finesse and depth, then this article will help you take your poetry to the next level and share it with the world. A poetry blog will allow you to do the world a huge favor by sharing your poetry with the people who need it the most.

10 Tips for Starting a Poetry Blog

1. Envision Your Destination

Know your goal. It doesn’t need to be exact. Much like poetry itself, creating a poetry blog entails you to be imaginative and reflective. That is, as you start a poetry blog of your own, you do not need to know the exact endpoint of it - but it pays to know the reason and motivation behind why you are writing and creating a poetry blog of your own. This will not just let you start a poetry blog that has a unified theme, it will also help you decide the frequency of your posts and updates and the type of content you put out each time you do so. You might also want to think about whether you want to monetize your blog or you are just doing it for the sake of sharing your notable works with the world.

2. Inspiration Comes to Those Who Ask for it

If you already have a complete set of poetry laying around somewhere while you discover how to create a poetry blog, you can go ahead and skip this tip. Because this is for those people who have yet to actually write something. See, in connection with our first tip, when you know the purpose behind why you wanted to start a poetry blog, it would be easier for you to decide what your specific niche is. There are a lot of poetry blog niche ideas that you can choose from. Look for something that would resonate with you. Poetry is all about writing from the heart, so make sure that you are passionate about what you plan to write about. There are a lot of poetry blogs out there that you can read and take inspiration from.

3. Secure and Guard the Key With Your Life

The key here is the domain name of your poetry blog. See, in the world of websites and online blogs, your domain name is like the kingdom upon which your poetic magnificence is to be built upon. If you do not know about this, many resources are all about domain names and how to get one of your own that you can find online. But to give you a few insights about it that you can use to start a poetry blog of your own, you’d want to choose a domain name that is creative yet straightforward. You would like it to be unique since you would have to double-check online what domain names are taken and which are the ones available for you to take. Other than that, your domain name should also match your poetry blog’s main title and name. Take note that you have to buy this domain name so choose well.

4. First Impressions Last!

The landing page of your poetry blog site should make an impression - a good one, at that. There are many good guides and inspirational articles that you would find on how you can do this. Strikingly is a good website builder that can help you do exactly that. As you go through the process of starting a poetry blog of your own, you would want your readers to feel connected to you and your writings as soon as they land on your poetry blog. This can make a big impact on their decision whether or not they will stay on your site and keep on reading your blog or not. This might also make or break their desire to share their poetry blog with friends, family, and followers. If you can pull them in from the very start, it is more likely that they will stay loyal to you till the end.

5. You’re Never Fully Dressed Without a Smile

Of course, your landing page is not the only thing you would have to work on and design. Your poetry blog should also have a unified theme and concept. This means that you should decide on your color scheme, the mood of your images, and your poetry blog’s typography. You can even design your own poetry blog logo, so your readers and your site visitors will easily remember. As you start a poetry blog of your own, you have to remember that, like reading a physical and tangible book, it is also your responsibility to make sure that your readers feel a similar sensation. As I’m sure you know, the heart of the poetry blog is within the poems, but the appearance and the aura of where and how it is written complete the whole experience.

6. Take it One Step at a Time

After you have finished all the above steps about starting a poetry blog of your own, you can now commence and move on to actually posting your poems. And as a writer, you probably would enjoy this part the best. Now, you must remember that you should not pressure yourself about posting as much as you can. Depending on your main poetry blog niche, it might be a good idea to have some intervals between your posts so that your readers and followers can digest what you just had them read. Take it one poetry piece at a time. Make sure that your posts and their frequency coincide with your predetermined goal. You can divide your website into different pages if you have other poetry blog niche ideas that you want to write about too. Keep your blog exciting and heartfelt - which, we believe, you wouldn’t have trouble doing since you indeed have an amazing mind.

7. Don’t Be Just Charming, Be Sincere

We want to emphasize that you shouldn’t let the pressure of posting or adding a new blog post get to you. However, we also want you to be reminded that people are waiting for your next poetry blog post. When you started creating a poetry blog of your own, you committed to a relationship with your readers. So, whether you want to monetize your blog or not, it is only moral and kind to not let them down. We’re not saying that you should fill your website with an hourly post; all that we are reminding you of is that you should not keep them waiting for so long. We’re sure you, yourself, were once a reader too. So imagine not having the next page to the poetry book you are reading. It certainly is not a good feeling. And it most definitely is not a feeling that you want your readers and followers to experience. It will be such a waste to throw away the opportunity to share your magical word prowess with more readers just because you weren’t able to come up with blog posts. Hat tip: Write as much as you can when you happen to stumble upon that feeling or sensation of wanting to write.

8. Writing for Friends is Never a Bust

Now that you have finally finished creating a poetry blog of your own, the next step is to share the URL of your poetry blog with the world. There is so much potential for loyal readers in the online setup. So go on to all the social media platforms you can find, and share your poetry blog. Lead more people to your writings. Because once you gain their attention, it will be much easier to earn their respect, trust, and heart. You can share your social media accounts on your blog, too so that every time you update your socials about posting a new poetry blog post, they would see it on their feeds and social media pages. Writing for loyal readers - friends make maintaining your poetry blog post much easier and fun. With a community surrounding you, you would have more inspiration about what to put on your poetry blog.

How To Start A Poetry Blog With Strikingly

1. Sign up or Log in to Get Into Your Strikingly Editor

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2. Add Blog Section

Add Simple Blog Section Strikingly

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At the side of your Strikingly menu, you would see an “Add New Section” button. The above sidebar would appear and you can choose between the options presented how you want your poetry blog posts to be displayed on your website.

3. Manage Blog Posts


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After you add a blog section, a similar section like the screenshot above will appear. Hover over it to edit the text and manage your poetry blog posts.

4. Add A New Post

Write New Blog Post Strikingly

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After you click the “Manage blog posts” above, you would be led to this new window where you would usually see your blogs posts, when you already have gone on to start a poetry blog, and where you can add your new poetry blog posts.

5. Type Your Heart Away

Writing Your New Blog Post Strikingly

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With Strikingly as your partner, you would have less trouble in the design and technical aspects in your process of creating a poetry blog of your own, and you would have more time actually focusing on the writing part. You have a gift and talent; it would be our honor to help you make it known to the world how amazing you are. So sign up with Strikingly now, and share your poetry blog with the world.

Enjoy, be happy, and make your readers feel, smile, cry, laugh, and get infuriated. Happy writing!