How Tweaking Your Landing Page Can Result in Up To 300% More Sales (With Just 4 Simple Ideas)

You have 6-8 seconds.

Most people think just getting people to their store will result in an immediate sale, but it's usually not that easy.

In reality, you have between 6-8 seconds for your new visitor to know:

  • What you do
  • Persuade them why your product or service matters
  • And convince them you are the solution to their problem


Today we're going to break down an example of how to approach the sales copy of your landing page - that can lead to an increase in sales - by implementing 4 simple ideas.

Let's jump in.

What's a Jean Hospital?

Let's say that someone Googles, "How to fix ripped jeans", and they land on your website. This is what they see:


There's a lot of questions (and a lot of confusion) that pop into my head when I look at this.

Let's dissect this vague copy.


We've identified the problems.  So now the question is:

"How can we make this Jeans Hospital Landing Page let people know where they are, and what they do, so that people make a purchase for their services?"

We've just pinpointed the questions a person would have when landing on this page. Let's dig into them a bit more:

1) What exactly is a Jeans Hospital?

It's a business that fixes your ripped jeans - whether it's a jean jacket or jean pants. They fix rips, tears, hemlines, replaces, hardware do dye jobs.

Can you tell that they do all that with the vague and broad copy of “We Fix Jeans”?

2) Can I see some examples?

You say that you fix jeans. Okay. Can I see some before and after photos?

If you can do a better job, PLEASE, show me.

3) Why should I care?

Half off on all hemline repair in July?

I desperately need to see some photos of the before & after of what you do. But on top of that, this offer isn't really enticing me to move forward to a purchase.

Let's Do Some Simple Math

Here's the thing.

Many business' have more than doubled their sales by just changing their copywriting. Here are just a few that we found across the web:


From Growth Labs


From Ryan Douglas Rose


From StartCopywriting

Now if you're saying to yourself, "I could never to that. They're professionals"! Ease up on yourself there compadre. That's what this article is here to help you accomplish.

Now, let's jump into a scenario:

A random person lands on the Jeans Hospital landing page after a Google search. They use your services which results in them spending $30.

So let's say that this business is getting 50 customers/month and the average person is spending $30 to save their damaged denim.


So we change the copy. Go from 50 customers to 100 customers.

And we're making double when they still spend the average of $30.


But keep in mind, every customer who needs repair services aren’t all going to need the same amount of minimal work.

If those 50 new customers spend more than the original 50:


You just went from $1500/month to $6000/month.

That's a 300% increase in sales, just by improving the damn copy on your landing page!


But your relationship with the customer doesn't end there.

If your service is amazing (as it should be), they'll use it repeatedly over a long period of time.

This is called the lifetime value (or LTV) of your customer. Simply defined, it's the projected revenue that a customer will generate during the entire relationship with your business.

And the LTV of this ONE customer could be in the thousands.


Now that you're feeling motivated, let's jump into how we remedied the copy for Jackson's Jean Hospital.

4 Ideas To Keep In Mind

To fix this copy, we're going to do 4 things that we mentioned in our landing page video series.

  1. Put the spotlight on them.
  2. Sell the benefits, not the features.
  3. Use social proof.
  4. Keep the language simple.

In our copywriting video, a rule of thumb you want to keep in mind is:  "When you're writing your copy for your landing page: IT'S NOT. ABOUT. YOU".

Someone who shares the same views is Marie Forleo with her Spotlight Method.

She states, "In business the spotlight can either be on you or your customers. If it's on you, then the focus is on YOUR passion, YOUR cleverness, and YOUR goals.

When you shift that spotlight over to your customer, the focus of your words will be on the people you serve - THEIR problems, THEIR aspirations, and THEIR goals".


Image from Marie Forleo

With this in mind, we already know their problem which is: "Please! Someone fix my freakin' jeans"!!

With these 4 points in mind and the visitors questions answered - we recreated a new landing page with much simpler, and better, copy.

Clear & To The Point


Well hello...


How did we improve it so that we put the focus on the customer?

1) Put the Spotlight on Them (and their Problems)

"We'll Save Your Favorite Pair of Jeans"

With that statement and photos of the before & after, it lets me know EXACTLY how your service can help me, and the quality of your work.

All in all, it's like the rip never even happened. You're a Hogwart's graduate in my eyes.

2) Sell the Benefits, Not the Features

"Drop Off Location" & "Ship It To Us. Free Return Shipping"

They have shipping options and a drop-off? So I have the choice of going into the physical store to drop off my damaged denims (if it's located in my city) OR I can ship it to the store and only pay for shipping one-way?

That's very convenient.

"Get a Free Online Estimate"

Also, I don’t have to go in or call someone to get an estimate? I can get it online in 7 seconds. They just saved me some time.

3) Use Social Proof (aka Trust Elements)

"Art of Manliness", "InsideHook", "Hypebeast"

I recognize a lot of these names. I love InsideHook and Hypebeast! They talk abut some of the best products and services out there for Men's Fashion!

"Before & After Photos"

Oh! They also have some MORE before and after photos! Now I’ll have an idea of the array of repairs they can do.

4) Use Simple Language

"We Repair: Rips, Tears, Hemlines, Replace Hardware, Dye Jobs"

It doesn’t get much simpler than that. You’re providing digestible solutions that will ease my current, and any future, denim dilemmas I may have. Something to keep in mind when a similar snafu happens in the future. And it WILL happen.


And now it's time to try it for yourself. And remember, that you always have our copywriting video:

"Tips on How to Writing Great Landing Page Copy that Converts", in our build your landing page video series where we give you:

  • Before & After Examples
  • Other questions to keep in mind when writing your copy
  • And more

All this to help improve the copywriting of your landing page which will lead to more sales and new clients.

If you decide to partake in these copywriting changes for your landing page or website, let us know how it goes and leave a comment below. You never know, we just might feature your story on our Strikingly blog for all the world to drool over.


A little challenge.

How would you rewrite this headline?

“We’ll Save Your Favorite Pair of Jeans”.

Let us know in the comments below. This is a great copywriting exercise to get your wheels turning for how you’ll rewrite copy for your own business.

The Runner-Up Headline:

“Ripped Jeans Are for Hippies.

We’ll Make Your Jeans Whole Again”.

HA! Your turn. Leave your version in the comments below.