most popular types of blogs that make revenue

According to the current trends, blogging has become one of the most common ways to earn revenue. Most importantly, it also allows you to showcase your writing skills worldwide. Simply put, you can become your boss, producing different blog ideas and showing them in the digital realm. However, you can also find the types of blogs that won’t increase your revenue overnight. On the internet, you will see different blog types connected with different segments of readers. You can create segments of your audience based on different attributes, such as age, gender, or profession.

Every blog visualized by the search engines is tailored to meet the target audience's demands. A few blogs attract a smaller set of viewers, making them more obscure than the rest of the added blogs. If you want to make money from blogging, you must attract viewers from all over the world. Most importantly, you should write your blogs according to the current trends. For example, you can attract audiences by writing about the new iPhone model released in the market.

Popular Type of Blogs on the Internet

1) Personal Blog

Are you a freelancer or a professional writer? Regardless of your status, personal blogs can be a wonderful category to consider. If you look at all the other types of blogs we have mentioned, personal blogs provide much more content. You can talk about the highs and lows during your professional career. Suppose you have an audience full of beginners. In that case, you can talk about how you overcame the hurdles to becoming the successful freelancer or professional writer you are now.

online personal blog
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Personal blogs are extremely relevant today because they give insight into an individual’s experiences, thoughts, and ideas. It remains one of the most popular blogs in the industry today as it attracts a wide range of readers. With the evolution of website builders in recent years, it is very easy for users to build a blog website today. Strikingly is the recommended website builder, which allows you to publish creative blogs and attract a wide range of audiences to your platform.

2) Corporate Blog

Corporate blogs are blogs that focus on business operations and branding strategies. For example, let’s say you belong to the gaming industry. You can write a corporate blog when your company introduces a new PlayStation console to the market; or write a corporate blog when you want to know about the status of your competitors.

Corporate blogs are written by those writers who the company employs. However, certain companies tend to outsource written tasks to freelancers. To attract these companies, you must create a personal website and publish your content daily. Your personal website can also become your CV when reaching out to your potential clients. Strikingly is a website builder that helps you to create a personal website without much investment of time and energy. Creating a well-crafted personal website on our platform would only be a matter of time before various companies and clients start taking you seriously.

3) Food Blog

Regardless of which country or religion you are associated with, there is no way that you don’t love food. If you look at various communities worldwide, everyone has a passion for food and shows it in different ways. Some of them create wonderful photographs of cooked food. On the other hand, some like to write content to let the world know about their experience while tasting it. Food blogs have gained more popularity due to the emergence of social media websites worldwide. You can post these types of blogs on your Instagram account.

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The food industry brings different kinds of blogs to the table. Usually, the writers would like to submit reviews from various restaurants. There will also be some people who want to draw comparisons between certain dishes. Many writers also tend to write about recipes for specific meals or generate new cooking techniques for their viewers. As we have stated earlier, people love to show their passion for food in different ways, which are attractive.

4) Travel Blog

If you love the outdoors, travel blogs can be one of the best blog types for you to consider. Travel blogs usually describe the events of one adventure to a specific location. The writers usually tell stories about the memorable events during their trip. They always give some travel tips along the way for people who are yet to travel to distant locations for the first time.

These types of blogs are best for those people who like outdoor experiences. If you are one of these people, don’t waste time and plan your trip immediately. If you have a journal, you can keep it alongside your luggage to keep a note of your travels. You can then highlight all the memorable events of your trip so that your audience would feel as if they have traveled with you.

5) Parenting Blog

New parents have difficulty initially getting used to a different responsibility. This is why they tend to write parenting blogs to become better fathers or mothers. Even though it would be better if you are, you don’t need to be a parent to consider yourself eligible for parenting blogging. These are the types of blogs in which you need to interview parents or research them.

These blog types are extremely popular among couples expected to have a baby in a few months or weeks. Parenting blogs are often about baby stroller reviews to practical guides. If you don’t have your parents to guide you about fatherhood or motherhood, you can look into these parenting blogs for a better understanding.

6) Fitness Blog

When you surf the Internet, you will find different kinds of blogs about health and fitness. These types of blogs usually give you guidelines about staying healthy and maintaining a fabulous physique. If you know about fitness, health, or nutrition, you don’t need to look beyond this blog category.

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The fitness blogs usually highlight ways you can stay in good shape, such as exercise routines and diet plans. There can be recommendations on what you should eat and what should be removed from your daily meal. You can use webinars to guide different audiences about staying healthy if you have a gym. You can create a fitness website on Strikingly and add relevant blogs to keep your audience updated about fitness tips.

7) Professional Service Blog

Do you offer professional services to your clients? If you do, you shouldn’t hesitate to write professional service blogs. They are arguably the most popular types of blogs because they describe the writer's services. For example, if you are a graphic designer, you can discuss the most common tools for creating quality website designs. You can recommend these tools to students or beginners.

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If you are a tutor, you can elaborate on your blog services and the things beginners can take away from them. If you write professional blogs, you will let the world know about your hidden talents. Who knows that you may even attract more clients through your blogs? It would only increase your source of income.

Create a Blog Site on Strikingly

Strikingly is a free website builder that helps you make the most out of your passion for blogs. We help you create a fully-functional blog website to the best of your imagination without any cost. Once you have completed the registration on our platform, you will fall under the category of free plan users. As part of Strikingly’s free plan, you will be eligible to create a basic blog website with all the fundamental features.

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On your blog website, you can post different types of blogs and organize them via blog categories. You must publish your blogs regularly. The more blogs you publish, the more chances you will attract audiences. Most importantly, your posted blogs should have a certain structure. For example, if your blog contains only one paragraph, the readers will eventually become bored with your blog. Moreover, you can pin your popular blogs on top of your blog section to catch your audience’s attention instantly.


With the technological evolution in recent times, blogging has evolved from a habit to a source of income for many individuals. If you want to make money through blogging, we hope that you have taken note of the most popular types of blogs we have mentioned above.

If you're going to get started with any of these blog types, don’t hesitate to make a blog website on Strikingly. In no time, the best blog website you could have imagined would be in front of your computer screen. If you are struggling in the development phase of your blog site, you can chat with our Happiness Officers instantly. Get yourself registered on Strikingly, and don’t waste this opportunity to create a great income source. Start blogging today!