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“Sharing is caring.” We know this by heart. An act of kindness creates a huge impact on others. It is a domino effect when you help other people ease the burden they carry. Just as you are about to order your favorite pepperoni pizza near you. You help the local business which is the pizza store and the store goes on with their operation to keep their employees paid. This is a simple representation of what we think is a little act of kindness or maybe just a day-to-day routine of food ordering. For the local business, it means everything.

Many businesses were affected negatively because of the pandemic restrictions. While small and big businesses were temporarily shut during the lockdown period, others ended up with permanent closure. This has had a devastating effect on the economy. That's why the government together with the private sector has launched urgent projects on how to support local businesses and big companies. These projects can only sustain for a short period of time. We need to think of a long-term solution to achieve our goals. The local business plays a big role in the recovery of the economic situation now.

Local shops, food delivery services, parcel delivery, and several businesses have coped up with the ‘new normal’. When everyone needs to stay home, they play a very important role to cater our needs. It’s a good thing to know that many local business owners have decided to adapt the new way of living and adjust in the system.

People need to act on the economic battle by thinking ways to support small local business and help them recover along the way. At Strikingly, we have witnessed how many local businesses switched online or at least have a web presence. We thought it’s a good idea to share with you these ten ways on how to support local businesses.

  1. Check out the local business near you

How to support local businesses? You can do this by typing in “local businesses near me” on a Google map or on your browser’s search field. But, for a local business, it shouldn’t be that hard to find. After all, who is not familiar with their own place, right? Check out with the local business near you that has opened up after the community lockdown period. It could be the hair salon you usually go to. You might need to check the milk tea shop if they offer delivery options, or the ice cream store has a pre-order and pick up option for you.

One of Strikingly users websites has coped up with the changes by giving their customers ‘contactless’ catering. It can be done with the ‘add page’ or ‘add section’ features on Strikingly website editor.

Ice cream store

Image taken from Nicecream website

  1. Food delivery option

You might think it’s just a simple thing to do but it means a lot. Ordering food online and opting for delivery has become a new trend since the quarantine period. Most people need to stay at home. Therefore, food delivery service and local restaurants have collaborated to serve customer orders right at the doorstep. This is a safer way to eat the food you crave for. You can check on the newly-opened local business that serves hot pie or roasted chicken. If you are a busy parent working from home, why not check on food delivery service that serves organic baby food? It will not only save you time in preparing baby food, but you can help the local business, too.

We have one inspiring website that offers organic baby food and it’s amazing how Strikingly has helped this local business with a website feature that gives parents the option to know the whole process of food preparation and placing an order in just one click.

Sliced and puree fruit

Image taken from Babyfresh website

How it works page

Image taken from Babyfresh website

  1. Provide positive reviews and recommendations

Positive reviews means everything, especially for local small businesses. Honest and good feedback to a local business opens up wider opportunities. Don’t hesitate to put reviews when you think they deserve it. Making recommendations can help support local business as well.

Strikingly gives its website owners a good feature where customers can leave reviews on their website. It is a room for improvement for a local business. Another thing is to show other customers what people think about them. This is one of the best sections on our user’s website.

Social media share

Image taken from Local Wander website

  1. Use your social media for a cause

Shout out and share the best deals to support local businesses in your area. Yes, you can simply share the link of the Facebook live of the local business that offers big discounts on selected items. It could be a pet shop trying to promote their pet grooming packages or pet food. You don’t need to be a pet lover to help others. Share the good deals on pre-loved items and clothing from the clothing shop near you. If you can afford, buy one for you and for your loved ones.

Helping doesn’t always need you to throw out some cash. Sometimes, your social media account is enough to make a change and act for a cause. Start sharing because it means you care for them.

Strikingly has a feature where visitors are able to share social media links of their favorite local store. They can follow the local business on their social pages. We also have the option for our users to add social media links that their customers can easily share in just a click.

Social media follow section

Image taken from Local Wander website

Social media share

Image taken from Strikingly website editor

  1. Reward the store keeper with a tip

If you have extra, leave your change as a tip to reward the service crew who served you well. It is an act of kindness that goes a mile instead of just saying thank you. Nowadays, we need to understand that what could be an excess for us will fulfill others’ needs. Share your blessings to the local business in your place. You’re not only helping them but the community as a whole.

  1. Pay on time or in advance with your subscription

Sometimes, being responsible is one way to share kindness with other people. If you have paid subscriptions like a cable TV channel, internet provider, and even utility bills, pay on time or in advance. You are helping the cash flow run smoothly if you don’t pay late. Many small businesses have the option to accept payment online so cashless transaction is possible.

For a local business with online payment transactions, you can pay ahead of time without going out. Strikingly has made this feature possible for our website users so that their customers can pay them online.

Accept payment option

Screenshot image from Strikingly website

  1. Buy local

You can check at the grocery store near you if they have a delivery option. But if it won’t cause you too much time, you can pick up your groceries while you take your dog for a walk. It is the benefit of the local stores and groceries near us. They make our lives easier and you know them personally. Sometimes, it feels good to chat with people you see everyday. Buy some local goods and have a small talk with them.

  1. Stay at Home

The good thing about staying at home is that we have so many ways to get what we need through online ordering, delivery service, and subscriptions. The pandemic has taught us so many things about helping other people. While you stay at home, you can keep your family members safe. It is one way of helping and respecting others to stay home if you don’t have important appointments. Keep safe and always remember the minimum health protocols that the local business shop owners are implementing.

  1. Reach out and share

If you are a web designer or developer,you can help the local business near you to set up their own website for free. It could help them recover finances and get more revenues. Strikingly allows you to create a website without a cost.

Alternatively, you can create your own website to help these local businesses get more traffic and sales. Just like this website app called Local Wander that is built purposely for local business owners, local community, and tourists. Strikingly mobile app feature makes it possible for Local Wander’s mission to help local business and the community to know their place better.

Local wander mobile app

Image taken from Local Wander website

  1. Be kind and giving

Share your knowledge and expertise. Share what you have even if it’s less than what you think. After all, it is the thought that counts. Act a little kindness and help make this world a better place. Start reaching out with the local business in your area. Help them get more customers with social media posts and recommendations. The word of mouth about the newly-opened pizza store near you can help their business grow. While helping local businesses grow, we help the economy recover. It is a domino effect, remember?