10 Best Google Fonts Combinations

We apply different kinds of communication skills in our everyday life. These skills can come in the form of verbal, non-verbal, written, and even visual communication. With that being said, can you imagine a world without words?

The reality of living in a world without words is hard to fathom. Words give meaning to a lot of things around us such as billboard advertisements and some road signs.

Nowadays, we are not alien to words being presented in digital art forms. If you’ve been on the world wide web - or internet - for a while now, the term Typography is something you’re probably familiar with.

Before we delve into the best Google fonts combinations you can incorporate into your website, let’s start off with the basic question: what is typography?

What is Typography?

Scattered wooden letter blocks

So what exactly is typography? Is it merely a form of art? Or could it be more than that? And most importantly, what significance does it have in terms of web design?

To quickly answer every single one of these questions is to say yes. Essentially, typography is a form of art that involves arranging text and letters in a way that makes them visually appealing to the viewer. Not only should it be visually appealing, but it should also be readable and clear.

Typography is important to consider for your online business for many reasons.

• To increase brand recognition

Having a typography design that is unique to your brand allows for viewers to easily set apart your brand from your competitors. One quick look at your typography will trigger the viewer’s recognition of your brand if done correctly.

Designing typography requires in-depth planning and critical thinking. You want to come up with ideas that allow viewers to associate with your brand. For example, if you’re in the food business industry, you’d want to use the colors red and yellow. Why? Research has found that these colors stimulate an individual’s appetite. By applying this knowledge to your typography, it encourages an emotional association between the viewer and your business.

• To increase user engagement and attention

Choosing the right typography (including the best Google fonts combinations) for your business encourages viewers to keep coming back to your website. A great typography design should be visually appealing to the readers. Their browsing experience on your website should not be uncomfortable and difficult so that their engagement with your site is increased.

In addition to this, a good typography design encourages active participation as it would hold your viewer’s attention.

10 Best Google Fonts Combinations

In modern society, the first thing that comes to mind when one hears typography is its link to the digital world and print. In terms of diversity, typography has become more visually diverse through the years. This is all because of web designers having various fonts, styles, and types, leading to various fonts combinations, at the tip of their fingers.

We won’t go too in-depth into the basics of typography in this blog post. Instead, let’s talk about which font combinations for web design - more specifically Google font pairings - you can apply to your website.

You may be thinking to yourself, “How do I pick the best Google fonts combinations when there are so many available online?” Do not worry as we have compiled our best Google fonts combinations in a top 10 list for you!

1. Raleway and Open Sans

Sometimes, the best Google fonts combinations that are the most effective are also the simplest. That is the case with Raleway and Open Sans.

Raleway is specifically designed for larger text such as headings, whereas Open sans is optimized in a way to be applied in various ways and sizes including body text. Additionally, both Raleway and Open Sans are san-serif fonts.

The final look of these fonts is simple, direct yet elegant so this font combination can be used for any type of website.

2. Montesserat and Oswald

Once again, we have another combination of two sans-serif fonts, Montserrat and Oswald. The Montserrat font has generous spacing between each letter whereas the Oswald font has narrow spacing and letter design.

This combination stands out from other font combinations and can be applied to an infographics page on your website.

3. Sniglet and Cabin

Have you been searching for the best Google fonts combination that gives out a fun and whimsical look on your website? Then, the Sniglet and Cabin font combination might be what you’re searching for.

The Sniglet font is visually appealing due to the round appearance of each letter, this characteristic makes headlines fun! On the other hand, the Cabin font - which has a subtle roundness - complements it as a secondary font selection. Hence, if you’re looking for a more whimsical design (such as a children’s targeted website), this font pairing is for you!

4. Abril Fatface and Lato

Another effective way to select a font combination within the wide availability of Google font pairings is to select one that combines a traditional serif with a more modern sans-serif.

The Abril Fatface font has bold lettering and elegant curves which is great for headlines and larger text. Combining the more modern sans-serif Lato font with the traditional self Abril Fatface font will create a balanced yet attractive look on your website.

5. Yeseva One and Josefin Sans

If you’re going for a more luxurious, retro, or manuscript look on your website, then this is one of the best Google fonts combination for your website.

The Yeseva One font has styled serifs that give out a classic yet premium look and can be used for headlines or even bodies of text. On the other hand, the Josefin Sans font has a tall clean look that pairs well with Yeseva One.

6. Open Sans Condensed and Lora

If your website has a focus on blog posts or product pages, the Open Sans Condensed and Lora font combinations might be what you’re looking for.

Fonts in the same family usually make Google font pairings for web design. With that being said, words in the Open Sans Condensed font (especially in uppercase) give out a prominent and professional look. On the other hand, words in the Lora font (especially in italics) is attractive as it is.

7. Fjalla One and Nunito

Another pairing that works effectively on blog sites (and landing pages) is the Fjalla One and Nunito font combination.

The Fjalla One font is a narrow font that works well for headlines in most types of websites. Additionally, the Nunito font is a visually appealing sans serif font for your website’s content due to its wide rounded curves.

8. Quicksand Medium and Quicksand Light

Although we’ve gone through 7 different best Google fonts combinations, sometimes one font is more than enough to make your website stand out.

The Quicksand font is a sans-serif with a geometric look and rounded letters, this gives it a pleasant and welcoming look. By applying it with bright color schemes, your website will get a clean, modern look.

With minimal effort, all you would have to do is apply the Quicksand font in two different versions. Apply Quicksand Medium for the headings and Quicksand Light for the body texts, then your website’s good to go.

9. Roboto and Roboto Condensed

There are many Google font pairings that consist of two versions of the same font as seen in #8. With that being said, another pairing that stands out is the Roboto font.

Roboto Condensed is a narrower and condensed version of the Roboto font. Pairing the original font with the condensed version of it gives your website a more cohesive look. Although both fonts look similar to each other, their minor differences allow them to stand out.

10. Abril Fatface and Roboto

Do Abril Fatface and Roboto sound familiar? You’re right, we’ve previously brought up the Abril Fatface font (#4) and the Roboto font (#9) in this list of best Google fonts combinations.

If you want a website that looks fashionable and chic, then the Abril Fatface and Roboto font combination might be what you’re looking for.

The elegant curves of the Abril Fatface font and the simplicity of the Roboto font give your website a stylish and modern look.

Despite there only being 10 best Google fonts combinations listed above, there are still many more font combinations for web design available.

Not sure where you can find a set of tools online to upload the best Google fonts combinations? Strikingly is a website builder that allows users to build their own website with ease for free.

Follow the following steps to learn how to upload custom fonts on Strikingly to create your website’s typography.

  1. Once you sign up for an account, navigate to your site editor page and select the “styles” button.

Step one showing to select the "styles" button

Image taken from Strikingly product

  1. Once you highlight the text you want to change and select the “fonts” button, choose the “upload custom font” button to upload the best Google fonts combination of your choice.

Step two showing to select "upload custom font" button

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  1. Select the supported font file (ttf and otf formats) you want to upload on your local computer. Your new font should be uploaded after selection.

Step three showing the uploaded custom font

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See how easy that was? Selecting a suitable typography design for your business that conveys the message you want to send is important to your business. With Strikingly, you can upload the best Google fonts combinations of your choice and access many other features. Sign up for a Strikingly account and achieve your website’s typography goals today!