top logo design trends to level up your brand

When the customers land on your website, the first thing they notice will likely be your brand logo. Customers assume what you represent, your tastes, and your ambitions through your brand logo. Considering every tiny detail is vital in your logo, you must design it efficiently. When considering starting a new business, you must pay special attention to the best logo design trends on the Internet.

You must look into the trending logo designs rather than those design examples that have either been overused or reached their expiry date. The logos that were considered acceptable last year by the people could be considered offensive this year. Trending logo designs are evolving continuously, just like public opinion. As a business owner, you should keep up with the trends to survive in this competitive industry.

Best Logo Design Trends in 2022

1) Simplification

Brand logos have become much simpler in the last few years, and this logo design trend doesn’t look like stopping anytime soon. This is a good sign because the simple logo design means that you can spend most of the time on the critical parts of your website, such as content organization and search engine optimization (SEO).

simple website logo

Image taken from Strikingly User’s Website

Organizations are constantly using digital tools to communicate with their target audience. They demand simple and concise graphics to communicate effectively. However, designers usually tend to go for something innovative rather than keeping it simple. Things have changed in the past few years as designers are going for minimalist designs that can vary across different sizes and mediums.

2) Disappearing Letters

The best way to catch the attention of your target audience is to give them a riddle. Create hype about your artwork by taking out certain parts of the word. For example, you can use fading colors or leave the line incomplete.

disappearing letters logo

Image taken from Strikingly User’s Website

This is an innovative and tricky technique to catch your audience’s attention. However, you mustn’t experiment too much, or you will risk your brand logo. Like any of the design trends discussed in this list, you must know the ending point of your logo customization. It is considered one of the best logo design trends today because it keeps the audience guessing.

3) Inventive Typography

If you include a text-based logo, you can look into the best logo design trends to emphasize your brand personality. An original font is capable of fully transforming the obscure logo.

inventive typography logo

Image taken from Strikingly User’s Website

If we talk about the audience, there is no reason why they won’t like inventive typography. Instead of improving the old font, creating a new logo from scratch is better. You have to let your imagination and creative skills do the talking. As a designer, you should think about how typography can precisely catch your brand's essence. At the same, you should also make sure that your logo stays legible and can be perceived easily.

4) Logos with Gradients

If we talk in simple words, a logo design is just a logo with different colors. However, when we speak about professional designers, logo design trends present them with a huge opportunity to create a masterpiece.

Using your online tools and software, you can play with any color palette of your choice to develop logos for gradients. You can create a shaded design with clear-cut differences in shades across different parts. For example, you can check out the iTunes logo and how shades are used.

5) 3D Logos

When the 3D Logos came out for the first time, they were considered to be ahead of their times. The hype of 3D Logos was so much that even Warner Bros joined the bandwagon. However, it hasn’t faded entirely since, it hasn’t gained enough attraction to become part of the top logo design trends.

However, the world is now ready to embrace the concept of 3D Logos. As the years go by, they get more popular. Moreover, people are prepared to accept 2D Logos that have a “3D” effect on them.

6) Hand Drawn Logos

Some logo design trends do not stay relevant for an extended period because people slowly understand how to apply them to their logos correctly. People usually go over the top with their drawings and create a messy brand logo.

It is important to note that you won’t make the best logo on the first attempt to catch your audience's attention. These hand-made drawings give a more personal touch to what your business stands for.

The hand-drawn visual branding elements must be simplistic. The outlines should not be computerized and not be as straight or steady. These outlines can be thick or thin to make the logo simple.

7) Animal Logos

Unlike most of the logo design trends mentioned in this list, an animal can be the main face of your organization or your website. For example, Rafael Nadal is a professional tennis player, but on his website, his logo refers to his nickname “bull,” which adds a different meaning to his personality.

Even if the logo doesn’t have anything to do with your products and services, it can give a unique character to your brand. Including this logo design in your plans is trendy because it adds emotional value. Moreover, it can play a part in your advertisement campaigns.

8) Monograms

Designers are developing monograms with negative space, stacked elements, and bold geometry. With these exciting sets of options, you have every chance to create a masterpiece.

Monograms are one of the most simple logo design trends today. They never go outside the eCommerce trends. They are bold black letters written in a simplified form to improve your brand identity.

9) Nostalgia

In the last couple of years, a retro revival has dominated popular culture. We have seen that in many sports shows, reality shows, and digital art. Moreover, we have seen popular brands have rebranded to accommodate this logo design trend.

In 2022, we see why people are fascinated by this trend in the past decades.The unpredictability of escapism makes it extremely attractive. The childhood days, when we had few responsibilities, provides safe escapism that many people seek. Therefore, nostalgia is a popular logo design trend in 2022.

However, the concept of nostalgia will only work if it is part of your company’s identity. Designers and business owners must use a specific era as a base, but also make sure that the overall branding is original.

The biggest reason why nostalgia is a popular logo design trend is because it invokes customers’ familiarity and a sentimental response. When designers execute this concept correctly, the customers will feel positive and safe about your brand.

10) Cartoon Styles

Cartoons have also gained a lot of attraction in the logo designs. They are no longer considered as a demographic. As the time goes by, more businesses are involving mascots and cartoon characters in their logo design.

The reason why this logo design trend is attractive is because it connects with the “child” inside of us. Make sure that you involve cartoon characters if they match your brand message.

Add a Logo to Your Strikingly Website

strikingly website logo

Image taken from Strikingly

Strikingly is a website builder that helps you to add a custom brand logo to your website. After going through the best logo design trends on the Internet, you can add the best version to your website. Like all of our user-friendly tools, this feature is also straightforward to use. Whether you are using our free or paid plan, you must upload a logo on your website so that your visitors can identify your website theme with your brand. The other colors you use on your web pages should match your brand colors. Moreover, you should remember all the trending logo designs discussed above before uploading them to your website.

upload website logo

Image taken from Strikingly

To upload the logo on your Strikingly website, make sure that you go through the important points below:

  • If you don’t like the position of your website logo, you can go for a different website template.
  • All of our templates are responsive, which means they can be displayed in both desktop and mobile versions.
  • You can look into the varying layouts to choose the best placement for your logo. We also enable customization of our layouts so that you don’t have to change your website template for every little change that you make.
  • Moreover, you have to make sure that your header, footer, logo, or other content elements look attractive.

The most important thing is that your logo should be placed in a prominent position so it can be easily visible to the audience. The logo shouldn’t be too large or too small or too opaque or too transparent. Strikingly’s website templates usually provide an ideal position for your logo to be included.


Normally, every brand is looking for logo design trends that can create a brand personality in the business world. However, certain brands, such as Strikingly, Shopify, and GoDaddy, have opted for simple logos. Although people have mixed reactions to these logos on the Internet, they accept them all because all of them are unique in their ways. They respect the object, type, shape, and color that coincides well with their brand and business idea.

Applying the top logo design trends to your organization’s logo can give yourself an edge over your competitors. A quality logo will help you in forming a professional and well-established brand. Organizations that regularly follow marketing trends can win over more customers and see their online sales increase dramatically.