Make Money on Instagram

Arguably the biggest social media platform globally, Instagram has slowly but surely gained more than a billion users. It has gone from a simple photo-sharing application to a massive social media integration within websites in the last couple of years. Numerous business people and brand ambassadors use this platform to attract new audiences.

According to the statistics provided by Instagram Business, 60% of the people use this platform to visualize or discover new products, whereas 200 million accounts look into new businesses every day. This shows that people are considering promotion as one of the ways to make money on Instagram. If you want to be on the same wavelength, make sure that you have a suitable business model at your disposal.

Strategies to Earn Money on Instagram

We all know that Instagram content is vital for those who are trying to promote their businesses. If you are in the earlier stages of your business startup, relying on Instagram stories is an ideal move. To help you further regarding your business and earning money, we have shared eight effective strategies in this regard below.

1. Affiliate Links

strikingly affiliate links

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If you want to make money on Instagram, you can integrate affiliate marketing as part of your plans. For earning money via affiliate marketing, you must join affiliate programs to make sure that you add affiliate links on your Instagram account and make commissions upon every sale that goes through. If executed properly, affiliate links can make you earn money from Instagram.

Regardless of the amount of fan following you have, you can include affiliate links in your Instagram bio. Instagram followers pay close attention to all the Instagram posts of their followed account. Therefore, if you can add captions to your affiliate marketing links, there is nothing better than that to grab your audience’s attention.

Strikingly isn’t just a website builder that promotes your business in the online community. It also has an affiliate program that you can associate yourself with. For that, you must sign up with Strikingly to consider yourself eligible. You can be a part of the program and earn a 30% commission upon every sale that you make.

2. Sell Physical and Digital Products

Due to a boost in reputation in recent years, you must have wondered how much money can you make on Instagram. If you are part of eCommerce brands, you better be prepared to earn a massive amount because Instagram has become a strong sales generator for them.

Nowadays, you can make money on Instagram by selling physical and digital products simultaneously. People turn to this platform for selling and discovering new products. To ease the shopping process, they generate new business features, such as in-app checkout, shop button, shopping tag tags, and shopping stickers.

Otherwise, you can consider Strikingly for launching an eCommerce website for your respective business. After launching the website, you can integrate a social feed section (involving Instagram) from your site editor. Therefore, Instagram can be used as a marketing channel to promote your physical or digital products this way.

3. Sponsored Products

Today, influencer marketing is bearing more fruits than ever before. If you want to know how to make money on Instagram, you can look into this way of marketing. According to the marketing statistics, 92% of the people trust word-of-mouth recommendations, whereas 82% want recommendations by a friend or a relative before deciding whether to purchase a product or not. To sum it up, people consider peers’ recommendations. Therefore, it is not a surprise that more brands reach out to influencers to get mentions for themselves.

The best thing about sponsored products is that you don’t even need a huge fan following to promote these products. When you prioritize the right influencer, most brands look into the engagement rates. This explains why even the biggest brands, like Dunkin’, have to collaborate with small influencers to promote their sponsored products.

4. Become a Brand Ambassador

Sponsored posts can bring many benefits for your business, but most companies would want to create long-term relationships with the influencers. Therefore, they consider brand ambassadors to promote their company effectively.

As Instagram is the most preferred platform regarding influencer marketing, users prioritize brand ambassador programs and collaborate with different organizations to promote their products or services. Cross merchandising is another strategy that they opt for with brand ambassadors.

Big brands deliver their products to the influencers so they can review and verify them properly. Some of the influencers have mutual agreements with brands to promote their products. To generate better results, brands must consider the influencers that represent a large fan following. If the brand ambassador has a huge profile, he/she will have a great opportunity to make money on Instagram as his/her standard salary is around the range of $50-40,000.

5. Make Visual Content for Sale

It is not a secret that Instagram promotes visual content. Thousands of people upload photos and videos daily to promote their products or services. However, it isn’t just about uploading every single video or image about your brand and hoping that one of them stands out from the rest. You must be proactive and think like a customer yourself.

Nowadays, customers pay attention to every single detail regarding your content. If you continuously publish content, thinking that one of your published content will stand out, they would know that you are only posting your content for its sake.

Therefore, you must put the standout content upfront to generate good customer feedback. If your followers start liking your visual content more and more, you can put it up for sale. This is one of the ideal ways to make money on Instagram. However, it is important to keep up with consistency and be creative all the time.

6. Offer Social Media Marketing Services

It is not a surprise that Instagram has a strong sales potential. Therefore, more and more brands are joining this platform for promotion purposes. The competition is increasing more than ever, so brands require effective website content to outsmart their competitors. In other words, social media marketing services are gaining popularity.

Brands seek multiple social media marketing services, from training courses to monthly support. This allows social media experts to make money on Instagram by making the most out of their identified freelance gigs.

7. Create Business-Minded Captions

Gone are the days when only the big brands could make money on Instagram. Now, brands of all dimensions have Instagram as one of the promotion strategies regarding their products or services.

Even though the big brands have ideal content creators as part of their staff, small business owners prioritize freelance talent to minimize the social media marketing costs. Therefore, they always tend to find those content writers who can write effective business-minded captions at a low cost. You can find numerous freelancers on Upwork.

8. Create Instagram Videos/Stories

Around five years ago, Instagram used to copy the idea of Snapchat for publishing short-lived content and launched Instagram stories. However, no one would have thought that it would become such a popular content format. Nowadays, more than 500 million people consider making Instagram stories daily. In 2021, Instagram stories and videos are considered two of the standout ways to make money on Instagram.

create instagram videos

Image taken from Strikingly Instagram Account

Initially, Instagram only allowed a person to publish a video of 10 seconds. Now, it has increased to one minute. Most importantly, you have the tools to cut your required video content from the long video and publish it on your Instagram account. As the video graphics are different from images, video animations are more attractive from the audience’s perspective and increase the engagement ratio. It provides the brands more chances to hook their respective target audience.

How to Integrate Instagram Account on Strikingly?’

Instagram account is one of the many platforms you can integrate into your social feed section. If you want to know how to make money on Instagram, you must incorporate your account onto your Strikingly. It is a brilliant way to make money without investing a lot of time in updating content. To help you in integrating an Instagram account on Strikingly, we have created a six-point plan below.

add new section

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  1. Move to the Strikingly site editor and click on “Add New Section”

social feed section

Image taken from Strikingly

  1. After clicking on “Advanced”, go to the “Social Feed” section
  2. After adding the “Social Feed” section, click on “Edit”
  3. Choose the platform that you want to add. In this case, select the Instagram account

social feed manager

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  1. After choosing the platform, click on “Ok” or “Authorize App” to ensure that your Strikingly website has access to your Instagram account posts.
  2. Eventually, you will be moved back to the Strikingly editor.

If you haven’t thought about making money from Instagram, now is the right time to kick start with a new account. The features Instagram provides in budding entrepreneurs are beneficial for expanding business. Using an Instagram account for your business won’t be long before you see a sharp rise in your business sales.