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Lawyers play major roles in our daily lives. They give help to every human in many aspects. Their service is what keeps our country alive. Now that services are among the latest goods one can sell online, even professionals like lawyers can also start engaging in such activities. And for them to have a great start in the field of ecommerce, having their own lawyer website is essential.

What does a lawyer website do?

Lawyer websites exist for one major reason--to be a bridge between lawyers and their potential clients. Every day people are encountering issues and conflicts in their lives which sometimes lead to serious problems. Once they are in trouble, they will seek someone who can either help them fix it, or defend them against it. This is the time where they will need legal guidance from a lawyer. And one best way to communicate with a lawyer is through a lawyer website.

A lawyer website typically serves as a one-stop shop for individuals who seek legal guidance. It has its own features like contact information, scheduled meetings/consultation, or direct chats wherein the client is directly interacting with the lawyer itself.

Lawyer Website Page
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Why build a lawyer website?

If you are a lawyer who is finding the best reasons to start designing your own lawyer website, coming here to Strikingly is the best step you have ever done.

Lawyer website is one tool you can use as a professional in gathering more clients. Creating one gives you the freedom to design the best law firm website marketing strategy that you can use to spread your words of wisdom. By building your own lawyer website, it is easier for you to provide your utmost service to the ones who badly need it. Keep in mind that your lawyer website speaks a lot about you. When you start designing your lawyer website, plan it accordingly depending on how you want your future clients to see you and understand your message.

How to do that? No worries because Strikingly is always one click away to help you.

  • Easier Work

Having your own lawyer website makes your job a lot easier. Websites are mainly operated on gadgets and computers, giving you that instant decrease of work load. With just one click, you can have your new client and start scheduling your next appointment. There are various law firm website builders which allow you to add your own "personality" to your designed website to make your ecommerce life more "you,” just like Strikingly.

Strikingly allows users to customize their own lawyer website by choosing from the massive collection of well-designed templates they have. You can even enjoy various features like add custom forms, add blogs and even link your other personal websites/accounts. With these features offered by Strikingly, you are not performing your job, at the same time enjoying yourself.

What is the best content for lawyer websites?

You now have the courage to start designing your first lawyer website but what should you put on it? How would I use the best content for lawyer websites examples to attract more clients?

Instead of sitting there wondering about life, why not get your pen, a piece of paper, and start listing these ideas. Take note of these tips, and you're only a few steps away from having that lawyer website every professional has been dreaming of!

  • Personal Portfolio

Portfolios tell your story. It shows potential clients what you’ve been through to reach where you are now. Most customers who seek professional service directly go to a website’s portfolio to see if the service being offered is reliable. In a client’s eye, your service can be defined by taking a tour of your portfolio.

Including a portfolio on lawyer website designs will make your website more professional and trustworthy. Design your own personal portfolio and include all the accomplishments and services you’ve done throughout your career. Highlight the best moments and be creative as you can, yet still providing clear information.

When it comes to designing your own portfolio, Strikingly is one best platforms that can help you. Why? Here’s more.

  • Your Services Offered

Including a list of professional services, you can offer a client makes things easier to handle. When a client goes through a website, they go directly to your service’s list and look if you have what they are looking for. It also makes your law firm website marketing easier to understand because they don’t need to directly message you just to ask what you can offer them. By looking through your list, they can immediately know the answer.

Designing your lawyer website on Strikingly gives you the freedom to make your own list, however, you want them to be. Customize your own form section and add it to your website. It has a variety of choices to choose from! Curious? Here’s how.

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  • Feedbacks

Feedbacks from your past clients add more spice to your law firm website marketing. Potential customers also seek statements coming from their co-customers. Hearing statements from other clients who have experienced your service makes it easier for them to decide whether or not to proceed to transact with you. It serves as a proof of your reliable service, which clients shouldn’t be afraid of trying out.

Include a gallery of statements from your past clients on your lawyer website and make things more exciting. Design it in your creative way and grab that chance of garnering a lot of audiences!

Leave a Comment Section

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  • Your Contact Information

Providing a contact section in your lawyer website designs creates a foundation for you and your potential client. Include a section on your lawyer website where clients could sign up for your lawyer website and get your contact information. You can include an email account, a contact number, or even a link to your other accounts. Through this, you are given a chance to get direct personal contact information of a client and gather more website viewers. It will also make it easier for you to update your clients on the latest about you and your lawyer website through sending them emails/messages. How does it work? Strikingly made it easier for you through here.

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Get inspiration from these best law firm websites examples

Now that you have the basic ideas and points to consider before building your own lawyer website, finding the best lawyer websites examples is your next step to be inspired. Take a look at these well-designed lawyer websites examples and get that inspiration to design yours now!

  1. West Coast Trial Lawyers

Talking about the best lawyer websites, West Coast Trial Lawyers makes it to the list. Their homepage is aesthetically designed, accompanied by easy-to-use navigation for their lawyer website visitor. They also placed a prominent contact number on their main webpage which their future clients could use in transacting with them.

  1. LadyDUI

Solo practitioner Teresa DiNardi handles this lawyer website. It is one best example for a lawyer website designs which uses colors and patterns in a genius way. The whole page of this lawyer website used a combination of blue and purple tones on its template design. LadyDUI’s lawyer website design makes DiNardi look more approachable as a professional while emphasizing her lawyer background and expertise. This type of law firm website marketing is similar to a textbook example of how to market yourself as a solo practitioner with your lawyer website.

  1. Dilworth IP

Dilworth IP is among lawyer websites that used videos as their mode of website introduction. A banner with “Recent News” text on the front page catches the eye of a potential customer immediately. Once you click on this banner you will be landing on a blog page where its website master updates posts.

  1. Randal Lowry and Associates

Once landing on this lawyer website, an image of a tough-skinned rhino will greet you. This symbolizes its owner, Randal Lowry and Associates, a family of law firms that wants to project a sense of tenacity. Teal and blue tones spread across the whole website background. The text used is a mix of capital letters and cursive lowercase and highlights the firm’s description of their specific practice area.

  1. Bick Law LLP

Bick Law is among environmental law firm website designs that incorporate their main mission in their branding actively. Their website homepage has a sliding deck feature showcasing different background images and catchphrases. These features are all revolving around animals and their relevant puns.

Choosing law firm website builder

Creating a lawyer website is handy when you don't have the best platform in building your website. To achieve that law firm website design, having the best law firm website builder should be your top priority.

There are tons of law firm website builders which you could choose from. All you need to do is find the right one who will help you get through it. Someone who does not only exists to provide you with all that you’ve been needing but also helps you grow as a firm and an individual—something which Strikingly excels at.

Build yours with Strikingly!

Strikingly has tons to offer you in the fields of website building and SEO. If you are looking for the best option, you just came to the right place. To know more, chat with us! And achieve a lawyer website that no one could ever resist.

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